Marketing July - August 2019

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Everyone’s rushing around trying to make sure they’re across everything – so as not to be left behind in this age of rapid change. This issue looks at it all, from mentoring, to education, to skills, career progression, leadership and everything in between. It’s an exciting space and, as with everything in the sphere of marketing and modern business, there’s plenty of noise out there. We live in an era of keynote motivators, podcast life coaches, industry thought bloggers and niche online coursework. Some of it is useful, some of it inspires, much of it will help you. But one thing’s undeniably true. It’s getting easier to create and – due to its volume – harder to sift through. Finding what’s right for you is the real challenge. I’m aware of the…

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the following leader

Once a month some of Australia’s most influential businesspeople arise from their slumber, grab a pair of comfortable walking shoes, and make their way out the door. Counting among their number some of the most accomplished commercial brains the country has to offer, they switch off their phones, go off the digital grid and turn their attention to the carefully curated groups gathered in front of them with pen and notebook poised. And together they stroll. Part of a popular new initiative called Mentor Walks, the series brings together leading executives and emerging female leaders for the chance to connect, support and learn from one another while enjoying a time-limited open airwalk. The initiative – launched three years ago by STM Brands co-owner Adina Jacobs and head of Mahlab content…

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finding your great mentor

Marketing Academy founder Sherilyn Shackell says aside from demonstrating superb leadership skills, great mentors usually possess an “unwavering” willingness to share their skills, knowledge and expertise. “Our mentors are also extremely open – willing to share not only their ‘wins’ but also their failures. They understand the importance of supporting talent within the industry and are keen to invest their time in developing the next generation of board leaders.” Sparrowly managing director Giovanna Lever says while skill and competence are obvious starting points, a good mentor will also demonstrate diplomacy and compassion. A mentor/mentee relationship is not functional, she says, so there has to be a deep level of empathy and emotional intelligence in order to be truly productive. “It’s important that you as the mentee feel completely at ease. If you don’t,…

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brain trust

LAUREN CAIN The best career advice I received was to overcommunicate, underpromise, and overdeliver. It’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming people have the same level of skill and knowledge as you on a subject, but often this is not true. If you’ve been working in social media for three years, senior execs are less likely to know the reality of social channels and how consumers are interacting with them right now. They are unlikely to have your knowledge of the channels worth investing in, and they are at greater risk of getting carried away with the hype the sales team sells them. At the same time, if you’re a senior exec and you’ve been in marketing for more than ten years, managed teams and delivered presentations to tough…

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education or educrastination?

“Unlike a university or traditional education model where lecturers must go through a rigorous process in order to teach, the online course model can be utilised by anyone, anywhere with low barrier to entry.” For many Australians growing up in the 1980s and ‘90s, education followed a somewhat straight path. Primary school led to secondary school which led to one of three outcomes: a job, a university placement or a spot at a local TAFE. In 1997, when the internet started to seep its way into Australian households, only 16.4 percent of us utilised it, according to World Bank, most likely for things like email communication or booking a hotel. Certainly not for educational purposes. Flash forward. In 2018, internet usage in Australia hit an all-time high of 88 percent, with…

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who’s doing it well?

Research and Markets expect the e-learning industry to bring in a whopping US$325 billion in revenue by 2025. The e-learning industry is attracting a wealth of online platforms, programs and players eager to increase profit and build global brand awareness. While some may be struggling, many more are finding their purpose and profitability with online courses that have changed the lives for those who adhere to their teachings. As well known as any celebrity or TV show host by their students, these online course creators have created a cult following. We look at three of the most popular (and profitable) in the online marketing and business space. 1 MARIE FORLEO, B-SCHOOL Touted by Oprah Winfrey as “a thought leader for the next generation,” Marie Forleo is one of the most established of…