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Marlin October 2018

For more than 35 years, Marlin has empowered big-game offshore fishing enthusiasts through an engaging mix of adventure, nostalgia and camaraderie. The thrill of the sport comes alive with engaging content on dynamic personalities, the finest sport-fishing vessels, latest equipment, techniques and hottest billfishing destinations.

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tropic star shines brightly

One of the best parts about offshore fishing is watching through the eyes of a newcomer as they catch their first tuna, mahi or billfish. It never gets old. We had the opportunity to take the Marlin staff of editors and publishers to Panama’s Tropic Star Lodge in July for one of those truly memorable experiences. While many of us are experienced anglers, this would be the first time offshore for several others, who looked forward to the adventure. We flew into Panama City, then departed for Tropic Star early the following day, where we planned to spend a day and a half in our editorial planning meetings and the next two days fishing. I admit it was hard to concentrate on work, as our meeting area in the lodge’s main dining…

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editor@marlinmag.com MONSTER GULF MARLIN Following up on your story in the June/July issue on live-baiting for giant blue marlin, we had our own encounter recently in the Gulf of Mexico. We had already caught four nice yellowfins, then along came a monster blue — the marlin just kept doing laps around the boat like a hungry pit bull. I tossed out a big live hardtail, but the fish had no interest in it. The only other thing we had in the boat was a 70-pound tuna, so I asked the clients if they wanted to sacrifice one of their fish. They said let’s do it, and within 30 seconds, the marlin grabbed the tuna from under the boat and swam off. After about a 30-count drop-back, I came tight, and it was…

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hot shots

HOLD ON TIGHT Wiring a feisty marlin is an adrenaline rush unlike any other in offshore fishing. Grabbing a fistful of leader with a hot blue jumper on the other end isn’t for the inexperienced, or the faint of heart. Jake Graves has it under control aboard Jeff Cohen’s 69-foot Spencer, Da Bait; we are right in the midst of the action thanks to veteran photographer Scott Kerrigan. LOCATION The team was fishing one of the distant seamounts off Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. TECH SPECS CAMERA: Sony 1D X LENS: Sony 16-35mm ISO: 200 APERTURE: f/2.8 SPEED: 1/1250 sec…

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capt. brad simonds

Your back story is a little atypical in the sense that fishing wasn’t really in the plan when you were growing up, right? I did a lot of freshwater fishing growing up. A little saltwater stuff. My grandparents had a house on the water in Massachusetts, and back then my fish of choice was tautog. That and bluefish. How did you go from bluefish to blue marlin? A big part of that was meeting Frank Mather. Frank was a scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution whose research led to the first conservation measures for Atlantic bluefin tuna in the United States. I was in high school and needed a summer job. Frank had a home in Massachusetts on the Cape, and one in Key Biscayne. That gave me the opportunity to fish both…

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where the bite is

+ BITE TRACKER Stay current with the best bites from the top billfish destinations around the globe at marlinmag.com/travel. WHERE OCTOBER signals a shift in the fishing action around the world. The heavy-tackle black marlin season in Cairns, Australia, is shaping up to be a great one this year, offering anglers the best shot at the marlin of a lifetime. In the southern Caribbean, the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao should see great mixed-bag fishing for blues, whites and sails, while the striped marlin bite off Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, will also be red-hot.…

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pros’ lure picks