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1 MENSHEALTH.COM/ADVENTURIST How This Guy Gave Fear the Finger The ski jump ramp at Olympic Park in Utah turned MH Adventurist Clint Carter’s courage to pudding. But if a guy wants to land a double backflip in five days, going faster and harder is the only option. Two-time Olympian and ski jump world champ Ashley Caldwell coached Carter up. We have the video evidence. BOOK CLUB BE BETTER, TODAY! Shaun T’s T is for Transformation is your game changer. YOUR MASTER PAN! A Man, A Pan, A Plan has 100 easy, tasty recipes. 2 SHOP.MENSHEALTH.COM Forge New Muscle in 40 Minutes The Ultimate Upper Body is a training plan that’ll chisel your chest, broaden your back, and make your biceps bulge in just 12 weeks. Elite trainer Ben Bruno keeps the routines at 40 to 50 minutes each. You do…

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keep on climbing

ON MATT: ARC’TERYX VEILANCE JACKET, J. CREW SHIRT, ROKA FALCON TI SUNGLASSES, CANYON BIKE; ON EDITOR BEN COURT: RAPHA JEANS, JOHN VARVATOS SHIRT, 3T BIKE I’ll never podium, but riding the hills around our Pennsylvania offices beats the squat rack for scenery any day. Plus, the phone stays in the locker—which means you can end up in a pretty profound place, both psychologically and geographically. Between summits and sprints, endorphin-drunk, we also chase down headier fare on occasion. Such as: What does it mean to be a man now? What do we teach our children? How do we define masculinity? At best, the old stereotypes and archetypes fit like a bad suit; at worst they’re a straitjacket. They’re holding us back. I wish these introspective moments were all proactive. But all too often…

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game plan

DECEMBER When you’re whipsawed between warm-and-fuzzy and make-itstop. By Mike Zimmerman DRINK ON IT WHAT WOULD JOSEPH DRINK? A wise man will bring one of these affordable bottles picked by Jeffery Lindenmuth of Whisky Advocate magazine. IRISH “It tastes much more expensive than it is.” SLANE IRISH WHISKEY $30 SCOTCH A “crowd-pleasing” single malt. THE MACALLAN DOUBLE CASK, 12 YEARS OLD $65 BOURBON “At 116.8 proof, it’s unforgettable.” WILD TURKEY RARE BREED $45 WE CAN’T FORCE YOU Star Wars: The Last Jedi 12/15 MH PROPOSES: ONE MORE HOLIDAY—DECEMBER 27, NEW SHIT DAY, WHEN GROWN MEN ARE LEFT ALONE TO PLAY WITH THEIR NEW SHIT 4 REASONS NOT TO TOTALLY DISMISS... JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE 1 BRAWN The “little Hart and a big Johnson” combo works. 2 BEAUTY Hey, that’s Nebula without blue makeup, and she’s one charming human. 3 BOREDOM It gets the kids out of the house for a couple of hours. 4 BACKSTORY Took a while, but…

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charging into thin air

RED BULL 400 DATE SePtember 30 LOCATION Park city,utah PHOTOGRAPHs BY ethan Scott They told me not to look up, and now I get why. I figure I’m nearing the end of the Red Bull 400. Except I actually have a 75-meter bear crawl to go. I’m already gassed and tasting blood in every breath. This is how the world’s hardest quarter mile messes with your mind. You can cover 400 meters in about a minute on flat ground, but not on this repurposed ski jump, which mashes elevation (6,857 feet), slippery terrain, and steep incline (528-foot gain). It’s a breeding ground for lactic acid, self-doubt, and smack talk. About 800 people enter, and the finish is a mess of exhausted bodies and weak smiles. 1. Aimee Flint, PR professional “Stay steady. There were people flying past…

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i signed up for one of those charity polar bear plunges. now what?

Mark, Madison, WI DECEMBER Your biggest, strangest, and most embarrassing questions— answered! Shrinkage, that’s what. We found you some polar brrr advice from Scott Carney, an environmental conditioning expert and the author of What Doesn’t Kill Us. Prepare at home with showers that end with 30 seconds of cold water. At the site, shed your layers well beforehand to let your skin cool down. Then don’t hesitate, and once you’re submerged, try to relax. “Your inclination will be to clench up,” Carney says, “but after about 30 seconds the pain should give way to a pleasant endorphin rush.” Afterward, warm yourself gradually, with maybe a few pushups to kickstart your body heat. And consider keeping up with those daily cold showers. Research suggests they may help ease depression, and devotees claim to have…

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I love my wife, but when she’s talking, I tune out for long stretches. Why? Blaine, Fayetteville, NC Because her sister’s new backsplash isn’t scintillating? Staying tuned in takes a lot of mental energy, says Matt Lundquist, L.C.S.W., of Tribeca Therapy. If you’re tired, you might not have that energy to spare. But there are tricks. Unwind after work, walk the dog, and then sit down ready to listen. Focus on exhaling to keep your thoughts from wandering. Use “reflective listening”: Play back some or all of what she says in your own words to stay grounded. That said, zoning out may mean you’re uncomfortable with intimacy, Lundquist says. She can help: Have her call it out when you’re disconnecting. MH TWITTER POLL If you’ve zoned out and she asks your opinion, what’s your…