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Midwest Living

November/December 2020

Midwest Living celebrates the unique and surprising Midwest region through its food, travel destinations, lifestyle, homes and gardens. Like visiting with a best friend, it unveils the authentic flavor of this region through inspiring photos, inside tips on best places to visit, and family-favorite recipes that simply taste great.

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editor’s note

My family cherishes simple, well-crafted gifts, even more so when they’ve been thoughtfully chosen. That’s why last year, we transformed the Midwest Living holiday gift guide from a catalog of goods into a collection of personal favorites shared by our editors and contributors. Some are humble, some indulgent—and all come with a distinctive endorsement from a member of our team. We know our voices have power, and we’re honored to use them to support the makers, artists and entrepreneurs in our region. Join me in shopping local this season, and put your dollars back into our Midwest communities. I’ve shared a few of my top picks here; find the full list on page 27. Or craft a little magic of your own, to spread near and far. Deck your halls in…

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home + garden

GOT PAPER? Click here for a how-to on gold leaf, plus more Kraft paper projects. CRAFTS TASSEL TOPPERS Cut ½-inch-wide strips of plain Kraft paper into twelve 10-inch lengths. Lay strips in a starburst pattern (like an asterisk with a lot more arms); attach each strip to the one on top of it at the center using a glue stick. Let dry. Loosely bend the strips in half to make a bundle. Glue a strip of gold-leaf Kraft paper (see smart code, above) around the bundle, 1 inch from the top. For a hanger, slip a slim gold ribbon through the opening, below where the strips are folded over. SHOP TALK ACE IN THE HOLE Housed in a historic carriage home in Excelsior, Minnesota, Ace General Store is a one-stop shop for men’s gifts. Score apothecary goods…

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small wonders

@TWETTENS.INTERIORDESIGN “Powder rooms are spaces to be daring—almost anything goes!” says Sarah S. Larson, the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, designer behind the zesty room on the previous page. Less square footage means less intimidation, less expense—and more fun. We found all these rooms on Instagram, and have added the talented people behind them to our follows. You should too. @HAUSLOVE @BRIAHAMMELINTERIORS @PORTERTELEO @NOBLEDESIGNS GET THE LOOK Click here for Q&A’s with the creatives behind these rooms, plus resource guides. EDITOR PICKS Quick Fixes Not ready for a full bathroom facelift right now? We hear you. Try a mini upgrade instead. MEET THE DESIGNERS SARAH S. LARSON Co-owns Twetten’s Interior Design in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Spirit Lake, Iowa. Adds a vase of flowers for a pre-guest refresh. HEIDI WOODMAN Leads Haus Love Interiors’ design team in Indianapolis. Has a soft spot for quirky, creative…

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table leaves

RING IN THE SEASON STEP 1 Fold a red paper cocktail napkin from corner to corner, creating a triangle. Repeat twice. STEP 2 Use scissors to round the short sides of the triangle, leaving the corners intact, so it looks like half a bract. (This might take a trial run or two.) STEP 3 Open and cut apart the four layers. STEP 4 Stack and fan the layers. STEP 5 Fold the layers in half. STEP 6 Use a hole punch to make an opening in the bottom center of the stack. STEP 7 Thread 6 inches of string through the hole, leaving equal-length tails; knot to secure. STEP 8 Pinch and lightly twist the knotted area, then open plant. STEP 9 With a hot glue gun, dab glue in the…

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holiday harvest

MOST OF US have an evergreen or two, but I first encountered a true winter cutting garden a few years ago, in the historic German Village neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. What a notion! Sidestep pricey store-bought bundles of cedar or eucalyptus and simply pull on your boots, grab your pruners, and clip a bucketful of berried twigs, fragrant pine boughs and textural evergreen sprays. Besides supplying greenery for years of wreath-making, container-arranging or gift-topping, these plants provide winter interest through your window and even look better with snow. Since some are pricey or slow-growing, add one or two a year, and in the meantime, ask friends for extra cuttings. (My neighbors gladly let me snip their mop head cypress shrubs and junipers.) I mix their clippings and mine with pinecones…

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GIVE BACK LAUNCH PADS Since 2015, Veterans Community Project in Kansas City, Missouri, has supported more than 4,000 veterans. The nonprofit offers emergency assistance and other services at its Veterans Outreach Center, plus transitional housing for homeless vets, many suffering from PTSD. The 240-square-foot homes include bed, bath, kitchen and Wi-Fi—plus stability, security, privacy and a sense of pride. A second village will open next summer outside Denver; the organization is aiming for five more by 2022. “With each expansion,” says Jason Kander, president of national expansion, “a new group of American veterans is mobilized to once again contribute to the community it calls home.” veteranscommunityproject.org As part of our Good Neighbors program, highlighting unique Midwest nonprofits and individuals making our communities stronger, Midwest Living has donated $500 to the Veterans Community Project. FOLLOW @STORIESFROMSIXFEET During…