Mountain Bike Rider May 2021

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the new normal

You don’t need me to tell you that mountain biking, and indeed cycling in general, has enjoyed a boom during the past year of intermittent lockdowns, restricted travel and intense pressure on mental and physical wellbeing. The signs are obvious every time we go riding – new riders on box-fresh bikes and that glint in their eye that only comes from discovering something fresh and exciting, alongside returnees blowing the cobwebs off a level of confidence and technique that has plainly been developed over many years in the saddle. When I started riding, back in 1989, it was a big thing to see another mountain biker on a ride. Now it’s a big thing if I don’t see another rider. It also means I’ve probably started riding at 7am! While I…

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big picture

Using an infrared camera in the intriguingly-named Rude Forrest, just outside of Copenhagen, brings an ethereal dimension to the training ride of Danish XC star Simon Andreassen. The shoot aimed to provide a visual metaphor for the elevated physical and mental state achieved by an elite athlete in the heat of competition. When not training eight days a week, getting stuck into university coursework or taking top-five spots at World Champs, cover star Isla Short pops the flats on her trail bike and gets stuck into some of Aberfoyle’s gravity-fed delights, of which there is no shortage. A rare sunny day with dry trails underfoot allowed for a good wrestle with the longest trail in the village, affectionately known as Randy the Goat.…

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levo evo

The Specialized Turbo Levo is the most influential e-bike ever made. It wasn’t the first by a long stretch but it blew the world away with its blend of unmatched power delivery, sheer grunt, big internal battery and sleek integrated design. Now there’s a new third-generation bike – it might look like the outgoing model but peer a little closer and we’re looking at a radically different machine. What’s changed then? The most obvious shift is that the Levo now has a 27.5in wheel, rather than a 29in, at the back of the all-new carbon frame. This is no mere option either – the Levo is a full-on mullet bike because there simply isn’t space back there for a 29in wheel and Specialized has shortened the chainstays by 14mm over the…

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the dreadnought

This is the Forbidden Dreadnought, a 154mm-travel 29er with grown-up geometry and a stunning carbon frame design so beautiful you’ll want to hang on your wall or pickle it. There’s a lot more going on than just good looks though; the Dreadnought does things completely differently to most enduro bikes you’ll have seen out there, with a high-pivot suspension package, rearward axle path and complex drivetrain with idler pulley. So what’s the big idea, who wants a chain a mile long and an idler that looks like an oversized jockey wheel stuck on their swingarm? Downhillers, for one. Commençal, Norco and GT have all developed high-pivot suspension designs for their racers because in theory it makes for a faster bike, and rumour has it Trek’s new Session has one too. Lofting…

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mind over mondraker

Wouldn’t it be great if your bike’s suspension was always performing at its best? With exactly the right amount of air pressure and the rebound fettled just so, you could feel more confident riding somewhere new, or just ride faster and safer on your home dirt. Mondraker thinks so too and has just brought out something called MIND, a wireless suspension analysis tool that comes as standard on its top-end bikes, that’ll give you info to optimally set up your suspension. A bit like having a pocket-sized engineer along for every ride. You’ve probably seen suspension-logging systems before, they’re complex and fragile looking set-ups strung between the sprung and unsprung sections of your bike, collecting data on how much your fork compresses, how quickly it does it and how often. MIND…

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ariel online

Saracen has launched a whole new range of Ariel bikes – including a 150mm-travel e-bike – and a new way of getting them to us too, ditching bricks and mortar stores in favour of a direct-sales approach. The Ariel name isn’t new for Saracen, but the bike’s had a complete redesign and now comes in three different travel options, and a tantalising new 50E e-bike version, available only through The Ariel began life as a 150mm-travel trail bike, but it moved with the times and morphed into a 165mm-travel enduro rig. The new bikes keep the same frame layout and link-activated single-pivot suspension set-up, but now you get a choice of travel – 130, 160 or 180mm. All three models are built around Saracen’s new 6013 hydroformed aluminium frame, too. And…