MacLife July 2020

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the new normal

This year marks a first in Apple’s history. For the last three years, the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has been held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. But not this time round. Breaking from the usual format of revealing the year’s big news at a physical event, 2020 is the first time that Apple delivers it to us virtually. Obviously, there wasn’t much choice given the current circumstances, and I’m pretty sure by now we’ve all got used to the new normal of living life through our phones or computers anyway. While some may lament this change to the usual format, most people were already watching the event online, so it really isn’t all that much different. As the event starts a few days before this issue goes on sale, it’s…

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new 13–inch macbook pro doubles storage

THE CURRENT WORLDWIDE pandemic hasn’t stopped Apple innovating — it’s just updated its popular 13–inch MacBook Pro line up with the new Magic Keyboard on all models and double the previous amount of storage and faster performance in select configurations. So for some configurations the MacBook Pro now offers 10th–generation Ice Lake processors for up to 80% faster graphics performance and makes 16GB of faster 3733MHz memory standard. “Whether you’re a college student, a developer, or a creative pro, the 13–inch MacBook Pro delivers powerful performance, a stunning Retina display, and all–day battery life in our most portable pro notebook. Today we’re adding the new Magic Keyboard, doubling the standard storage, and boosting performance, making the 13-inch MacBook Pro an even better value for our customers,” says Tom Boger, Apple’s senior…

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news in brief

APPLE GLASS RUMORED FOR 2021 LAUNCH DATE Websites like DigiTimes are reporting a rumor that Apple Glass, Apple’s supposed augmented reality (AR) glasses, will go into “small volume” production in the first half of next year. Front Page Tech host John Prosser is reporting that the AR glasses will retail for $499 and have prescription lenses available for an extra cost. Rather than take you to a virtual world, the AR glasses would overlay additional information about people or things you’re looking at. APPLE IS UPDATING SCHOOLWORK AND CLASSROOM APPS WITH DISTANCE LEARNING FEATURES Because of the COVID–19 pandemic, distance learning has become a hot topic, and Apple is set to update its Schoolwork and Classroom apps. Schoolwork is Apple’s iPad app for distributing class materials, known as Handouts, assigning activities, and collaborating…

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the shift

AFTER A DECADE of working on magazines, I recently moved to working mostly online. We cover technology of all kinds, and since people have had to isolate more it turns out a lot of folks needed to upgrade their laptops in order to work reliably from home. Like, a lot a lot. I know a few of those people. They’d been muddling through with laptops that were five or so years old that worked fine for a bit of Netflix or online shopping but were too slow and unreliable to feel like they could work from them productively. These laptops were mostly, as you may have guessed, Windows–based. My personal laptop at home is actually six years old and has also been much more lightly used in recent years than when I…

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letter of the month

I have a Canon CanoScan LiDE 200 scanner that used Canon’s MP Navigator software. Alas, that software is 32–bit, which is incompatible with Catalina. I tried using the VueScan trial software, and was impressed with everything about it except the full version’s price. While my scanner was still connected, I decided to try an old standby which still works: Image Capture. Voila, still works great! It doesn’t have all the OCR features that VueScan does, but for basic run–of–the–mill scanning, it’s a perfect — and still free — option. ED HEIDE Great little tip there, thanks Ed! We would still highly recommend using VueScan, however, if you really want to make the most of the time spent scanning documents. It’s an arduous process, especially if you have a lot of content to…

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the ultimate apple buyers guide

NOT ALL OF us have $53,799 to spend on a top spec Mac Pro specced out to its top configuration! Thankfully, most of us mere mortals don’t have to think about quite such dizzying prices to get the kind of Apple setup we need. But there are a lot of configurations on offer, and the price points vary significantly, so it can all get rather confusing when it comes to making that all–important purchase. Over the next 14 pages, we’re taking a look at various budget points and seeing what Apple tech works best for you. From making sure your desktop has the speed and storage you need, to “computing” on the move with the extensive iPad family, to picking out the best iPhone for your pictures, apps, and much more.…