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July/August 2021

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make a margarita

HOLY SH!T COCKTAIL TRICK! No cocktail shaker? No problem. Grab a mason jar and two lids, one with a few ¼-inch holes punched into it. (Just use a hammer and a nail.) Add your ice and ingredients, shake with the no-hole lid secured tight, switch to the lid with holes, and strain. 1 GO TOP-SHELF You want a bright, crisp tequila blanco that’s 100 percent agave—not cut with corn syrup or sugar. Try Siembra Valles, which has an earthy flavor, or Astral, which is a little more floral but works really well with lime juice. And for your triple sec, opt for Cointreau, which hits all the right orange notes. 2 SALT THE GLASS Salt intensifies the flavors of the other ingredients. Plus, it’s delicious in and of itself. Take a margarita glass,…

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the brushes with death that realigned me

Q: What does it mean to survive something? A: You relinquish life and accept death. In your mind, you say goodbye to the people you love. It’s less of a moment and more of a threshold. Surviving is seeing death as a possibility, one that might be winning over, but then fighting back. I’ve been in avalanches where I’ve accepted death, but then in that moment of having nothing left to lose, my body and mind will work together to pull off a maneuver that works. In order to survive, I have to win. Q: What is your definition of resilience? A: It’s not a word I use. My accidents are my doing. So I choose instead to accept the mistakes I’ve made and learn from them. I’ve held my friends in my…

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3 ways to help save others

As an ER doctor and a U. S. Air Force veteran who completed a tour of duty in Iraq, John Torres, M.D., has seen people survive unlikely situations. The senior medical correspondent for NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt and the author of the new book Dr. Disaster’s Guide to Surviving Everything says there are actions you can take in challenging circumstances. PACE // “In the military, this stands for Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency,” he explains. So with your family, plan your primary way to communicate and meet, then the alternate, and go down the list from there. “When there’s an emergency and you have a plan, it takes one thing out of the equation of things you have to think about,” he says. Take a breath // When someone comes…

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the shooting that changed my life

ALEXANDER DWORET was in English class at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, when a bullet grazed the back of his head. Among the 17 killed on February 14, 2018, was his older brother, Nick. Therapy is something that I cherish now. Right after the shooting, I started to see a therapist and do EMDR. [See “The ABCs of PTSD Recovery” on page 83.] Three years ago, I was secluded; I stuck to myself. I see her weekly now and I can tell her anything I want. I have my brother’s thumbprint tattooed on my wrist with the words “brothers forever” in his handwriting. My family went to Hawaii recently and we all got matching tattoos of the Mokulua islands in honor of Nick’s dream to go there. I take my…

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ross edgley’s 4 truths about resilience

When you spend 157 days at sea as the first person to swim around the coastline of mainland Great Britain, you learn a thing or two about resilience. Such as: Truth #1: “Sucking it up” won’t make you resilient. “In fact, it’ll break you. If you have a stone in your shoe during the first mile of a marathon, bearing it doesn’t do anything for you except make you miserable. So often, when I see athletes and military recruits grimacing during training, I ask them, ‘How is this helping you?’” Truth #2: You can’t lie to yourself. “As I was swimming, I knew that if I put one arm in front of the other, I would circumnavigate Britain. But in the reality of the moment, I had a jellyfish tentacle stuck to my face…

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america’s greenest cities

WITH THE pandemic (sort of, maybe) under control, vaccinated life has left us with a sense of What planetary threats can we tackle next? The good news is that some U.S. cities already have a head start on earth-killing, buzz-killing climate change. Our researchers assessed 100 of the most populous cities for air quality, green space, LEED-certified public buildings, and chemical usage (which included toxic-release totals, drinking-water violations, number of Superfund sites, and resident proximity to the sites). These are the U.S. cities where it’s easiest to be green. GREENEST 1. Burlington, VT 2. Virginia Beach, VA 3. Buffalo, NY 4. Honolulu, HI 5. Greensboro, NC 6. Portland, ME 7. Boston, MA 8. Anchorage, AK 9. Madison, WI 10. Fargo, ND NOT-SO-GREENEST 91. Salt Lake City, UT 92. Wilmington, DE 93. Baton Rouge, LA 94. Anaheim, CA 95. Birmingham, AL 96. Memphis, TN 97. Louisville, KY 98. Houston, TX 99. Indianapolis,…