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Money March 2019

MONEY helps you take charge of your finances, providing trusted advice to successfully earn, plan, invest, and spend. MONEY provides in-depth coverage of stocks, mutual funds, the markets, the economy, and the best things money can buy - from travel and technology to home and luxury goods. MONEY also gives you advice on college savings and retirement planning.

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letters & comments

RE: INVESTOR’S GUIDE [JANUARY/FEBRUARY] Stock Up on Bonds In your latest investing issue, I noticed that there was not much coverage on the role of bonds in a portfolio. I have personally done my fair share of research to understand the importance of bonds and how they help diversify your holdings. In fact, I even decided for the first year to hold international bonds after reading “The MONEY 50” last year, and they went up while my U.S. bonds ended negative. Though the stock market may be newsier, I believe bonds deserve equal mention when recommending investments. LANSEN PAN, via email KEEPING TRACK OF DANGEROUS SETTINGS I read MONEY because of the solid advice you give on financial matters. But in “This Middle-Class Mom Will Be Paying Four College Tuitions Next Year” [December], I was…

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this chart will show you the cheapest month to fly to 27 different u.s. cities

IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY TO START PLANNING YOUR NEXT VACATION. The cheapest time to fly both domestically and internationally is in January, according to a new report released by Hipmunk. The travel site found that booking at the beginning of the year can save you up to 37% on fares. The best domestic vacation deals in January include Palm Springs, Orlando, and Las Vegas, where you’ll find median tickets cost $370, $235, and $259, respectively, from across the U.S. Planning your travel for September ASAP is also a good idea, especially when booking flights to Hawaii: Flights into Kailua-Kona on the Big Island cost a median $536, while flights to Honolulu are around $609. Cheap tickets to Florida are also available in September if you fly into Fort Lauderdale or…

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costco tips from a real pro

RAMSEY MONROE KNOWS a thing or two—or maybe 179—about Costco. Monroe, known as “The Costco Connoisseur” on her popular blog and Instagram page, has been to a whopping 179 Costco warehouses in 33 states, as well as outposts in Canada, Mexico, Australia, and the U.K. She’s not gunning for a world record; she says she simply enjoys seeing the differences in warehouses around the globe. (There are 767 Costco warehouses worldwide, including 532 locations in 44 states and Puerto Rico.) Here are her best Costco shopping hacks: VISIT A LOCAL COSTCO WHEN YOU TRAVEL Some Costcos abroad offer popular food or local items at just a fraction of what you’d pay at typical tourist destinations. At the Melbourne Costco, for example, you’ll find Christmas cards with Santa surfing or lying on the beach since…

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the one-man sports network

THIS PAST NOVEMBER, Omar Raja posted a video on Instagram of the Philadelphia 76ers’ Joel Embiid missing a slam dunk—and his teammate Ben Simmons’s amused reaction. The post got 2 million views, and Embiid and Simmons themselves joined in on the comments. But attention from athletes is nothing new for 24-year-old Raja, who founded the Instagram page House of Highlights at age 20 and turned it into one of the biggest sports platforms in the world. With about a dozen new posts a day typically racking up a million views each, the HOH account averages 526 million video views a month and has inspired a dedicated fan base. Raja’s youthful perspective seems to have contributed to the platform’s success. While ESPN is losing millions of subscribers a year to cord cutting, and…

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a venture capitalist with change in mind

ARLAN HAMILTON WAS HOMELESS, sleeping on the floor of San Francisco International Airport and couch-surfing for months when it finally happened. The 38-year-old launched Backstage Capital in 2015, a venture capital firm that invests in underinvested founders like women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community. Hamilton isn’t your stereotypical venture capitalist. She’s the first black queer woman to create her own venture capital firm—and she did it with no investing experience, no college degree, and little money to work with. “Whatever I do, I know I’m going to achieve it,” Hamilton recalls thinking before she launched her firm. “It’s going to take a long time, and it’s going to be really, really difficult. So whatever it is, I really have to mean it.” For years before she launched Backstage Capital,…

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you should never wear this color to a job interview

A JOB INTERVIEW OFFERS you the first opportunity to meet a prospective employer in person and tout your skills, accomplishments, professionalism, and poise. Can you really convey that message while wearing the color orange? The experts at CareerBuilder surveyed more than 2,000 hiring managers and found that orange was the worst color to wear to an interview and the one most associated with unprofessionalism. Here’s how to get noticed for the right reasons. PLAN AHEAD Don’t choose your outfit at the last minute, says Marty Lundstrom, a Houston-based lawyer and founder of Polished Professionals, a website geared toward working women. “If you’re on the job hunt, have an outfit ready that fits you like a glove so you can throw it on and feel great,” she says. “That removes the mystery of what to…