Mountain Bike Rider November 2021

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forgotten gems

This month I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy back-to-back rides in proper mountains, both here in the UK and abroad. That’s right, for the first time in 18 months, I’ve been out of the country, to Italy and the beautiful Aosta valley. It was a strange and slightly nerve-wracking experience flying abroad again, hoping that all the necessary paperwork was in order and that my Covid-19 test in Italy didn’t come back positive. In the end the travel was unexpectedly smooth and well-organised, and getting back to the Alps was wonderful. More on the bike I was riding in the next issue, but preceding that trip was a schlep up the M6 (pre-fuel crisis) for a couple of days in the Lake District riding the new SRAM Flight Attendant kit.…

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big picture

Northumberland National Park, and in particular the valleys that spur off from the Cheviot Massif, are a unique proposition for mountain bikers. With a mixture of large forests and rolling hills, riders can blend high-intensity blaze-ups with mellow, big-view bridleway sections. The area, however, has some of England’s most protected habitats and wildlife, meaning that some trail access is restricted to certain times of the year. Scotty Laughland enjoys a classic Northumbrian late-summer evening before heading for a cool pint at the Rose and Thistle, Alwinton. Tommy Wilkinson Although overshadowed by Tom Pidcock’s gold medal, anyone watching the XCO at the Olympics closely will have noted Evie Richards’s strong performance in which she held third place during the early stages of the race. It was a telling precursor of what was to…

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fort william… for new bies

Mention Nevis Range to anyone and they’ll likely think of the UCI Downhill World Cup, currently the second longest-running World Cup venue in the world. Mont Saint Anne’s top by the way. Every year since 2002 (bar the last two), thousands have travelled to Nevis Range, just north of Fort William, to watch riders do battle on Aonach Mòr’s lower slopes. We’ve always thought the iconic venue was missing a trick, though. Ride the brilliant gondola uplift to the top and there are only two ways back down (well, three if you count a dull fire road) – the DH track or Top Chief, now graded black. Less-experienced riders were effectively barred from most of the altitude on offer. Nevis Range obviously agreed, because last month it opened Blue Doon, a new…

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we are want one

The Arrival by We Are One is about as exclusive a bike as you’ll ever see. Designed and handbuilt by a boutique rim and component brand from Kamloops, British Columbia, it’s a 150mm-travel 29in enduro bike with a carbon frame and absolutely standout looks. Buy one and you can pretty much rest assured you’ll never see another out on the trails. And here lies the problem: We Are One is fabricating 400 Arrivals this year but most will never leave North America. Luckily for us, Creation Cycles – the one lone UK bike shop acting as distributor–is selling the bike as a frame-only or rolling chassis from November, meaning a lucky few Brits can be those standout riders. Ride one or not though, we think the Arrival represents how high-end bikes…

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hot stuff

YETI 160E T1 £11,899 “Why did it take us so long to make the 160E?” Exactly the question we were going to put to Yeti about its first-ever e-bike, until it got there first. Yeti is famous for its Switch Infinity suspension design, Richie Rude, and its turquoise-blue bikes, but most recently its e-bike holdout status has been causing it the most notoriety. Now it’s joined the party with the 160E, a 160mm-travel e-bike with a radical suspension design and a host of new features. Why so late then, did Yeti think e-bikes were a passing fad? The brand says it wanted to address the particular demands of a powered e-bike, and to do so required a completely new suspension design called Sixfinity. So while the E160 doesn’t have Yeti’s best suspension…

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stellar single track

BALLATER, SCOTLAND 2 1.6km (13.4 miles) The Cairngorms are the place to go for out-there epics. But it’s not all wild, wooly and worthy riding. Ballater on the east of the National Park is the starting point for some truly amazing singletrack, of which Heartbreak Ridge is the centrepiece. A tight heather-lined sliver of singletrack punctuated with granite slabs, the gradient is steep enough for you to effortlessly carry plenty of speed without it being a white-knuckle plummet. Needless to say, this being Scotland, the views are incredible but it pays to be vigilant and keep your eyes on the trail – there are plenty of gotcha rocks waiting to grab a misplaced pedal. GPS download DOCTOR’S GATE/CUT GATE, PEAK DISTRICT 57.9km (36 miles) Possibly the nation’s favourite singletrack trail. Cut Gate can get busy…