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a champion’s commitment

“Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” It’s an attitude embraced by generals, coaches, hard-driving CEOs—heck, anyone who wants to win. And it was said by the greatest champion ever, Muhammad Ali. At Men’s Health, we’ve never been afraid of a little pain. That’s because we know the gain isn’t far behind. This doctrine—this creed, you might say—is something Michael B. Jordan has always known and never feared. “This moment I’m going through right now, I’ve worked my whole life for it,” he tells our writer, Mike Zimmerman. By “moment,” Jordan means a global phenomenon like nothing you’ve seen in your lifetime. Black Panther has been one of the fastest-grossing films ever that doesn’t have “Star” and “Wars” in its title—and that’s thanks in large part to Jordan’s…

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ask men’s health

CHANGE YOUR FILTER Lazy guys want to know: Can you push the manufacturer’s recommendations on changing your water filter? Maybe, but if the flow rate changes or you detect an off taste, it could be too late. HEALTH DO I REALLY NEED TO FILTER MY WATER? —MARK, Seattle, WA “Need” is a strong word. Chances are your tap is fine; more than 91 percent of U.S. community water systems meet EPA thresholds for such contaminants as arsenic, bacteria, and lead. But you might want to filter anyway: A house built before 1986 may have lead in the water from old pipes. Treated public water may contain chlorine or chloramine (known to cause nasal, eye, and/or skin irritation) or worse, chlorine dioxide, which can have neurological effects. As for well water, pesticides, industrial chemicals, and other…

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if i’m stoned when i run, my knee hurts less. how come?

Because weed can blunt pain. A stash of anecdotal evidence and an ongoing clinical trial suggest that cannabis works a bit like ibuprofen but with fewer side effects, says Sue Sisley, M.D., of the Scottsdale Research Institute, an Arizona lab that studies marijuana. The active ingredients in cannabis, THC and CBD, enhance your body’s anti-inflammatory network (the endocannabinoid system), minimizing pain and helping injuries heal. Low doses of THC may even protect the brain against long-term damage after a traumatic brain injury. That’s why Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (Dr. Sisley is a board member) is working with football players to end the NFL’s ban on weed. New users should start gradually, says Daniel Clauw, M.D., director of the University of Michigan Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center. Try CBD alone…

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tech breakthroughs

AUTOMOTIVATION SAFE and STYLISH The wagon has long been the automotive equivalent of dad bod. And what are SUVs and crossovers but plodding wagons with more ground clearance? Meet the Volvo V60, a lithe blend of sport ute, sports sedan, and sports car, ideal for weekdays and weekends alike. Volvo is famous for prioritizing safety technology, so it leaves almost nothing to chance: Consider the proprietary collision mitigation system, called City Safety, which recognizes pedestrians, cyclists, and large quadrupeds—and yeah, other cars too. Inside, the interior envelops you in a cool, sophisticated Scandinavian experience. Opt for Care by Volvo, the company’s subscription plan, with leasing, maintenance, repairs, insurance, and more bundled in a single package. Arriving at dealers in early 2019. MOVE IN LUXURY: THE H5’S CORD IS BRAIDED TEXTILE. CONNECT ANYWHERE On the…

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health & sex breakthroughs

JIMINY, THAT’S GOOD! ½ cup crushed ice1 orange, squeezed for juice1 ripe pear, chopped1 tablespoon 100% pure cricket powder1 cup mango chunks1 cup pineapple chunks½ lime, squeezed for juiceWater as needed Core and chop the pear (no need to peel). Put ice, OJ, pear, and cricket powder in a kitchen blender and blend until smooth. Add mango, pineapple, and lime juice; blend until smooth again. Thin with water if desired. NEW PROTEIN SOURCE ADD BUGS TO THE MENU Scientists at Rutgers have determined that we still have working versions of the gene needed to make the stomach enzyme that digests insect exoskeletons. Bugs were a diet staple for our ancestors. Crickets and pork, for example, contain about 20 grams of protein per 100 grams. Check out for a variety of high-protein powders for cooking and smoothies. CHILL OUT…

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fitness breakthroughs

DISTANCE RUNNING WATCH YOUR BACK If you love to run and hate back pain, you might want to rethink your core workout—and step away from the mirror. Ohio State scientists found that runners who focused on superficial abs were more prone to lower-back pain than those who had strong deep-core muscles. Located along your lower back, these muscles help your torso twist and straighten and also play a key role in holding your body upright. To strengthen yours, do bench side planks: Lie on your left side, hips stacked, right foot on a bench. Prop yourself on one elbow and lift your hips off the floor; your left leg should float in the air. Hold 20 to 60 seconds or until you’re fatigued; do 2 to 3 sets per side. WEIGHT ROOM TURN DOWN…