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Coches y Motos

Motorcyclist May - June 2019

Each issue of Motorcyclist combines the excitement and color of today's cruisers, sportbikes, naked bikes and touring machines with credible information on road tests, riding gear, safety issues, riding skills and new products.

United States
Bonnier Corporation
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1 min.
hog riders

Nowhere is life married to two wheels like it is in Vietnam. The country boasts more than 45 million motorcycles and scooters; one for every two citizens. In the capital of Hanoi, the city’s two-wheelers are the cogs on which its economy turns. They serve every purpose, from family car to work truck, dutifully hauling people and goods through crowded streets. Motorcycles are no less ubiquitous in the countryside, where adaptations for farm duties are not uncommon. The sight is a perfect reminder that motorcycles are more than toys to most of the world.…

1 min.

Editor–in–Chief CHRIS CANTLE Art Director ROBERT MARTIN Senior Editor ADAM WAHEED Contributing Editor ZACH BOWMAN EDITORIAL Photo Director JEFF ALLEN Group Senior Editor JUSTIN DAWES Custom and Culture Editor MORGAN GALES Road Test Editor MICHAEL GILBERT Off-Road Editor ANDREW OLDAR Managing Editors IRENE GONZALEZ, TERRY MASAOKA Social Media Manager JOHN ZAMORA Fleet Manager WILL STEENROD Video Director BERT BELTRAN Video Producer ALEC DARE Production Manager MELISSA BECKHAM Copy Editor NICOLE PASKOWSKY CONTRIBUTORS LILY BROOKS-DALTON, ABHI ESWARAPPA, SIMON EYMANN, CHARLES FLEMING, RYAN INZANA, JULIA LA PALME, MAX PRINCE, DOM ROMNEY, YELENA SOPHIA, LYN WOODWARD Vice President, Editorial Director MARK HOYER Director, Digital Operations BRIAN SCHRADER In-Market Director MATTHEW MILES BONNIER MOTORCYCLE GROUP Business Development Directors ROSS CUNNINGHAM, KATE LYNN DUDEK Business Development Managers JOHN SIMANOVICH, CONNOR FICHTNER Sales and Marketing Operations Manager JOHN W. SCAFETTA Marketing Coordinator KAITLYN THOMPSON Executive Director, Marketing TIM COLLINS Senior Marketing Manager ASHLEY ROBERTS Digital Campaign Manager SERENA BLEEKER Business Manager CONNIE LAU Executive Vice President, Bonnier…

2 min.
we work

tucked into a recent report from the Motorcycle Industry Council was a startling number: 77,000. That’s the estimated number of jobs tied directly to the powersports industry. Taken together, motorcycles, ATVs, and the like provide a nearly $40 billion boon to our economy. If at first it seems impossible that our humble hobby could rack up such extraordinary numbers, think about the small army deployed on the sales floor of your local dealer, or the factory floor at any of the hundreds of American aftermarket-accessory companies. Think of the race mechanics and truck drivers and marketing executives that converge on the track for every round of your favorite racing series. Or, alternatively, just think of your parts bill after a lowside. Either way, those numbers add up. You can see the reach…

1 min.
who’s clocking in for our work issue?

DOM ROMNEY Dom Romney was born in the English countryside and raised in the garage, where he developed a passion for wrenching on American hot rods. That blossomed into an awar d-winning photography career; his clients now include Popular Science, Top Gear, Daily Mail, and Fast Bikes. Dom turns his camera to the madcap world of Piaggio Ape racing on page 17. LYN WOODWARD Los Angeles-based Lyn Woodward got her start writing for television, then took up a career as an automotive journalist and video host. She’s contributed to The Drive, Autoweek, and Automobile Magazine, but these days you’ll find her at Kelley Blue Book. On page 46, she salutes some of history’s hardest-working motorcyclists: the Royal Navy’s allfemale dispatch riders of the Second World War. SIMON EYMANN If it flies, glides, or goes fast,…

2 min.

3 min.
me & my bike

I GOT INTO MOTORCYCLES toward the end of my Army career, which lasted 26 years. Someone handed me Neil Peart’s book; his stories were really the impetus for buying my first bike. Since then, I’ve owned six motorcycles, from an F650GS to a sidecar rig and a café R100, and put almost 250,000 miles on them total. But I fell in love with the R1200. In the end, I got two of them. One is a 2009, and it’s overseas with my wife, who’s still in the Army. The other is a 2011, which I use for work as a motorcycle official for USA Cycling. If you watch bicycle racing, you’ll notice us in the background—or the foreground. There are many different kinds of races, and multiple duties within each. You…