Mountain Bike Rider November 2020

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celebrating a surreal summer

The sun has set on summer 2020 and what a strange, challenging, roller-coaster of a season it’s been. I hope you have all managed to stay healthy and been able to enjoy the copious amount of sunshine and dusty trails we’ve had, even under such difficult circumstances. Looking back, where normally I would have been on numerous trips away, the furthest I’ve travelled since February is the Tweed Valley, along with a couple of trips into Wales. And while I have certainly missed being among proper mountains, I can’t say I’ve felt shortchanged once by the riding here in the UK, be that on my doorstep in Surrey, or further afield in trail hotspots like Peebles and Innerleithen. There have been so many highs, from the first post-lockdown shred with…

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big picture

It was dark when we got to the top of Hause Gate, so there was nothing for it but to hunker down into our bivvy bags, crack open the whisky and watch the Milky Way meander its way across the sky. Next thing we knew, our alarms were pinging away, forcing us from our slumber as dawn crept over the horizon. Eyes still bleary from the night before, the sketchy slate steps focussed the mind quicker than the strongest cup of coffee ever could! Endless, sweeping turns await you on the Willy Wonka trail in Andalo, Trentino. Beneath the beautiful limestone bluffs of the Dolomiti Paganella bike zone, there are 23 mapped trails for you to explore, including the ones we used to capture this month’s cover image and Privateer 141…

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shoulder to shoulder

When I took my first forays into the world of mountain biking on the rocky bridleways of the Peak District in the early 2000s, it was pretty common to be the sole woman in a group of male riders, and fairly rare to see other women out on the trails. Fast forward a couple of decades and things look very different. On a recent weekend ride out in the Hope Valley, I passed dozens of people, and by my reckoning, almost an equal number of male and female riders of varying ages and abilities. At a personal level I now have just as many female riding friends as I do male. Times have definitely changed. Or have they? Is my own experience that of others too? Have we really reached a point…

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the answers: what we’ve learnt

More women are now riding than ever, helped into the sport by the growth in female-only events, provision and availability of better kit and bikes, and simply seeing more women out riding. Social media has now made them more visible too, as well as highlighting awesome women not just racing but out having fun on their bikes or getting out on achievable adventures, doing things that everyone can aspire to. Hotspots like the Tweed Valley and the Forest of Dean are leading the way, with large communities of female riders. These in turn attract more women to get involved as they see how welcoming the sport can be at its best. The younger riders are the most positive here, suggesting things really have changed in terms of equality and opportunity for…

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yt to blighty

What’s the major impediment to buying a direct-sales brand? You can’t sit on it, ride it, or worse, you can’t just drop it back to the shop if something goes wrong. YT Industries may well have just brushed all these problems aside, with the opening of its first ever UK premises, offering demo rides and warranty... and surprisingly good coffee. Called the YT Mill and smack-bang in the heart of the Surrey Hills, you can now book in a demo ride on any size and any bike in the range, or drop in a bike for service and warranty problems. It’s much more than a demo centre though, explains James Lawrence from YT. “It’s like walking into the website,” he says. “Go to the Izzo page online and there’s smoke drifting up…

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hardtails are back in stock

Well, for now anyway... Vitus has released its latest crop of entry-level hardtails, boasting improved spec, 1x drivetrains even on the lowest priced bikes, and most importantly, real-world stock you can actually buy. And it’s not the only one with new entry-level bikes available, Boardman has rejigged its hardtails to run on 29in wheels and updated its full-suspension range with better geometry. Anyone trying to get hold of an entry-level bike over the past six months will have found it increasingly difficult. We reported back in August how some websites and bricks and mortar shops had completely run out of bikes – big players like Leisure Lake Bikes and Chain Reaction Cycles, to small independent shops like Ace Bicycles and MB Cyclery in Surrey. It wasn’t just hardtails either, although the run…