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mh world

1 Work Out with the Best MENSHEALTH.COM/MHWORKSHOP Getting our magazine each month isn’t enough for some men. Take these guys, who attended our first MH Workshop—a new event series that brings readers together with the nation’s top trainers. The workouts are intense, the instruction expert, the results memorable. It’s a fun way to bring the magazine to life—your life. 2 Best Wrapper for New Muscle SHOPMENSHEALTH.COM There’s plenty of camouflage in this issue. You may feel the urge to outfit yourself. Do not resist: Stock up on our official MH tees, in flattering green-and-brown camo. Apply as needed. $35 3 We’ve Found Your Perfect Bedtime Book MENSHEALTH.COM/METASHREDDIETBOOK One of our favorite diet books, The MetaShred Diet, is more than just a collection of foolproof meal plans from Men’s Health nutrition advisor Mike Roussell, Ph.D. It’s also loaded with…

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when fitness is life or death

There’s a good chance you or someone you know is one of the more than 2 million military, law enforcement, and first responders currently serving in the United States. I’m not just guessing here—we sell a decent chunk of magazines on military bases, and I always find MH readers when we’re in the field with service members. When your body and mind could make the difference between life and death, why not seek knowledge about improving both? We’ve covered the tactical space before, but this issue is the first to be fully dedicated to it, and we were blown away by how much we found to report. From the life-changing views of a West Point instructor (page 92) to engaging personalities like Tony Sentmanat (page 98) to strategies borrowed from the…

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‘that others may live’

RESCUE TRAINING NATHANIEL WELCH DATE DECEMBER 13–14 LOCATION LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK The low ceiling forced the jump from 1,400 feet instead of the standard 3,000, so there wasn’t a lot of time to deal with the unexpected—and they had only chem lights and helmet beacons. In civilian speak: It was dark and close to the waves, there was no room for error, and it was scary as hell. Well, maybe not scary. Not to the Air Force’s 103rd Pararescue Squadron. Last April 24, the team responded to a distress call from the Slovenian cargo vessel Tamar after an onboard explosion killed two crew members and left two others severely burned 1,700 miles offshore. Seven men parachuted into the Atlantic to perform lifesaving surgeries on the injured crew. MH traveled to Francis S. Gabreski…

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the zero-gear workout

MOBILITY Do 2 rounds of this circuit to bulletproof your shoulders. The first move trains shoulder stabilizers; the second warms up your rotator cuffs. Rest 15 seconds after each set. 135-Degree Wall Slide Stand facing a wall, a few inches from it. Press your forearms flush against it, elbows bent 90 degrees, palms facing each other. Angle your forearms out slightly; this is the starting position. Squeeze your shoulder blades and slowly slide your arms up and out without shrugging; then slide them back down. That’s 1 rep; do 15. 90-Degree External Rotations Hold your arms out to your sides and then bend your elbows so your hands and forearms point up (perpendicular to the floor), palms facing forward. Keeping your upper arms parallel to the floor, slowly rotate your forearms down toward the floor…

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the exchange

I’M STIR-CRAZY. WHAT’S A GOOD, FAST OUTDOOR WORKOUT? Tom, Westwood, MA Go back to school—specifically the stadium. After a five-minute warmup, take on the stairs. But not like Coach told you. Instead, do these moves from Instagram training sensation Kaisa Keranen, M.S., N.A.S.M. Traveling burpee: From a plank, crouch and jump up to the next step, landing in a pushup. Stair long jump: Leap up as many steps as you can. Lateral crossover run: Run up sideways, your trailing leg crossing in front of your uphill leg. Single-leg stair hop: Like it sounds. Mix these into intervals (45 seconds on, 30 off), 2 to 4 sets. If you do run stairs, be smart: Spare your knees by not skipping steps; land with your full foot on each step; look at the next…

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from pudgy to powerhouse

XAN BARKSDALE LOCATION Maysville, KY OCCUPATION Coach and entrepreneur AGE 36 HEIGHT 5'11" BEFORE 230 AFTER 205 (lost 39 lb fat, gained 14 lb muscle) TIME 1½ years THE SETBACK After a minor-league baseball career, the freedom of coaching had me eating out with friends and socializing during workouts instead of sweating. When I became a recruiter for East Tennessee State, the insanely long workweeks and on-the-road lifestyle led to lots of drive-thru meals and zero gym time. Honestly, I let myself go. THE WAKE-UP CALL There really was no “aha” moment. I was just so tired all the time. I would wake up in the morning, drink a cup of coffee, and still feel exhausted. After work, all I wanted to do was lie on the couch and sleep. The guy I saw in the mirror wasn’t me. He wasn’t…