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what’s good?

We think about that word a lot here at Men’s Health. Good workouts. Good runs. Good fats and good cholesterol and good sex. Good is the baseline and bare minimum against which everything in these pages is measured, and when something falls short—when it hurts more than it helps, or when it underdelivers or flat-out disappoints—we’ll call it out or ignore it altogether. Life and this magazine are too short for anything that is just okay. But what about people—what does it mean to be good, especially after Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo All-Stars showed the world what it means to be very, very bad? As Ben Smithurst explores in “Are You a Good Person?” (page 94), it’s a complicated question. Some of us are neurologically disposed toward selfishness. A lot…

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#how i got help

IF YOU ARE LIKE ME AND YOU ARE A COMPULSIVE FIXER AND LIKE HELPING OTHERS IN YOUR SOCIAL GROUP, THAT CAN GET IN YOUR #HEAD SPACE AND PREVENT YOU FROM SEEKING HELP. @EricMGarcia Counseling can feel like a failure; it’s not. It’s okay to not be okay. @sjostromtj IF YOU FEEL LOST, HOPELESS, HELPLESS—YOU ARE NOT ALONE. THE TUNNEL SEEMS LONG AND DARK, BUT THERE IS A LIGHT AHEAD; JUST HAVE TO KEEP MOVING. NO MATTER WHAT. DON’T STOP. @call_ofthe_wild26 (via Instagram) Ignoring a problem isn’t macho, it’s dangerous. Seeking help isn’t weakness, it is strength. —Juan Bacigalupi (via Facebook) I was taught real men suck it up and move forward. Trust me, it doesn’t work. @v_1nn FOR THOSE NOT READY TO OPEN UP I UNDERSTAND YOU. JUST KNOW YOUR STORY CAN IMPACT SOMEONE IN WAYS YOU DON’T KNOW. EVERY…

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reel sex

1 Action without dialogue. If there’s no communication before sex, a lot can go wrong. Sure, Mr. Bond, you’re suave and irresistible, but talk about boundaries and consent before you take her to bed. 2 Bogus backstories. People who are into bondage don’t all have a traumatic past, as Christian Grey’s story implies. The data shows that most practitioners of BDSM had a typical upbringing. (Learn the ropes of bondage on page 80.) 3 Clichéd characters. Movies stereotypically depict one partner in a homosexual relationship as feminine and the other one as masculine. Actual research indicates that the roles are much more egalitarian. 4 Too much nudity. Specifically, unadorned penises: Practically no one uses a condom! It’s not only unrealistic; it’s also a bad example for Hollywood to set. Ready on the set? Unroll one. That’s a…

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style advice from ted stafford, men’s health fashion director

WHEN I WEAR A PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT, I DON’T LOOK COOL. I LOOK LIKE A SLOB. —MARK, Lewes, DE SO YOU don’t look like Springsteen or Steve McQueen? Understood. But know that only part of the secret is attitude—and part is the shirt itself. A tee with the right fit, fabric, and feel can give you a confidence boost. My favorite right now is from Armani Exchange, a pima-cotton tee with a modern slim fit, supersoft feel, and fabric that retains its shape. Wear it by itself or under a suit, sweater, or bomber. Our Guide to Style has even more ideas. (Flip this issue over.) Fit is key: The shoulder seam should hit where your arm and shoulder meet, the hem should fall just below your waistband, and the tee should…

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how one reader went from walking time bomb to ripped

ROSS GARDNER: STATS BEFORE WEIGHT: 396 pounds CURRENT WEIGHT: 203 pounds AGE: 41 HEIGHT: 5’8“ OCCUPATION: Chiropractor LOCATION: Vero Beach, Florida TIME TO WEIGHT LOSS: 11 months THE SETBACK They called me Pudgy as a kid, even though I was in decent shape. I played hockey and varsity sports, but I quit hockey after college and started working as a restaurant manager. I’d always be eating things like buffalo wings, cheese sticks, and onion rings. Then I’d go home and drink a liter of Jack. I was consuming constantly with no form of exercise in between. THE WAKE-UP CALL After six years of this, my doctor and I did the math: about 15,000 calories a day. He told me my liver function was at a hepatitis-C level, my cholesterol was 300, I had the testosterone level of a 30-year-old woman, and…

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ask men’s health

Sleep As long as I’m getting eight hours of sleep, does it matter what time I go to bed? —DOUG, Lima, OH Not if you’re consistent. If you always turn in at 2:00 a.m. and rise at 10:00 a.m., you’re good. Or 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m., also good. But if your bedtimes and wake-up times vary wildly, you may be setting yourself up for sleep problems, says Rodney Radtke, M.D., a neurologist specializing in sleep medicine at Duke Health. That’s because irregular sleep patterns can mess with your body clock over time, making it harder to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up when you want to. Late night? Be sure to get up at your usual time, says Dr. Radtke: “That sets your clock.” Travel I read about a passenger scoring $10,000 for…