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MORE REVIEWS & VIDEOS • Videos • News & Reviews • Community • Shop & more. COVER STORY ONLINE EXTRAS Paul Dolkos’ HO scale Baltimore Harbor District Frequent contributor Paul Dolkos is building a model railroad inspired by the Baltimore waterfront in 1955. Turn to page 30 to read about his most recent project – completing the street-running industrial area called Carroll Street. This month web visitors can download the photo of switching action along Carroll Street to use as a computer desktop. Look for the link under Online Extras at TRACK PLAN DATABASE New plans added every month Find more than 500 layout ideas in the Model Railroader Track Plan database, including the plan for Paul Dolkos’ HO scale Baltimore Harbor District. Search for track plans by scale, size, and type. Model Railroader subscribers can also download a…

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when anything is possible

My name is Hal Miller. Some of you I’ve met. And to everyone else, hello. Some of you have seen my name in the magazine. Some of you I’ve met at shows. Others I’ve been fortunate enough to guide on tours of Model Railroader’s offices. And a few of you may have seen me on Model Railroader Video Plus, hosting the ongoing “Roundhouse” series. I’ve been part of the Model Railroader team for a little over five years as managing editor. A lot of my work has been behind the scenes on the production side of the magazine, making sure all the parts of it, and every special edition we put together, are done well and that they get to you on time. Prior to that, I was editor of MR’s sister magazine Model…

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news & products

HO scale Electro-Motive Division SD40-2 diesel locomotive. This six-axle road unit is now available from The HO scale SD40-2 is decorated for CSX, Norfolk Southern, BNSF Ry. (post-2005 scheme), and Union Pacific in three road numbers per scheme. The Operator line model ($79.99) has light-emitting-diode headlights; illuminated number boxes; and factory-drilled holes for grab irons, m.u. cables, and uncoupling levers. An upgrade kit with trainline hoses, m.u. cables, uncoupling levers, grab irons, lift rings, windshield wipers, truck sideframe airlines, sanding lines, and traction motor cabling is available separately. Inc., 844-987-2467, Industry news • New managing editor at MR. Jeff Reich is Model Railroader’s new managing editor. He has worked at Kalmbach Publishing Co. for 17 years, first as managing editor and editor of The Writer, then as editor of Model…

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rail and marine safety always

The master of the barge pictured on pages 42 and 43 of your July issue is surely a most imprudent mariner. Allowing crew to load a vessel that is not fast to the dock, even by a single line, is incomprehensible! John Chadwick, Nepean, Ont. You have a good eye for detail, John. I’m sure the barge master is about to tie her off. The deckhand was a little over-zealous wanting to load. – Ed. Good ol’ Rocky Top Wow! A railroad plan in the August issue that runs by my front yard: “CSX up on Rocky Top”! I’ve lived near the north switching lead of the West Knoxville Yard for many years (I can hear them switching as I write). There are a few things that might be of interest about this location: • West Knoxville…

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ask mr

Ford Motor Co. photo MORE Q&A For more questions and answers, watch the video series “Ask MRVP” at How are auto racks loaded? Q Living in Flint, Mich., as a child in the 1960s, I often watched the auto racks loaded with trucks and cars rumbling through town. I’m now interested in modeling a portion of an auto factory at the final point where they load the autos on the auto racks. What type of buildings and track arrangement would I find in a typical facility? And how are the autos loaded into the cars? Thanks. Steve Rose, Fenton, Mich. A From the era you’re modeling until today, auto racks have been loaded the same way. The cars open at both ends, and are equipped with bridges to link the decks from one car to…

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how märklin’s 19th century gauge 1 became the 20th century’s lgb large scale

THE GG1 WAS AVAILABLE WITH A WOOD DISPLAY STAND WITH PLEXIGLAS COVER, TRACK, WEATHERED TIES, AND A SECTION OF OVERHEAD CATENARY. - KEITH German model train manufacturer Marklin standardized our gauges circa 1890, establishing 1, 2, 3, 4, and then 0 (zero) in 1895. In 1919, the British were working a smaller H-I, Half-One Gauge, known later as S In 1923, Bing in Germany created smaller Half-0 gauge, or HO. Gauge 1 manufacture died after World War I, with smaller homes being built in recovering countries, hampered by postwar inflation. Smaller and cheaper 0 became the preferred size. Lehmann Patentwerk revived Gauge 1 in 1968 as LGB, for Lehmann Gross-Bahn, which means Lehmann Large Railway in English. It became popular as large garden electric toy trains, either wired or battery-powered. Made primarily of plastic,…