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New York Magazine April 15-28, 2019

In the Apr. 15–28 issue: Olivia Nuzzi on “wonder boy” Pete Buttigieg. Plus: Art & Design, by Wendy Goodman; the half-billion dollar “Leonardo”; Natasha Lyonne, Annette Bening, and more.

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1 For New York’s latest issue, we put “74 Marriages” under the microscope, diving into the intimate lives of couples (April 1–14). Michael Zelenko wrote, “My partner and I have been negotiating which one of us takes the Marriage issue to work. I can’t remember the last time I did any of this stuff—fight over a print magazine! Push people to go buy an issue!—but it speaks to the quality of the work you all did and the compassionate and thoughtful way in which you presented it.” Lauren Ober commented on the makeup of those featured: “I was very much looking forward to getting the Marriage issue in the mail. What I found was a largely heteronormative, binary representation of romantic love and commitment. Worst of all, not one lesbian…

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reasons to love adam

On March 1, 2004, shortly after New York Magazine was sold to its current owners, Adam Moss became its editor-in-chief. This March 31, he stepped down, having held the job longer than anyone else. When he arrived, New York published 46 issues a year and had a website where a staff of five or six put up restaurant listings and our print journalism, plus a dollop of fashion-show coverage. He began with what he called a restoration project—reinvigorating New York with the ambition of its early years—but he was just warming up. Over 15 years, in a terrible business climate for media, he oversaw a wholesale reinvention, widening the magazine’s scope, focusing its lenses, and extracting from its heritage the playbook for it to become a 21st-century media entity. Today…

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the body politic : rebecca traister

SO FAR, THERE are six women running for president of the United States in 2020, and many of the most prominent politicians of the moment are the women of the new congressional class. We are, for the first time in American history, talking about a slew of political leaders who are mothers of young children, mothers of grown children, stepmothers, grandmothers, and not mothers at all. But one of the oddest side effects of this entrance of so many women with their different approaches to parenthood is that I can’t stop thinking about the fathers and non-fathers out there. Our political history is built around fathers—starting with the forefathers. In the White House alone, we’ve had fathers of one, fathers of 15 (hey, John Tyler), and fathers of none (six presidents…

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tribes: saturday at the dumbo corner

THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING peeks through the Manhattan Bridge’s arches at the corner of Washington and Water Streets in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Framed by two historic redbrick buildings and largely unchanged since 1909, the view is a portal to the past. And, more recently, it’s a significant addition to the tourist circuit. The swarms of visitors, influencers, and wedding parties have effectively forced cars off the road—until the occasional Range Rover honks to clear a path. HOW THEY HASHTAGGED #brooklyn #dumbo #skyline #bridge #weekendvibes #newyork #bigapple #instatravel #photooftheday #traveller #america #touristvibes #nyc #bridgesofinstagram #citythatneversleeps #wanderlust #ootd “I didn’t know about the Instagram thing. When we drove from that corner to this one, it took ten minutes because you can run somebody over.” —MIKE MURPHY, 54, father of EMMA MURPHY, 15, Syracuse “The Brooklyn Bridge is…

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ask a pro photographer

Avoid the Rush “The 20 minutes before the sun comes up, you’re gonna beat the tourists, you’re gonna beat the crowds, you’re gonna beat the commuters. You’re also gonna get the most beautiful light.” Get the Right Tools “The best camera is whatever’s in your pocket. No special training needed. Plus you can share the photo right after you click.” Dodge the Cars “You don’t want anyone getting hit in traffic. Just keep your head up, you know? If there’s a car coming by, step out of the intersection.” Don’t Ruin the Cobblestones “Treat it like a national park. I know it’s New York City, but bring your reusable cups for your coffee.” Keep It Moving “Be respectful to the people around you. Even if there’s a hundred people there,…

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on one sunny afternoon

194 pictures of people posing at the corner were posted on Instagram. One was liked 6,960 times. Up to 30 people crowded on the road at once. One group spent 20 minutes in the middle of the street getting the #perfectshot. There were visitors from seven countries. Two quinceañera celebrations took professional photos, as did two wedding parties. Visitors could buy food from two hot-dog vendors, two ice-cream trucks, one juice truck, and one popcorn cart. An estimated $1,000 worth of FunTime Frostee cones were sold. And multiple tourists thought they were looking at the Brooklyn Bridge, not the Manhattan.…