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video plus

Link. Look. Learn more! From inspiration to operation, see every step of how the Model Railroader Video Plus and MR magazine staff built the Canadian Canyons multilevel N scale railroad. In Drew’s Trackside Adventures Episode 29 – Fraser River Foray, you can follow Drew Halverson, Kent Johnson, and Charlie Conway on the railfan trip that inspired the layout. In the Canadian Canyon series, you’ll get dozens of extensive step-by-step videos showing you benchwork, wiring, scenery, modeling, and more techniques that staff members used throughout the project. New project layout: If you’re not a subscriber yet, be sure to check out the first episode of the series as a free preview! Visit to start your subscription today! Roundhouse: Jim Hediger provides more insights into his influential Ohio Southern in this special Roundhouse interview…

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on the web

Layout videos from the special issue Click on the Special Issues tab at to preview the 10 exceptional HO, N, and O scale layouts featured in Great Model Railroads 2019. You’ll also find layout video tours, bonus how-to articles, track plans, and more! Get this stunning trackside photo The Canadian Canyons project railroad celebrates the stunning scenery of the Thompson and Fraser river canyons in British Columbia. This month you can download the photo above, sized appropriately to use as a computer wallpaper. Get inspired every time you turn on your screen! BONUS ARTICLES The Timber River Ry. In this issue, we revisit John Tews’ HO scale Timber River Ry. The layout has been operating for more than 50 years. Check out the first article on John’s layout as well as the track plan that…

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we’ve come a long way in 85 years

As I scroll through my Facebook feed and the blogs I follow of railroads and layout designs, I think how far model railroading has come in the last 85 years. The amount of information about the hobby at one’s fingertips today would be mind-boggling to the 1934 version of Al Kalmbach, who probably had to hustle to fill the 12 pages of the first issue. Certainly, the scope and number of model railroading products available today would also be incredible to him, as would their prototype fidelity and level of control for the operator. I think he would get a laugh, though, out of how much hasn’t changed. This whole venture started when Al Kalmbach and his buddies built a fairly simple layout in his attic out of whatever they could get on the…

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news & products

HO scale locomotives • Electro-Motive Division SD39 diesel locomotive. BNSF Ry. (Heritage I scheme with “BNSF” on long hood in two road numbers and “GN” on hood in one number; blue-and-yellow warbonnet in three numbers), Illinois Terminal (three numbers), Norfolk & Western (Illinois Terminal patchout, four numbers), Soo Line (red-and-white scheme in two numbers, with “Lake States” lettering on nose in one number), Southern Pacific (factory weathered with “SP” on nose and as-delivered scheme with road numbers on nose, three numbers each). Railroad-specific details, factory-painted and installed wire grab irons, and see-through dynamic brake and radiator fans. Direct-current model with 21-pin plug for Digital Command Control decoder, $149.98; with dual-mode SoundTraxx Econami decoder, $219.98. June 2019. Ready-to-Roll. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639, HO scale freight cars • Assorted freight cars. Chicago, Burlington & Quincy…

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ask mr

Which railroads ran Vanderbilt tenders? Q I would like to ask what were the advantages of the Vanderbilt tender over the conventional rectangular tender, and what American railroads used them in the steam era? Thanks. Pete Scherer, Media, Pa. A Vanderbilt tenders, with their characteristic cylindrical water tanks, are often associated with Southern Pacific steam locomotives, like that gorgeous streamlined 4-6-2 Pacific pictured above. But other railroads used them, too. The late Model Railroader executive editor Andy Sperandeo answered your questions close to 10 years ago: “This was largely up to the preference of the officials of the individual railroads as they ordered locomotives. Historically the one-time Harriman-owned roads, the Southern Pacific and Union Pacific, favored Vanderbilt tenders through the 1920s, although their tender designs diverged after the common ownership ended. In the East,…

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reader tip

Clean enough to eat off of I’ve found a way to clean brass locomotive shells in preparation for paint that doesn’t damage fine details: effervescent denture-cleaning tablets. First, separate the body shell from the chassis, including the walkway and handrails. Next, fill a clear glass vase that is taller than the body shell is long with warm tap water. Gently lower the brass body shell and walkway into the vase, standing up. Add denture-cleaning tablets one at a time (any brand will do) and check the progress of the cleaning when the fizzing stops and the water changes color. (The brand I use changes from blue to white when finished). You may have to add more tablets if one isn’t enough. When finished, rinse the brass pieces with distilled water and allow them to…