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Maximum PC November 2016

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the year of the graphics card

FOR THE LAST FEW YEARS, I’ve been clamoring for something exciting to happen with PC components. Call me old school, but I’m still hanging on to years gone by, when there were 10 graphics cards companies, 10 soundcard companies, and an intense amount of competition. It felt like we were just boosting clock speeds, and adding noninnovative checklist items to products. I mean, RGB lighting is all the rage recently, but it lacks the je ne sais quoi. But 2016 has been an excellent year for innovation, and the credit goes to VR. When the Rift and Vive looked like they were going to shake things up, I knew we were about to receive a nice shot to the arm in the graphics department. Lo and behold, both AMD and Nvidia…

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microsoft loses its golden key

“Microsoft has millions of systems, and a single key now unlocks them all. TWO “RESEARCHERS” going by the monikers “MY123” and “slipstream” have revealed on their blog a fairly monumental hole in the Windows Secure Boot process—a so-called golden key. This “key” has the potential to be able to unlock every Secure Boot Windows device to allow the installation of other operating systems. During booting, Windows uses Secure Boot to check that the operating system has a Microsoft certificate and the right policies. The Secure Boot Policy is normally only accessible by Boot Manager. During the development of Windows 10, a new policy was added, to ease testing and debugging, which has its settings merged in, depending on conditions. This policy was shipped with retail Windows versions—accidentally, we assume—sitting dormant in a…

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facebook and adblock fight

FACEBOOK STARTED THIS BOUT. The company tried making its web ads indistinguishable from content, to make Adblock’s job more difficult. In exchange, users got the option to use Ad Preferences to block ads from specified businesses. The company claimed that people blocked ads because they are disruptive and slow, not because they don’t want to see them. Part of its mission is to “create connections between people and businesses.” The move didn’t go down well, and a new filter for Adblock Plus appeared within a day or two, which circumnavigated the Facebook trickery. Adblock once again removed the ads from Facebook’s sidebar and news feed. It was not a perfect solution, and Facebook warned that it may also remove posts from friends and pages. Facebook went to work to block the…

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kaby lake and zen with builders

PROCESSORS BASED ON INTEL’S KABY LAKE ARCHITECTURE have begun to ship to PC builders, so we will see the first systems using this 14nm seventh-gen core later this year. It’s a development of the Skylake design, and will come in the usual i3, i5, and i7 flavors, with up to four cores. Only Windows 10 is supported. Meanwhile, AMD’s Zen architecture will also put in an appearance later in the year, although consumer desktop systems won’t be available until next year. It’s also a 14nm process, and a completely fresh design. It’ll power a range of high-end processors code-named Summit Ridge, with up to eight cores. Kaby Lake and Zen architectures will be used as the basis of a wide range of chips under various names, from servers and high-end desktops through…

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emoji shoot-out

THE PISTOL EMOJI is a contentious one— the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence organization ran a Disarm the iPhone campaign against it. Apple has responded by changing it to a more friendly squirt gun in iOS 10 beta, along with 100 other new emojis aimed mostly at gender equality and diversity. Microsoft had used a toy ray gun image previously, but with the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, this was replaced by a realistic-looking pistol. The pair are moving in exact opposite directions. Cross-platform confusion looks likely as previously innocent iPhone messages can look much more menacing on your Windows system. The Apple change has drawn much criticism and is only a beta, so perhaps the pair can get in step, and decide whether or not to make it look…

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tech tragedies and triumphs

TRIUMPHS WORLD’S BIGGEST SSD DRIVE Seagate has built a monstrous 60TB SSD drive, four times bigger than the previous record holder, from Samsung. A commercial version is due next year. ATOMIC-SCALE HDD Researchers have found a way to write data with single chlorine atoms on copper, increasing data density by 500 times. But it does require-321 C. STREAMING PLAYSTATION You’ll soon be able to play PlayStation 3 games on PC via PlayStation Now, although Europeans will get first go. TRAGEDIES HACK CAN OPEN VWS A security company has revealed a hack that can open 100 million VW cars using $30-worth of hardware to intercept the key fob signal. CHROME TO LOSE FLASH Chrome is to drop all Flash support by the end of the year. Ten sites will be spared—all others will have to have it manually activated. SNAPCHAT RACISM (AGAIN) Snapchat has…