Mac For Beginners

Mac For Beginners Mac For Beginners 15th Edition

This new edition of Mac for Beginners is the ideal companion to guide you through your first steps with your iMac or MacBook. You’ll explore all of the essential apps and features, from Mail to Safari, iTunes to Siri, AirDrop to iCloud. Learn how to work smarter and get creative on your Mac before touring an array of apps in multiple categories to suit all interests. Follow our tutorials and soon, using your Mac will feel as instinctive as the intuitive system was designed to be. Featuring: Master your Mac - Follow our guide to become the master of macOS – and your iMac or MacBook. Discover macOS - Tips on how to get the most from the latest Mac system update. Get creative on your Mac - Get to grips with Apple's creative suite, including Photos, iMovie and GarageBand. Essential apps - Familiarise yourself with programs the go-to Mac apps for enhancing your lifestyle.

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mac for beginners

Welcome to Mac for Beginners, the ideal companion to guide you through your first steps with your iMac, Mac Pro or MacBook. In this newly revised edition, we’ll explore all the essentials, including basic navigation, shortcuts and back up options. You’ll then progress onto discovering all the best OS X apps and features – from Mail to Safari, iTunes to Siri, AirDrop to iCloud. You’ll also find all of the latest updates for OS X El Capitan, including handy new Notes features and Split View. We’ll also take a look at what to expect from macOS Sierra later this year. You’ll learn how to work smarter and get creative on your Mac with programs like Photos, iMovie, GarageBand and Keynote. Finally, we tour the best apps from the Mac App…

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the ultimate guide to your mac

“Among its talents, there’s one constant: you’ll enjoy using it” Welcome to the Mac, and welcome to the Mac community. If this is the first time you’ve owned a Mac, trust us, you’re in for a real treat. The Mac is a multi-talented computing phenomenon, part entertainment device, part office workhorse, part creative tool, part media hub. But among all its talents, there’s one constant: you’ll enjoy using it. If you’re used to fighting to get a PC to do the simplest thing, you’ll find your new Mac a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t get in the way, and the many joys of discovering your Mac’s benefits lie ahead. However easy the Mac is to use – its reputation in this regard is well earned – it’s also true that starting…

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os x

OS X is the operating system (OS) that all Macs use to run their software; the current iteration is OS X El Capitan, but macOS Sierra has been announced as the next release. It is free to download and system updates are regularly available to boost your Mac’s performance by going to Software Update in the Apple menu and checking for updates. OS X has developed over the years to bring a wealth of goodness from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to the Mac, which complements the features of the previous operating systems perfectly – such as Launchpad, which enables you to see and open your apps in a manner very reminiscent of the touch-screen iOS dynamics. Since OS X Yosemite, in-built apps include Messages, which lets you send free messages…

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top 10 tips

01: Using Spotlight OS X’s Spotlight search enables you to find text, and image or movie files anywhere on your Mac (even if they’re buried deep inside an old email that you were sent ages ago). Click on the Spotlight icon at the top right of the screen and type a phrase into the search field. Then click Show All to see search results from a variety of sources. You can also customise Spotlight to meet your specific needs. 02: Changing brightness/volume We all like to work in different ways, especially when it comes to sound volume and image brightness. You can control sound volume using sliders within an app like iTunes, or instead drag the master volume slider up or down from the top right of the main menu bar. To change…

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the dock

Photos If the extent of your photo organisation in the past has been to loosely organise them in folders on your PC, or even just to shove prints in a shoebox, you’ll be stunned by the organisational prowess of your Mac’s Photos app. Photos gives you a whole new way to easily sort and group your photos. For example, its Faces feature automatically recognises faces in images and lets you add names to them. Photos learns from your choices and can suggest other photos that might include that person. After a while, this automatic recognition gets very good. You can then browse your photos in a special Faces view which gathers all photos of one person together. In the same way, Photos’ Places view uses location information often embedded in a digital image…

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shortcut tips

The brilliant thing about OS X is the way it lets you control the way your Mac behaves with a few taps on the keyboard. These keyboard shortcuts can speed up the way you interact with your Mac, so you are able to clear away clutter, find files fast or jump between open applications in a click. By knowing the keyboard shortcut for a command, you no longer have to drag the mouse up to the main menu and rummage around in submenus! We’ll cover shortcuts that work with OS X, plus show you some generic key combinations that will work in most applications (like copying and pasting). Many shortcuts use the key with the Apple logo on it – we’ll refer to this as the Command key in our tips,…