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meet our advisors

Q "EVERY SUMMER I GET SWIMMER'S EAR. WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO PREVENT THIS? "-Mike, Macungie, PA There's only one way: Keep water out of your ears. Swimmer's ear, an often painful infection of the ear canal, occurs when moisture gets trapped in there, allowing bacteria to multiply. Step 1: Stop sticking Q-tips in your ears—you're cleaning out protective wax and maybe damaging the ear canal, increasing your risk. Step 2: Wear earplugs when you're swimming. Step 3: Thoroughly dry your ears afterward with a clean, dry towel. If moisture does get in there (even showering or living in a warm, moist environment can do that), put a few drops of rubbing alcohol or white vinegar in the ear canal to dry it. Or use a hairdryer on a low setting to blow warm…

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the case for chaos

“In space no one can hear you scream.” “An adventure 65 million years in the making.” “You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll hurl.” As a lifelong editor, author, storyteller, and brand builder, I’ve always been a sucker for a great movie tagline. So you can probably understand my reaction to the billboard I saw on a recent trip to Los Angeles. It was for the second season of HBO’s cerebral, violent sci-fi masterpiece Westworld, in which lifelike robots in an Old West theme park rise up against their human creators. The billboard showed a menacing mechanical vulture in the desert, with three words: “Chaos takes control.” That’s effective marketing copy for a dark show tackling heady themes of life, death, and creation. But it’s also curiously inspiring. As any successful entrepreneur will tell…

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ask men′s health

GROOMING I KNOW TANNING IS BAD, BUT I LIKE THE LOOK. ANY OPTIONS? —Joe, Portland, Me Sunless tanning products are improving. Done right, a good tanner gives you that manly outer glow, and you get the inner glow of knowing you ’ re not giving cancer an invitation. The secret to sunless tanners is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), an FDA-approved ingredient that, when applied to skin, reacts with proteins on the epidermis and produces a pigment that darkens it, says Omer Ibrahim, M. D., of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology. For best results, exfoliate and moisturize in the days leading up to self-tanning, says Manhattan dermatologist Meghan Feely, M. D. Smooth out any rough skin on your elbows, knees, and ankles. Just beforehand, shower away any deodorant or lotion, and dry yourself off completely.…

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tech breakthroughs

ON YOUR WRIST A GOOD FIT With a frame that’s 11.2 millimeters thick, the new Fitbit Versa is even slimmer than the Apple Watch Series 3. The subtly curved design makes this smartwatch feel unintimidating, and the battery lasts four-plus days on a single charge. The streamlined interface keeps tabs on the things most guys want to know (heart rate and step tracking) and can coach you through everything from a workout to a breathing session. From $200, 30 MINUTES That’s the total daily time spent playing Grand Theft Auto V that does not result in changes in aggression or anxiety, according to a Molecular Psychiatry study. Researchers had 77 people play either GTA V (a violent video game) or The Sims 3 (a lifestyle video game) for a half hour a day…

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health & sex breakthroughs

DAD POWER LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON Literally. A new study from Binghamton University found that new dads whose babies looked like them spent more time with them and—here’s the important part—the babies were healthier at 12 months than infants who didn’t resemble their fathers. These were nonresident dads, so part of the effect is probably due to the extra certainty the baby is theirs. More research is needed to tell if the health benefits for the child extend to cohabitating families, but the findings underscore the importance of a father’s involvement in child raising, the study authors say. 22% PERCENTAGE REDUCTION IN CANCER RISK IN PEOPLE WITH THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF VITAMIN D VERSUS THOSE WITH THE LOWEST, ACCORDING TO A NEW LONG-TERM STUDY IN BMJ PAIN RELIEF Go on, hold hands Grasping the hand of…

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fitness breakthroughs

BUZZWORD: COMPLEX A circuit in which you use one piece of equipment and one load, and do the moves without putting the equipment down. Try this barbell complex: 5 deadlifts, 5 bent-over rows, 5 shrugs. Do 3 rounds. STRENGTH TRAINING PUSH UP, UP, AND AWAY! Think bodyweight moves can’t build muscle? In a small, month-long study from North Dakota State, moderately fit men either did pushups or bench-pressed three days a week. Those who did pushups, predictably, fared better in pushup progression tests. But both groups saw similar gains in chest size and 1-rep bench-press max. Want a bigger chest but can’t find a gym? Drop and give us 20. MOTIVATION Music to your heart Turbocharge your performance with tunes. A Texas Tech study of 127 middle-aged people (average age 53), most with diabetes and hypertension,…