September/October 2021

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real self-care

Full disclosure: I feel like a total hypocrite writing about self-care. I just spent the last six weeks traveling the country in an RV with my family and I can tell you, all of my healthy routines fell away after day three. In the beginning, I got out my yoga mat, did flashcards with my kids, and sat under beautiful trees meditating to the sounds of birds. But very quickly, the trip steamrolled into a mess of blown tires, leaky pipes, bored kids, and Twizzlers for breakfast. Yep. All the while, I was editing this beautiful issue you now hold in your hands. I’m coming clean with my lack of self-care because I want you to know that I understand how easy it is to deprioritize your own care. Even when we know…

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inspired words

How do you tap into creativity? "I doodle in my journals, along with writing. I also write letters to people—old school!" staceylanius “I tap into creativity by looking through the window of my studio at the blooming flowers, and fluttering butterflies! I marvel at their freedom in flight and the predictability of the seasonal cycles, and I delve into an art journal with the same uninhibited ways nature models for me.” Val V. “I like to find inspiration in nature. Then I paint, either watercolor florals or even design mandalas on flat river rocks…I also love to take photographs of trees in the fall at sunrise, capturing the bold bright colors. And in the spring I love to go to our botanical gardens and photograph the dozens of varieties of tulips they plant every year.…

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top of mind

SKIN DEEP When his brother lost a limb in a collision, John Amanam, a 33-year-old Nigerian native, learned that the majority of prosthetic limbs available in his country were white or wood-toned. A former movie special-effects sculptor, Amanam noticed the lack of confidence that came with having an artificial limb with a mismatched skin tone. And, despite having no formal training, Amanam set out on a mission to help people feel whole and at home in their own body. “If I could give back or solve this need, it would go a long way to ease that emotional trauma and loss of confidence,” he told Reuters. FOUND IN TRANSLATION Winnipeg kindergarten teacher Karla Dueck Thiessen’s picture book It Starts With A Breath…a Book About Mindful Breathing has been translated into Spanish by a…

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acts of kindness

HAUL PASS COVID-19 restrictions had Canadian Aaron Wylie wondering how he could visit his terminally ill mother one province over—until he found a loophole. Truck drivers, considered essential, could travel, and Wylie had the right driver’s license. He posted online asking for a weekend job that would take him near his mother’s home, and received hundreds of responses overnight. One person even offered to donate their liver. SHIRT STORY When Andi Musser, 10, shared hand-me-downs with a friend who couldn’t afford new clothes, the friend cried tears of happiness. Right away, Andi began dreaming up the Kindness Closet that is now a reality at her US elementary school. With the help of her principal and some local shops, she’s set up a place where fellow students can get new or gently used clothing…

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research news

SEEKING ATTENTION Researchers at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, analyzed data from 87 published studies with healthy adults to better understand which attentional behaviors are impacted by meditation. They focused on general attention, as well as specific aspects of executive function such as orienting toward an object, shifting focus, or inhibiting a response. Meditation practices were categorized as either open monitoring or focused attention practices. Open monitoring emphasizes the ability to stay in the present moment while paying attention to one’s experience without getting lost in thought. Focused attention meditation involves being able to sustain attention on a particular object. Overall, results showed that both types of practices were associated with improvements in attention and executive function. Meditators were better able to maintain their focus, pay attention to many objects, and…

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self-acceptance for all

“Queer youth matter and mindfulness may be a very important component of improving mental health and health for queer youth. We can’t leave these youth behind.” Dr. Gio Iacono remembers what it was like, as a queer teenager in Toronto in the mid-’90s, to have questions he didn’t know how to find answers for. “I didn’t know that you could be queer and be OK, or you could be trans and be OK and a fully deserving human being,” he says. He didn’t have support to help him understand LGBTQ+ experience and struggled with social anxiety that stayed with him into adulthood. He doesn’t want young people today to feel like he did. He pursued a career in social work and psychotherapy, hoping to both help individuals and to inform mental health…