Marketing August/September 2015

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COVER BY THANH LU Studio director, J. Walter Thompson, Sydney "What defines value? The perception of value can differ greatly between people. For me, value is something that is gathered in the creation. The process via which an object or idea is born, where fine details, both large and small, come together to produce a beautifully crafted result. I wanted to represent this visually, with the cast mould being the medium that allows elements of value to flow towards the centre, collecting in the letterforms and accumulating in the end product." * CONTENT PARTNER: a Marketing Content Partner is an organisation with which we’ve entered into a partnership to collaborate on content for the magazine (see page numbers listed for each), as well as exclusive content only available to Marketing Advantage Members. Learn…

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publisher’s note

Value, or the perception of value, is the determining factor in the myriad decisions we make every day. From where we go for coffee, to whom we buy our goods and services from and even how long we stay in a relationship, work or otherwise. In this issue, we explore the concept of value and how it relates to our work as marketers. Graham Plant from Effective Measure explores value shopping and the importance of price versus quality, and then price versus social values. It is a great read, as is John Cassidy’s piece on facilitating a two-way value exchange between business and customer, and customer and business. Enjoy this issue and the discussion that will follow online at…

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editor's note

Value’s a funny concept. The basic definition of marketing, of business, is that of a value exchange. Yet what constitutes value is such a subjective and fluid thing. Which is exactly what we’re trying to get at with this issue. From value as in price (which every red sign proclaiming ‘best value!’ assumes to be the one and only measure of value), to those things people value dearly or otherwise, like family, health and status. Then there’s the value of what we do as marketers. Putting a ‘value’ on companies is easy. Putting a value on a brand is harder, although arguably achievable, at least for benchmark and comparison purposes, as we’ve dissected in the infographic in this issue. And what about us? Brands go on the balance sheet and so do people.…

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value /’valju:/

Noun 1. The material or monetary worth of a thing; the amount of money, goods, etc., for which a thing can be exchanged or traded. 2. The worth, usefulness, or importance of a thing; relative merit or status according to the estimated desirability or utility of a thing. Verb 1. Estimate or appraise as being worth a specified sum or amount. Origin: Middle English: from Old French, feminine past participle of valoir ‘be worth’, from Latin valere. The Oxford English Dictionary “The value in the future will be created by the data footprints our interactions make.” – Steve Sammartino on the importance and value of smart devices. Page 74. “Their failure to demonstrate transparency, and their neglect of the externalities of their supply chain, ultimately undermine consumer confidence and reduce brand equity.” – Bridget James, director of Think Green,…

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solving the brand value equation

The panel Who we spoke to for this article Korn is one of Australia’s most respected social researchers and is regularly quoted in the media. Every week, he spends hours with consumers, investigating topical issues. He works with a range of blue chip companies and government departments. The advertising strategist: Jody Elston, AJF Partnership Elston works for one of Australia’s leading independent advertising agencies as strategy director. AJF is a regular winner of Effie Awards for effective communications. Elston has previously worked in brand consultancy and client-side as an insight strategist. The retail consultant: Jason Mahoney, Kantar Retail Mahoney is managing director of Kantar Retail and consults to major FMCG and liquor companies on category strategy. He advises brands on how to be positioned for maximum effectiveness at a retail level, dependent on the channel type…

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marketing salary guide

“There have been developments in the ability to earn bonuses in firms based on performance and adherence to corporate values. These can range from five to 15 percent in the legal sector and up to 40 percent (and sometimes more) in accounting.” – Ampersand “Retail category managers will be highly sought after, along with individuals who have experience of consumer insights projects, due to the success of private labels within FMCG.” – Robert Walters “Demand for Australian executives fell 10 percent in May – the first time there has been a fall in executive job opportunities this year. But, despite the fall, the total job opportunities are still more than 20 percent higher than in December last year.” – EL Executive Demand Index “In the past 12 months, the number of marketing professionals returning from overseas…