Marketing December /January 2016

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Australia’s premier digital media space towers over Melbourne’s busiest intersection at Flinders and Swanston Streets. Adjacent to Federation Square and Flinders Street Station, this LED site commands commuters’ attention as they exit the country’s largest transport interchange. Multiple advertisers comprise a rotational display schedule, and on one Tuesday evening in November that included our very own masthead to create the cover for this special issue.…

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welcome note

As pioneers of digital outdoor across Australia and New Zealand, our vision for powering this issue of Marketing is to reflect on a moment in time within this bourgeoning industry. To admire the triumphs of the medium, reflect on the challenges and anticipate the imminent and longer-term developments, we have been fortunate enough to speak with local and international experts in their field, each with a unique affinity and a thought-provoking perspective on digital outdoor. If you are an advertiser, supplier, client of ours or any marketer for that matter, you will know it is impossible to ignore the advent of digital outdoor and the impact this is having on the evolving media landscape. As frontrunners in this space, our commitment to quality, agnostic approach to technology and leadership position in research, set…

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editor's note

Welcome, Dear Reader, to this very special issue of Marketing. It’s currently the height of summer and a time when the outdoors is the place to be seen – not least for brands. To bring you this special bonus issue we've collaborated with APN Outdoor, Australia and New Zealand's leading outdoor provider, to investigate and showcase the world of digital outdoor. As you’ll see throughout this issue, there is no shortage of media smarts and technological innovation happening behind the scenes in the world of outdoor, as this most traditional of media continues to reinvent itself. Outdoor's consistent growth in both revenue and audience is testament to its ability to buck the trend and find new ways to remain a frontline weapon in a brand’s arsenal. As Marketing’ Michelle Herbison explores in the…

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outdoor /›a›td››/

Adjective 1. Done, situated, or used out of doors: a huge outdoor concert. 2. Fond of the open air or open-air activities: a rugged, outdoor type. Oxford English Dictionary 72%of people have seen outdoor advertising in the past seven days. – 'The Attention Economy', 2014. “There will be weather-related, date-related and very topical news-related digital outdoor activity, the surface of which has only been scratched so far.” – Mark Lollback, McDonald’s, page 26. 34%of people have engaged with a poster/billboard/ digital screen format. – 'The Airport Economy, 2015', Aus/NZ. “The creative ideas to make the most of digital outdoor are in relatively short supply. Yes, we need more data, but also, to quote a billion school reports, we ‘must try harder’.” – Joe Copley, Posterscope, page 80. “Brand marketers need to consider outdoor as a digital channel with…

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outdoor’s digital transformation

As digital technology transforms all aspects of marketing to become more relevant, personalised, data-driven and measurable, it is making a strong, positive impact on the outdoor advertising industry. While other traditional media struggle to adapt to the challenges of digital, outdoor is booming. In October, the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) recorded its 10th month of year-on-year industry growth to $532.8 million in revenue so far, with digital outdoor making up 25.3% of total revenue, up from 16.5% for the same period last year. Data from measurement body MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure) shows outdoor audiences increasing 3.4% year-on-year as infrastructure improves and 12.2 million people move through outdoor environments daily. The Commercial Economic Advisory Services of Australia determined that outdoor accounted for 5.2% of the $11.6 billion advertising spend in Australia…

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the epicentre of interactive media

Marketing: Tell us about the growth you’ve seen in the branding/marketing industry’s involvement at SXSW Interactive? Hugh Forrest: The SXSW Interactive Festival has been lucky enough to experience a large amount of growth over the last decade – and a lot of that growth has come via increased attendance from the branding/marketing industry. More specifically, this rise in branding and marketing industry attendance begin in March 2008, a year after Twitter essentially launched at SXSW Interactive 2007. Forward-thinking marketing professionals realised the value of new social media technologies like Twitter, and they wanted to be at the event where so many of these new technologies were getting their initial push. Why have marketers been getting more and more involved in terms of attending and learning? Because it is the launching spot for so many innovative…