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fit at any age. according to you!

BEHIND THE SCENES WITH THE EXPERTS, ADVISORS, AND READERS WHO BRING MEN’S HEALTH TO LIFE. WHY GET MARRIED IN YOUR 20S? @CrissAlexi We got married when we were both 27 and had been dating pretty much since we were 19. We had a few rough patches in our relationship, but every time we got through it. It just got to the point where we knew we were both in it for the long run. @donkowalewski I met her at 15. Fell in love. Got the nerve to ask her out at 19. Made her fall in love with me over the next 4 years. As we graduated college I couldn’t picture the next part of my life without her. She agreed. Proposed b4 college graduation. I’m super lucky. WHAT MAKES YOUR 30S GREAT? @Krift_Dig The…

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advisor spotlight!

MEET AVI KLEIN, LCSW One of our newest advisory-board experts is a relationship advisor on a mission to get men talking again. A brief Q and A: Q. You practice “accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy.” How is that different from, you know, just “therapy”? A. It tends to move very quickly, unlike a program that might take several years. I want people to confront their barriers and sit with them. I’m also more focused on helping people connect to their emotions—to feel their feelings. A lot of men seek me out because they feel disconnected from their feelings, from themselves, and from other people. Q How can men rebuild the connection? A. Two steps. First, acquaint yourself with what you’re feeling. This can be done each day by taking a moment to breathe and to pay…

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train like chris!

For Chris Hemsworth’s new role in MIB: International (due out this summer), he required an aesthetic more manly than godlike. His longtime trainer, Luke Zocchi (above), let us in on the routine they used to get Hemsworth lean, and you can do it too (see below). Also check out our exclusive video instruction with the pair over at Warmup 10 rounds (20 seconds on, 10 off) 1. Bear crawls 2. Body-weight squats Workout Circuits: 8 reps each (no rest); repeat each circuit 3 times. First Circuit 1. DB weighted burpee 2. Curl and press 3. Goblet squat 4. Standing triceps extension 5. Reverse lunge and curl Shoulder Circuit 1. Lateral raise 2. Front raise 3. Upright row Plank Circuit 1. Plank punch-out 2. Plank pulse 3. Plank pike Kyle Hilton (Klein), Stefan Jose (Zocchi), NILS ERICSON (Evryman)…

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the feedback evryman

→ A very beautiful piece of writing by @TheNateGreen about men’s pain. None of the distracting MRA/red pill nonsense. Try reading it without tearing up a little.—@MeadowsRichard → This was an excellent read. Not gonna lie: I got a little tear eyed reading it myself.—@tonygentilcore1 → I read this and did something that I can’t remember when I did last. I cried. I allowed myself to cry.—BonHjorth → Reading the last paragraph of the article made me feel like I should start opening up sooner than later. I texted my best friend and set up a night of drinking and talking before I was finished reading.—Niklas, Berlin → He also got a text from his grandpa! [Your story] makes me think about things I’ve kept buried in my soul. I lost my only close…

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belly off! club trimming trees leads to a trim 164 pounds.

TOM LENNOX: STATS AGE: 52 LOCATION: Millstone, New Jersey OCCUPATION: Director of sales for a pharmaceutical company BEFORE WEIGHT: 243 CURRENT WEIGHT: 164 The Setback Lethargy and pain were the two words that really defined my life. Lethargy because I never wanted to do anything. Pain because my knees started to hurt, my hips started to hurt, and my back started to hurt—all the time. I was also suffering from chronic migraines, probably from eating crap food and processed sugar. I had very little energy or stamina. It became difficult just getting into the car. The Wake-up Call I was trimming trees in my yard when I realized that I literally couldn’t trim. I was too heavy. I wasn’t sturdy on the ladder anymore, and just lifting the trimmers became a difficult task. I told my wife, “I can’t…

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ask men’s health

My teenager is a total slob. How do I get him to clean his room? You don’t …necessarily. Understand that a child’s teenage years are his transition years, when he begins to build and create his own world. You can think of his room as archaeological layers. He’s got leftover things from childhood and new objects emerging from adolescence. A messy room doesn’t always imply a dysfunctional room. If he has a messy room but can find everything he needs and is comfortable in that space, then just close the door and walk away. If he is not functioning—losing his homework, always late for school, never able to find his favorite shirt, and going to school stressed or less confident because of it—that’s when you intervene. And when you do…