Marketing August - September 2016

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* CONTENT PARTNER: a Marketing Content Partner is an organisation with which we’ve entered into a partnership to collaborate on content for the magazine (see page numbers listed for each) and/or exclusive benefits for Members of Marketing Pro. See more information. Marketing would like to recognise and thank the members of its Editorial Advisory Board for their invaluable guidance, including but not limited to Dr Michael Valos (chair), Caroline Ruddick, Erik Zimmerman, Mike Harley, Shannon Peachey, Trisca Scott-Branagan, Skev Ioannou, Cameron Woods and Peter Little.…

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publisher’s note

We love content. Developing great content in every form, for every medium, across our own and our clients' platforms is what we live to do. We bring passion, skill, experience and hard work to telling stories and to informing an audience. But don’t take my word for it, I’m biased. Read what our newest client says about working with Niche on page 21. Our mantra is to build great relationships every day. We do this by connecting with an audience, a client, a colleague, a sponsor and our partners across our supply channels. Every day. Connect with us and we will tell your story as well as it can be told.…

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editor's note

Welcome to The Content Issue. A theme we’re exploring now because we’re discontent with how it’s been explored previously. With this issue of Marketing I really wanted to address something that bugs me about some of the biggest and most important trends in marketing: the tendency for the conversation to gravitate towards the high-level conceptual stuff or to the very opposite end, the nitty gritty detail. Content marketing has been one of the issues to suffer from this, stemming from the use of a phrase like ‘content marketing’ in the first place. Sadly, I don’t have a better word for it so, in this situation, the next best thing than one word is lots of words. In various formats and levels of depth. This is a little content marketing lesson in itself,…

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Adjective In a state of peaceful happiness: ‘He seemed more content, less bitter.’ Noun The things that are held or included in something: ‘She unscrewed the top of the flask and drank the contents.’ • The amount of a particular constituent occurring in a substance. • A list of the chapters or sections given at the front of a book or periodical. • The material dealt with in a speech, literary work, distinct from its form or style. • Information made available by a website or other electronic medium. Source: Oxford Dictionaries “The worst thing you can do is create content for content’s sake.” – What goes on behind the scenes of the biggest content play in Australia? We chat with two of the brains at Coles. Page 24. “The idea of content never being quite complete is quite interesting…

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the empathy machine

Until you put a headset on for the first time, it is hard to comprehend the VR concept and how it will fit in to everyday life. The better quality headset you can get your hands on, the better idea you will have. So, how are some of Australia’s largest companies such as Google, Samsung and Getty Images staying ahead in this fast-paced, democratised environment, and what tips do they have for brands considering a sortie into this new channel for the masses? The technology Companies like Samsung have been looking at VR for more than a decade in different guises. Think 3D TV. Samsung Electronics Australia's corporate vice president and CMO, Philip Newton, says 3D TV was the first foray into trying to create some sort of VR type solution. “But that…

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how we content

CONTENT MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS Less than a third of Australian marketers say their content marketing is effective. This stat increases for those organisations with a content strategy, and increases again for those who view their content marketing as sophisticated or mature. THE MOST USED TACTICS The average number of tactics used by content marketers in Australia is 13. Social media posts is the most used tactic. Presentations and images are the big risers from last year’s survey. 92% Social media content (other than blogs) 87% Articles on owned website 85% Illustrations/photos 84% Enewsletters 78% Videos 75% In-person events 74% Blogs 70% Case studies 65% Infographics 57% Online presentations 55% Microsites/seperate website hubs 50% Research reports 47% Branded content tools 42% Print magazines 42% White papers 37% Webinars/webcasts 34% Digital magazines 34% Ebooks 33% Mobile apps 32% Books 27% Podcasts 25% Print newsletters 18% Virtual conferences 8% Games/gamification THE MOST IMPORTANT METRICS Nearly all Australian marketers rated sales lead quality highly…