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Money January/February 2019

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RE: THESE PARENTS ARE CUTTING OFF THEIR OPIOID-ADDICTED CHILDREN [DECEMBER] The Many Costs of Addiction I appreciated Kristen Bahler’s coverage of the financial impact of a child’s opioid addiction. Another overlooked cost: raising an addict’s children. My husband and I adopted our three beautiful grandchildren because of our daughter’s heroin addiction. In doing so, unfortunately, we had to postpone saving for retirement in order to cover their daily needs. Though we cut our daughter off financially years ago, we felt our grandchildren didn’t deserve to be collateral damage. ELLE ROGER, Dover, N.H. FURRY FORETHOUGHT I enjoyed “A Solo Senior’s Guide to Happiness” [November], but one major planning issue was left out: pets. As a veterinarian, I see that many of my senior clients live just with a pet. In case of their death, seniors must…

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why is frida kahlo on this $8 nail polish?

IN 1946, SHORTLY BEFORE her 40th birthday, Frida Kahlo painted what might be her most tragic self-portrait. The Wounded Deer reimagines the Mexican artist as prey, pierced by a shock of arrows and left to die in a forest clearing. Her face, framed by those famous eyebrows, is stoic. Kahlo suffered many hardships in her life—illness, chronic pain, a collapsing marriage—and her art was often a direct reflection of those struggles. How strange, then, to find a replica of that famous painting on a bottle of drugstore nail polish and a tube of lipstick for $7.99 each. And yet, at 3,000 CVS stores nationwide, así es la vida. The tortured life of this long-dead artist—celebrated for her abandonment of Western ideals—and the fluorescent glow of one of the most American places you…

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a greek hotel’s $29,ooo secret

$1K PER NIGHT AT KATIKIES SANTORINI ON A RECENT STAY IN SANTORINI I was sipping a glass of rosé at Katikies, a swanky boutique hotel, when I noticed my sandal had left a scuff mark on the pristine white terrace. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to ask my waiter a question I’d been pondering all afternoon: “How often do you paint this place? Is it done once a season or …?” He said, laughing: “We actually repaint it every day.” Whether you’ve visited Santorini or ogled photos of the island in the Aegean Sea, with its whitewashed villages, you might also have wondered how it keeps up appearances. It turns out that image of perfection is the result of carefully curated effort—and a lot of money. The Greek hotel spends about $29,392 a…

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how to get the best deals at target

JEN COLEMAN AND LAURA Wiertzema are always at Target. Literally. It’s their job. Six years ago, the pair decided to start an Instagram dedicated to their Target finds and quickly gained 10,000 followers. After posting their favorite items every day, now @targetdoesitagain has over 900,000 followers and brings Dallas-based Coleman, 35, and Los Angeles resident Wiertzema, 38, enough revenue through ads and sponsored content that the two moms quit their retail jobs. Coleman and Wiertzema managed to get in on the ground floor of Target mania. Now other Facebook groups about couponing and deals have hundreds of thousands of followers, and Instagram accounts detail the store’s best baby clothes, home decor, vegan food—even the cute dogs spotted roaming the aisles. “There’s something for everybody,” Wiertzema says of the store’s cultlike following. “You can…

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this 29-year-old took a $150,000 gamble on beef jerky

AFTER ALLEGEDLY KILLING CHEESE, marriage, and the housing market, millennials are disrupting yet another major industry: beef jerky. Well, at least one millennial is. Eugene Kang, cofounder and CEO of Country Archer Jerky Co., started a beef jerky company whose product is almost unrecognizable compared with the heavily processed truck-stop snack. Instead, Kang’s jerky consists of 100% grass-fed beef or cage-free turkey that’s primarily organic—and it’s taking off. Since Kang cofounded the brand at age 22, the meat snacks have found their way into over 25,000 grocery stores across the U.S. and Canada, up from 3,250 in 2016. The brand’s 2017 revenue came in at $21 million, a whopping 576% increase over three years. As a college dropout starting a company, Kang faced a steep learning curve and credits his success to sensing…

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emts say, ‘the pay is not enough’

IF THE THOUGHT OF BEING RUSHED to the hospital in a speeding ambulance gives you goose bumps, here’s something that will really make your skin crawl. Chances are the person behind the wheel—and the one administering lifesaving care in the back—are both tired, overworked, and underpaid. Paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) make an average of $16.05 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s about 40% less than the average employed American earns, and one of the worst-paying medical jobs out there. Thanks to grass-roots organizing efforts like the “Fight for $15,” some service-industry jobs nearly match that pay. 4O% THE AMOUNT EMT PAY LAGS THE AVERAGE U.S. WAGE Wages vary by state and municipality, but in many parts of the country, the going rate for an EMT or paramedic job…