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1 MENSHEALTH.COM/ADVENTURIST Down to the Wire “Nothing humbles you like attempting a new sport.” Clint Carter, a.k.a. the Adventurist, takes up slack lining this month, learning from every wobble, stumble, and fall. Watch the full video of Clint’s balancing act online. Presented by 2 MENSHEALTH.COM/UMHG The Cover, Uncovered Ultimately it came to this: The three finalists in our Jockey-sponsored Ultimate Men’s Health Guy search hit the gym with fitness editor Ebenezer Samuel. Our website lets you follow the full workout. 3 FACEBOOK.COM/MENSHEALTH Watch and Learn (or Hurl) Want to know what happens when you pop a zit? Check out our Facebook video series, “Gross.” Then, after you’ve bleached your eyeballs, find some inspiration from real guys who transform themselves and their lives: “How I Got Healthy” is our other new video series. Click the Watch tab on the Facebook…

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power to transform

We all face our demons, but sometimes they strike before we’re ready. Consider Michael Dubree. That’s him above (far left) with me and the other finalists in our Ultimate Men’s Health Guy search. Dubree didn’t just lose a bunch of weight, give up doughnuts, and bang out deadlifts week after week. No, Dubree kicked a gnarly decade of drugs, booze, and strife that began in his early teens. He turned literal strength into emotional will. There’s no such thing as a cheat day when it comes to drugs, either. That persistence makes Dubree our Ultimate Men’s Health Guy. Dubree’s journey represents a way forward for men reeling from opioid addiction. We hear so often about the scale of this crisis (see right). Wellness can be a palliative for those overcoming dependence, and…

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game plan

NOVEMBER 25 HAVE AN EXTRA HELPING OF HATE An arbitrary ranking of football rivalries on Thanksgiving Saturday,* from total snore to total war: Washington State at Washington Arizona at Arizona State UNC at NC State Georgia at Georgia Tech Clemson at South Carolina Florida State at Florida Alabama at Auburn Ohio State at Michigan *UCLA–USC is a week earlier, but whatever happens, they’ll get over it quickly. Californians. WE’RE FLUSH WITH EXCITEMENT : NOVEMBER 19 IS WORLD TOILET DAY. THE REAL GAME OF THRONES BEGAN IN 1596. BEND THE KNEE ! FILM CLASH WE GOT A GOOD FEELING ABOUT THIS STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT II HITS STORES NOVEMBER 17. SWIG! Light, friendly, and unpretentious. That’s Beaujolais nouveau, the quaffable, weeks-old red wine released on the third Thursday in November. It’s a favorite of friendly, unpretentious women. Offer her some instead of yet another pinot grigio. She’ll be grateful…

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still on a mission

WARRIOR GAMES DATES JUNE 30—JULY 8 LOCATION CHICAGO PHOTOGRAPHS DARREN HAUCK Strength comes in many forms, and they’re all on display at the Warrior Games, an annual event organized by the U.S. Department of Defense for injured service members and veterans. About 250 men and women battle it out in wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, swimming, and track and field— for starters. The competition is fiery, the camaraderie intense. It’s about more than winning or never quitting, although the competitors show those qualities. “Combat vets don’t like to get mushy, so we call it brotherhood,” says retired Army Sgt. David Iuli. “But it’s all love.” FIGHTING WORDS DISCOVER MORE AT MH LONGFORM To see more action from the 2017 Warrior Games and read what inspires these athletes, go to…

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the exchange

NOVEMBER I WORK OUT A LOT, BUT I SWEAT MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE. WHY? Hector, Fort Worth, TX Don’t sweat it, Slick. Maybe you’re just too fit. In fact, the fitter you are, the faster your body goes to work regulating your internal temperature so you break a sweat sooner. Plus, you may have extra sweat glands, says exercise physiologist Heather Milton, M.S., of NYU Langone Sports Performance Center. So congrats: You’ve trained your body to respond quickly. Sweating is part of your body’s thermoregulation process; as sweat evaporates, it cools you. (A fan can help if you’re grossing yourself out.) Just drink lots of water or, if you’re going longer than an hour, 3 to 8 ounces of an electrolyte-replacement drink. Now if you’re constantly sweaty even when you’re not exercising—notably on…

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get a grip on the farmer’s walk

YOUR TRAINER Alex Isaly, A.C.E. Group trainer, Life Time Fitness, Laguna Niguel, CA @alex_isaly MOBILITY Perform 2 rounds of the circuit below for lower-body mobility. Rest 10 to 15 seconds between each move and 30 seconds between rounds. Still not loose? Do a third round. Reverse Lunge with Reachback Stand tall, arms at your sides. Lunge back with your right leg and lower your body until your left knee is bent 90 degrees. As you do, swing both arms overhead and to the left. Return to the starting position. Repeat with your left leg, swinging your arms to the right. That’s 1 rep; do 12 to 15. Inchworm to Runner’s Stretch Bend at the waist and touch the floor; then walk your hands to a pushup position. Step your right foot forward, outside your right hand. Lift…