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mh world

MH@TWITTER Let the Games Begin You might notice throughout this issue that we’ve got a few of our favorite stars from Game of Thrones popping up, the cover being only the most noticeable place. In anticipation of winter’s final arrival, we asked you to recount the greatest moments of brute badassery on TV’s most brutal show. @Aereira_ Arya Stark: “Tell them The North remembers.” @stlbhop The Mountain squishing that dude’s head. @imbzq The Mountain vs. The Viper. Nothing even comes close. @wayfast123 Hodor, you know, holding the door. @RDADDYLOC One of my favorites is when they go to collect a White from beyond the wall. All those characters together was bad ass. Also Sansa feeding those big ass dogs a Ramsay buffet. READER RESPONSE The Other Keto Predecessor, Not Named Atkins WHEN MY husband and I read Michael Easter’s story (“Keto Nation,” January/February ’19), we…

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ask men’s health

I’ve had a lower-lumbar back injury for about eight years. I’m a firefighter and I was told to wait on surgery. But now I’m struggling with discomfort and weight gain and I’ve had a hard time making strength gains. What do I do? —DANIEL W., Cincinnati, OH TREATMENT ALWAYS depends on the MRI. The first thing you want to do is get another evaluation, just to make sure nothing has changed and that you don’t need surgery. If surgery isn’t needed, start focusing on mobility and stability. This means keeping your hips and the muscles around your pelvis mobile. You can do this using a foam roller or just by stretching. Target your hip flexors, quads, and glutes. For stability and strengthening, focus on the hips. This stabilizes the pelvis and relieves…

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the game plan

BOOK The Impossible Climb OUT NOW! An insidery, literary, adrenaline-soaked account of Alex Honnold’s free solo of El Capitan by his close friend and fellow climber Mark Synnott. It’s riveting, mind-blowing stuff that stretches your imagination. —BEN COURT, executive editor MOVIE Avengers: Endgame APRIL 26 The title and the Web tell you that this is the last ride for the original Avengers. Except then there’s this problem: When Tony Stark and Co. bring back half the universe’s population and finally eliminate Thanos, how are we not going to want an encore? —EBENEZER SAMUEL, fitness director RACE The Boston Marathon APRIL 15 Can this year’s iconic race beat last year’s win by “Yuki Kawauchi who?” or the pit-stop-with-your-teammate-and-go-on-to-win Desiree Linden episode? The reigning marathon champs return in 2019, but anything can happen on race day. —MARTY MUNSON, health director Entertainment Pictures/Alamy (Avengers still), Boston Globe/Getty Images…

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a new year’s eve–inspired transformation

LEVI DEMOUR-IOZZO: STATS AGE: 23 LOCATION: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario OCCUPATION: Financial consultant BEFORE WEIGHT: 275 AFTER WEIGHT: 175 The Setback I hurt my back during my senior year of high school while performing a max squat. That became my downfall; I used the injury as an excuse to skip exercising. Then I dropped out of university, feeling mentally and physically lost. I was a 19-year old dropout at 275 pounds and working as a server. After each shift, I’d go to bars but I was brutal with girls—I couldn’t talk to them if my life depended on it. I had no confidence or self-esteem. The Wake-up Call It was November. A friend and I were talking about New Year’s Eve plans and what we were going to wear. I took out a coat from high school, but I…

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your new six-pack strategy

IT LOOKS LIKE a gladiator moment, Maximus about to crash through a wall. The athlete is off-balance on one foot, club back, momentum ready to fly the other way. It must be the middle of a brawl—not the middle of an ab session. But ask David Weck, the guy who created the Bosu balance ball and a cofounder of the WeckMethod Performance Training Center in San Diego, how to build the perfect six-pack and he’ll point you to this exact move, called a hockey-player skater (HPS), which can etch detail into your abs and fire up your obliques. The HPS is one of the moves from a new ab-training approach, Coiling Core, which Weck has honed for the past half decade. And if you unlock its secrets—as many MLB stars, hockey players,…

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crush your core!

1. Bailer Hold a light club, a medicine ball, or a 5-pound dumbbell with both hands and assume an athletic stance. Hold it out in front of you, then rotate your entire torso down and to the left, swinging the implement that way and bending your left knee slightly. Twist your right elbow toward your left hip as you lower. Pause, then swing the weight upward, as if swinging a golf club, rising onto your left foot as you do. That’s 1 rep; do 3 sets of 6 to 8 per side. 2. Land-Mine Coiling Press Stand in front of a barbell set in a land mine, your right hand gripping the fat end of the barbell, your left hand gripping the plate. Step back with your left leg, then rotate the barbell…