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Money October 2018

MONEY helps you take charge of your finances, providing trusted advice to successfully earn, plan, invest, and spend. MONEY provides in-depth coverage of stocks, mutual funds, the markets, the economy, and the best things money can buy - from travel and technology to home and luxury goods. MONEY also gives you advice on college savings and retirement planning.

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finding home

FUN FACT: The average American will move 11 times in his or her lifetime, according to data from the Census Bureau. That doesn’t make the decision any easier. MONEY’s Best Places to Live rankings, first published more than 30 years ago, aim to help families find their next hometown. Our methodology, which this year took into account over 135,000 data points, is designed to uncover spots that offer a winning mix of affordability, charm, and economic strength. Reporters examined everything from projected job growth and local tax burdens to commute times and green space. We partnered with realtor.com to leverage its rich understanding of housing markets across the country. We talked to residents, and we crunched the numbers. The winner? Frisco, Texas, a Southern boomtown with plenty of bang to offer its residents.…

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the cost of infertility

Thank you for the article highlighting fertility treatment costs. I wonder why health insurance companies are not required to cover these expenses. Those who can’t have children because of infertility must undergo costly medical treatment to conceive. The government must address the high price of fertility treatments, which can leave many Americans in debt or without the option to bear children. MOLLY PLESTER, Madison WHERE “REAL” PAY IS HIGHEST AND LOWEST In “The Average Income in Every State—and What It’s Really Worth” [May], Kaitlin Mulhere does a great job articulating local costs and how they can boost your family’s income. I wish she had included the impact of state income tax—or lack thereof. Texas and Florida, for example, do not have individual state income taxes, while California has the highest state income tax…

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comments about recent stories on money.com

Re: “Inside LeBron James’s New $8 Million Public School, Where Students Get Free Bikes, Meals, and College Tuition” “I don’t like LeBron or his political views, but I respect a man who puts up his own money to help others! Congrats.” Re: “Costco Is Banning Some People Who Take Advantage of Its Return Policy. Here’s What Will Get You in Trouble” “Good for them! I’ve seen Christmas trees returned in January at my local Costco. It scares me how shameless some people are.” Re: “This Couple Went From Having $150,000 in Debt to $1.5 Million in Savings. Here’s How” “Their keys to success (like living below their means and sticking with their plan) will work whether you have kids or not. It’s not about your current situation, but what you’re willing to change.”…

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10 big chain stores that will secretly match amazon’s low prices

AMAZON HAS DOMINATED RETAIL for a couple of simple reasons, among others: It’s cheap and convenient. Plus, grabbing an item with free shipping through Amazon Prime and waiting for it to arrive at your home can be deeply satisfying. But if you want something that same day, or prefer picking things out in person, you don’t necessarily need to fret about missing out on deals. We rounded up a number of major retailers with long-standing price-match policies that extend to products sold by Amazon—even if these offers aren’t always promoted. From home goods and electronics purveyors to a high-end department store, here are shops that will sell you what you want at Amazon prices. Bed Bath & Beyond The store will match whatever’s on Amazon. The caveat is that the item must be…

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‘i’m obsessed with getting a perfect credit score’

HI, I’M JULIA, and obsessing over every little detail in my life as much as possible is my main hobby. I’m the oldest child, so according to birth order I was destined to be a high achiever from the moment I opened my eyes in the hospital. My mom was an elementary school teacher when I was growing up, so getting straight A’s wasn’t just an academic achievement—it was a way to ensure I would be truly loved forever. So naturally, having a perfect credit score is of great interest to me. I don’t remember when I started tracking it, but I do know that emails land in my in-box twice a month from Credit Karma and Mint. They cheerfully update me on my status, which is based largely on my sole…

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a simple trick to make your home worth $6,000 more

YOU DON’T NEED a touch-screen refrigerator or a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat to pump up the sale price of your home. In fact, all you need is a black door. That’s according to the online real estate database Zillow, which examined some 135,000 photos from listings across the U.S. since 2010. The company found that on average, houses with black or charcoal-gray front doors sold for as much as $6,271 more than expected. It may sound a bit “dark,” but painting your front door black is actually a tried-and-true way of increasing home value. According to realtor.com, a black door gives buyers the impression that your house is a serious, stately, and safe choice. It’s so popular that two of Sherwin-Williams’s top 50 paint colors fit the bill: Gauntlet Gray and Tricorn Black. “Think of painting…