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mh world

1 SHOPMENS HEALTH.COM 10 Reasons to Buy an MH T-shirt 1. It wicks away sweat, beer, and nacho cheese.2. It comes with an imaginary laminated Man Card.3. It’s softer than puppies in a tumble dryer.4. Jesus wore one in his carpentry days.5. You’ll feel like you did something even on lazy afternoons.6. The fabric smells like baby tigers, to attract women.7. It washes itself.8. Rip-proof, tearproof, and Chuck Norris–proof.9. It doubles as an inflatable life raft.10. The shirt ($35) looks great with the hoodie ($60) and mug ($10). 2 MENSHEALTH.COM/METASHREDDIETBOOK Eat Your Way Lean In the MetaShred Diet, MH nutrition advisor Mike Roussell, Ph.D., delivers your all-new, kitchen-centered plan to lose up to 15 pounds in 28 days! 3 MENSHEALTH.COM/MHOPEN Could You Compete with the Nation’s Best? We know our audience: You guys love a challenge. When we…

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crush it in 2018

I’m calling bullshit on resolutions. If a calendar is the only reason you’re setting goals, you’re missing out on a whole lot of opportunity. Here’s what I’m asking myself for 2018: How’s my bandwidth? My throughput? My task completion ratio? These might seem like academic questions at times, something to mull over between corporate-mandated trust falls. But they’re metrics worth tracking today, when starting something—a diet, a relationship, a DIY project—has never been easier, and making it matter is harder than ever. String together enough new feats and you’ll develop what might be the most important quality in these disruptive times: momentum. And that’s a year-round kind of thing. This was a hell of a year for our brand, and for you too, I hope. We launched an ambitious series of themed…

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launch the rocket

UNFILTERED BOBSLED CAMP DATE AUGUST 20 LOCATION LAKE PLACID, NEW YORK These guys aren’t just along for the ride. For 60 seconds, Olympic bobsledders endure enough force to stop their breathing, rev their hearts to 190 beats per minute, and (on rare occasions) lose control of their bowels. Four men thrust a 500-pound sled 40 meters before cramming in and hunkering down for a run that tops out near 100 mph. One error means more critical hundredths on their time or, at worst, a life-altering crash. This isn’t a go-kart ride—it’s a rocket launch. When Team USA kicks out of the starting gate in South Korea in February, its “push athletes” will make the difference between a medal finish and a burnout. Push athletes drive the bobsled off the block. They have chess master focus, linebacker…

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power up your legs

@power_by_johnny MOBILITY Start with these warmups, resting 30 seconds between sets. The goblet squat primes your legs, while the face pull stabilizes your shoulders and strengthens your upper back. Goblet Squat Hold a light (15 to 30 pounds) kettlebell or dumbbell at your chest. Squeeze your glutes, brace your core, and squat, keeping your chest up, pulling your hips back and down, and pushing your knees apart. Lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor; then push back up. That’s 1 rep; do 3 sets of 15. Resistance Band Face Pull Secure a light resistance band to a rack at eye level. Using an overhand shoulder-width grip, grasp the band with both hands, arms straight in front of you. Holding it taut, pull it toward your forehead, opening your arms outward and bending…

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what’s the best five-minute exercise i can do first thing in the morning?

JANUARY/FEBRUARY Your biggest, strangest, and most embarrassing questions—answered! Your a.m. priorities (after peeing): Open up your joints and raise your heart rate. This will jumpstart fat burn, loosen you up, and energize you, says Ryan Parsons, D.C., coauthor of The Four-Pack Revolution (Rodale). He likes the kettlebell swing, a whole-body, full-range-of-motion exercise that works your lungs, legs, core, and grip. Start with a 20-pound bell (or a 40-pounder if you got to bed early) and do 100 swings; keep your chest and head up and squeeze your glutes. No kettlebell? Do a body-weight circuit: 50 squats, 25 pushups, and 30 seconds each of a hollow-body hold (on your back with legs and shoulders raised), a superman hold (on your stomach with legs, arms, and shoulders raised), and a plank. But if you…

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i dropped 184 pounds!

▸ THE EXCHANGE DAMIEN SERRATA LOCATION Tifton, GA OCCUPATION Law Enforcement AGE 31 HEIGHT 6'0" BEFORE 404 AFTER 220 TIME 18 months THE SETBACK At 310 pounds, I was already overweight. My excuse: Food is good! But a demanding new law enforcement job in 2008 left me with little time to take care of myself. I was always rushing from call to call. Grabbing fast food on my way to the next emergency became a habit that lasted for years. THE WAKE-UP CALL One morning I was putting on my uniform and couldn’t bend down to tie my shoes. It was hard to breathe or even move. To top if off, I lost my job. That forced me to take a step back and look at my life. This is going to sound cheesy, but I picked up an issue of Men’s Health and that kickstarted my…