Marketing Feburary/March 2016

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editor's note

This morning, as well as being the day Marketing goes to print, forcing me to get this written, is the morning during which we’ve received the news about Coca-Cola’s new global brand strategy. This new ‘one brand’ approach, kicked off by the ‘Taste the Feeling’ campaign feels like big news… but I’m having trouble articulating why. It’s hard to tell whether the move is brave, or incredibly risk-averse. Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coke Life will stop going their separate way, and the same creative is intended to roll out worldwide, from Japan to Mexico to Italy. Bear with me as I process my initial thoughts in this public forum – which may be risky if I’m completely misreading some things at this very early stage – in the form of…

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lead /li:d/

Adjective 1. Show someone or something the way to a destination by going in front of or beside them. 2. Be in charge or command of. 3. Set (a process) in motion. Noun 1. The initiative in an action; an example for others to follow. 2. Someone or something that may be useful, especially a potential customer, business opportunity or piece of information. 3. A position of advantage (first place) or the chief part played in a group, film etc. Origin: Old English laedan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch leiden and German leiten, also to load and lode. “Even multinationals with a mature presence in China make myriad mistakes.” – Dave Anderson on lessons from REA Group’s successful launch in China, on page 86. “Trust, another leadership quality, is often built on superficial signals of confidence such as height,…

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first in, best dressed?

“ In markets where no one player commands a majority share, being first can separate a company from its peers.” Humans love to be first. It’s a seductive, hardwired notion and the era of social media brings it the fore. Every minute, of every day, people claim bragging rights to everything. First to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Ownership of the newest smartphone ahead of their friends. The discovery of a new, exclusive, back-alley bar. It’s no surprise then that so many businesses strive to be leaders in their markets. Innovation is the cornerstone of most strategic plans and there is an implicit understanding that being first is crucial. But is it? Swings and roundabouts First mover innovators are heralded in the business press and presented as case studies of marketing excellence. Rivals look…

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survey says…

THE SAMPLE n = 1000 When you are planning to purchase a product or service for the first time, do you look for companies that implement new innovations first? More respondents said they look for companies that implement new innovations than didn't, and males (56% said yes) seem to be slightly more interested in innovation than females (51% said yes). Thinking about the brands you own or services you use, would you say most of them are ‘innovative’ companies? More than two-thirds of all surveyed consumers said that brands they own or services they use were 'innovative' companies. Males were more likely to say yes (72%) than females (66%). Of the age groups, the 45-and-over group were more likely to say yes (73%) than the 30-44s (64%) and the 18-29s (70%). Thinking about the brands you…

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leading the charge

As one may expect in a luxury segment, the experience of owning a Tesla is a key focus for the brand. In Victoria and New South Wales, a Model S will cost you just over $120,000 – it’s slight cheaper in the ACT, as there’s no stamp duty. It’s worth noting that price is adjusted on a quarterly basis based on the exchange rate with the US dollar, so (hopefully) it can’t go much higher. Charging infrastructure in and between capital cities is the first requirement on the map. The Sydney to Melbourne route is now close to being completely covered by Tesla Supercharger stations, all of which are free of charge. With Brisbane up next, the company is slowly but surely overcoming the nagging issue of ‘range anxiety’ for its…