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the comeback kid

In the 2012 novel Calico Joe, John Grisham describes the fateful moment when a Major League fastball connects with the face of a player at bat. Unlike the sound of a ball striking a batting helmet, which is frightening enough, “What we heard was the sickening thud of the baseball cracking into flesh and bone,” he writes. “For those of us in the crowd close enough to hear it, the sound would never be forgotten.” Giancarlo Stanton can testify. In 2014, the 6'6", 245-pound slugger, then with the Miami Marlins, was wheeled off the field after an errant 88 mph pitch hit the left side of his face, leaving him with bone fractures, broken teeth, and grisly lacerations. But unlike most players who sustain an injury of such magnitude (including the…

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ask men’s health

How can I conquer mosquitoes this year? Preemptive strikes. Your perimeter: 200 yards—most mosquitoes stay within that radius of their birthplace. They live only about a month, out one female can have 200 to 300 baby biters, so early efforts can thwart future generations. When temps hit 50°F during the day and 40° at night, take action: After it rains, flip anything that holds water, says entomologist Elmer Gray Encourage your neighbors to do the same. Keep gutters clear. If you must spray use a natural product containing Pyrethrin (made from chrysanthemums), such as Bonide Products 857 Pyrethrin Spray Concentrate. Skeeters are weak flyers, so a cox fan can blow away patio stragglers. (Citronella candles work in enclosed areas only) As for body armor, use a spray or lotion with DEET,…

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what’s the healthiest salad dressing?

Grant, Tempe, AZ The one that makes you eat salad. Vinaigrette is a smart light option; balsamic has about 80 calories per 2 Tbsp (a typical ranch has 129), and vinaigrettes made with olive oil give you heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Crave creamy? Try Bolthouse Farms (one of our Best Foods for Men, page 61). “Love their Caesar and ranch,” says nutritionist Mike Roussell, Ph.D. It has far fewer calories than usual. I have to crank up my ear-buds when I mow the lawn. Am I hurting my hearing? Ned, Louisville, KY Probably. Your mower is 90 decibels or so; loud music adds about 30. That’s well over the 85 decibels that can cause permanent damage with prolonged exposure, says Anil Lalwani, M.D., of the Hearing Health Foundation. Use noise-canceling headphones with a built-in radio,…

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i need a cool raincoat

At what age will my son be old enough to watch Good-fellas with me? Peter, Fort Collins, CO Wait until he’s at least 11, says Rutgers psychologist Paul Boxer, Ph.D. That’s about when a boy’s social behavior beliefs start to crystallize; they remain fairly stable after that. And once adolescence hits, vetoing violent, profane, or sexual content is likely to prompt him to shut you out, says pediatric psychologist Carl Pickhardt, Ph.D. In preadolescence, practice “co-viewing.” As you watch a movie, note inconsistencies between it and real life, says Boxer. When a battle breaks out in The Avengers, say, “You know that’s totally fake, right? That’s not how real people solve problems.” For more realistic, intense, or graphic violence, maybe wait a bit longer. But don’t just say no. Try: “You do…

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from bullied to buff

JONATHAN FRIED AGE 39 HEIGHT 5'7" BEFORE 190 AFTER 145 THE SETBACK Growing up, Tourette Syndrome made me feel incredibly less “able.” I was never athletic and was bullied. As an adult, I was never in shape. I’d eat huge meals, like a big plate of meat and carbs and then cereal and fruit with milk for dessert. Then I’d often eat again. My calorie intake was way high. I didn’t like how I looked, but I felt there was nothing I could do. THE WAKE-UP CALL I was unemployed, playing a lot of World of Warcraft, and living at home when three of my closest friends abruptly joined the military. All I thought about was how much I’d miss them and how different they’d be after boot camp. The day after they left, I closed my Warcraft…

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duct tape for warts?

The tape may help draw your immune system’s attention, says clinical dermatologist Jules Lipoff, M.D. But you’ll need more. Apply tape over some Compound W to trap the medicine, improving absorption. And once your skin moistens, use a pumice stone to slough off wart layers. Can I use a quick Florida trip to lay down a base tan for summer? Chris, Rochester, NY Please don’t. Any tan is a sign of damaged skin as your body tries to defend against harmful UV rays, says Mona Gohara, M.D., a dermatology professor at Yale School of Medicine. Plus, research shows that the SPF provided by UV-induced tans is negligible—about 3 to 4. (The minimum recommended SPF for sunscreen is 30.) The more tan or burned you are, the more damage your skin has sustained. “No…