Mountain Bike Rider July 2021

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a social network

As we’ve come out of lockdown and restrictions have been relaxed, it’s been wonderful to start riding in larger groups, rediscovering that social connection that mountain biking thrives on, and sharing in the laughs and smiles it brings. I enjoy riding solo – smashing out a lap without stopping to faff with suspension or debate what trail to do next – but I’ve really missed the over-your-head, sketchy fun that comes with riding in a group. It’s one of the many great things about mountain biking; that it has a different intensity and brings different rewards depending on whether you share a ride with friends or strike out on your own. Being able to expand our horizons a little further has also been an exciting step. I’ve been on a couple…

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big picture

What did you do last winter? Churn through box-sets on Netflix? Turn into a human hamster on a wheel? If your name is Chris Kyle, BMX star and recent mtb convert, you will have rented a house in North Wales, hired some of the country’s best trail-builders, let the creative juices flow and crafted one of the wildest and wackiest trails ever seen before attempting to ride it with broken ribs sustained on the very first move – essentially falling off the roof onto a vert ramp. If you haven’t watched the video already, then do so now although this image should give you a taster of what to expect. The bluebells came late this year, emerging from the soil as the nation emerged from winter lockdown. Their presence in British…

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breaking ground

Under the radar in South Yorkshire, one of Britain’s biggest mountain bike clubs has grown from scratch out of a group of Facebook mates, and now boasts a brand-new trail, council backing and now Steve Peat as a patron. Not bad for a club less than a decade old. It’s called Rother Valley Riders and is home to hundreds of bikers local to the same-name Country Park where a brand-new trail now complements the existing 7km of sanctioned singletrack. With Rotherham council and a local MP onboard, plus a few grand from memberships and donations, the club enlisted top trailbuilders Biketrack (based a stone’s throw away) to lay down 27 berms and create a super-fast flow trail. With professionally built corners, rollers, drainage and small jumps, the new 650-metre long Digger’s…

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peat performance

Rother Valley is significant as an original local mountain bike destination, and the place Steve Peat did his first ever mountain bike race back in 1991. Peaty joined the Rother Valley Riders to open the new trail, which uses the exact same hillside he raced on all those years ago – in those days the fire-road climb was the descent, though, and on fully rigid XC bikes it must have been brutal. “I think it was back in about 1990 I joined a local club, Beighton All Terrain Squad (BATS) and entered my first ever XC race here as a Junior in the Novice category,” Peaty says. “I ended up winning and that was that, I’d got the bug that kicked off all those years of racing and my career. It’s…

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bottle rocket

The bottle cage. It might be the least impressive bit of technology on a new bike, but for some riders it really is make or break. You’ll be pleased to hear then that YT’s new version of its Capra enduro bike now has space for a full size water bottle. Hallelujah. For many of us it was the Capra that really made YT the brand it is today, when the first generation launched there were few bikes that could rival its blend of big travel, 29in wheels and astonishing price. Roll forward seven years and the MKIII Capra now uses an asymmetric bracing wing to make space for that water bottle, features two levels of carbon construction – Ultra Mod (lighter) and Hi Mod (cheaper) – and still comes in two…

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stamina workout

Pole bikes is launching something new in 2021, and it is not another super-low, long, and slack enduro bike built from machined and then bonded aerospace-grade aluminium. Well, not entirely. It’s also not a carbon bike either, the Finnish brand ditched that idea in 2017, controversially claiming that the dark material was an absolute mare for the environment and decent alloy was actually cleaner. No, new for this year, Pole wants your trust. It wants to “revive, rebuild, and regain” the trust its customers put in the brand when they bought bikes like the Machine – an enduro bike launched in 2018 built from machined and bonded alloy. That trust in Pole, by the brand’s own admission, was damaged by failing to listen to its customers’ problems and needs when things…