Maxim July/August 2019

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smoke on the water

As the graphite grey Cigarette Racing 41’ AMG Carbon Edition pulls away from the dock, captain Bud Lorow engages the engines. Shifting the center console boat into gear, a shudder coils through the fiberglass and carbon fiber composite hull — portending something special, and perhaps a little bit terrifying, is afoot. The vessel makes its way through Biscayne Bay, the white and turquoise skyline of Miami in front, mangrove to the right. From this vantage point Magic City resembles the jaw of a giant dragon with pearly asymmetric teeth. After we pass under the Rickenbacker Causeway and enter open water, Lorow turns. “Ok y’all ready?” he asks, grinning widely. The veteran champion racer confidently pushes the throttle forward and the vessel lurches to life. One more push and I’m holding onto…

5 min.
in good time

When the Patek Philippe Henry Graves Super complication watch was auctioned for about $24 million in 2014, the bidding was limited to the rarified few who could afford such a price tag. Whether they were interested in the piece as an investment (it had sold for less than half that much at its previous public offering in 1999) or as a unique collector’s piece unmatched in horological history, we do not know. But in the last few years, this combination of investment potential and collector enthusiasm has led to a thriving vintage watch market, one in which motivations may be unclear, but the potential profits and growing number of interested buyers is readily apparent. Perhaps the most significant trend is the way in which the market has expanded. Now the burgeoning…

6 min.
the ultimate aperitifs

In 1919 the Barbieri brothers of Italy unveiled a curious bright orange-red concoction made with citrus oil infused with precious herbs and roots at the Padua International Fair. Called Aperol in homage to a colloquial French term for the aperitif, a century later the Aperol Spritz, made by adding prosecco and soda water to the spirit, has become an international sensation, with the New York Times reporting in 2018 that sales rose 48% in a single year. Colorful, refreshing and easy to drink, with the conviviality of a champagne cocktail and a distinctly Italian flair, it’s the essence of the effortless elegance Italians call sprezzatura, in a glass. Though once a rare sight outside of Venice or the Italian Riviera, the Aperol Spritz can now be seen in the hands of…

4 min.
silver dream machines

Massimo Tamburini’s limited edition Bimotas are legendary. Constructed in Rimini, Italy using Japanese superbike innards cannibalized from brand new bikes, then shoehorned into superior frames with visionary aesthetics. Also responsible for designing the Ducati 916, and the MV Agusta F4, Tamburini was an icon. In the Top Trumps game of cards the Bimota was always the most expensive piece of kit. Which made sense, given they threw away most of a brand new bike to make every one. Today, if you are looking for an exotic and beautiful beast of a bike like a Bimota your list will be short. Right at the very top with a star will be someone who shares more than a few things in common with Tamburini. His name is Walt Siegl. And for a cool…

5 min.
rapid drop

There’s no way to win this battle. Gravity always comes out on top. As Aniol Serrasolses paddles closer and closer to the rushing edge of a monstrous waterfall, he passes the point of no return and his fate is sealed… he’s going over the precipice. You or I would likely be overwhelmed by the natural fear that comes with a death-defying drop from heights of 100 feet or more, but for Serrasolses, it’s a moment of clarity, a few seconds of purity and absolute focus. The world around him doesn’t exist. It’s just him, his kayak, and the hope that his skill, experience and planning are sufficient to let him float away safely after an epic descent. It may look like insanity, or even a death wish, but for Serrasolses, it’s…

5 min.
big bronx bomber

Baseball has always been a game that has not only taken numbers seriously, but elevated them to exalted levels. Statistics have long been an integral part of the sport, even before the “sabermetric” revolution led by pioneering names like Bill James and Billy Beane. And they’ve taken analysis to new levels of complexity and influence, placing computer scientists and mathematicians next to traditional scouts and baseball experts in the decision-making process. But even in a sport dominated by big numbers, few figures stand out like the 13-year, $325 million contract signed by Giancarlo Stanton with the Miami Marlins back in 2014. Not only did it reset the market for elite players with the enormous dollar amount involved, it provided a level of security and stability that Stanton deeply desired at the…