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North American Whitetail

North American Whitetail

December/January 2020-21

Each issue of North American Whitetail brings you effective techniques for outsmarting monster bucks. You'll learn the success secrets of North America's most accomplished, most knowledgeable whitetail hunters - riflemen and bowhunters alike.

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the mother of misinvention

The 1980s might have been only half an average human lifespan ago, but in many ways they’re now ancient history. Look at the evolution of deer gear since then, and it’s immediately clear just how far we’ve come. While preparing for a faraway whitetail hunt back then, I realized I needed a way to hunt from a tree. My understanding was that in this area I couldn’t break the bark of any tree, so that ruled out big spikes or even screw-in steps. A few climbing-type portable stands were on the market, but I didn’t have one. I just might have to build something to take with me. IF OLD ZACCHAEUS COULD SHINNY UP A SYCAMORE HIGH ENOUGH TO WATCH JESUS PASS, SURELY I COULD GET HIGH ENOUGH TO SEE A BIG…

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don’t miss out!

Tune in every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET on Sportsman Channel to catch new episodes of NAW TV presented by WildTree Nursery. Over the next several weeks, we’ll air the following programs: WEEK OF DEC. 7-13 “Bar J Showdown”: Dr. James Kroll and Rob Hughes hunt Texas’ Bar J Ranch with their Browning rifles. Meanwhile, the importance of patience in land management is the subject of our “Build Your Own Deer Factory.” We close out with a profile of a great Maine non-typical. WEEK OF DEC. 14-20 “Bucks of the Texas Gulf”: Dr. James Kroll and Rob Hughes rifle hunt the lower coast of Texas at La Lupita Ranch. In “Build Your Own Deer Factory,” we tell how to learn from management mistakes. We also give tips for hunting from the ground in this week’s…

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time for a trim?

In a world moving more and more toward food plots and supplemental feeding, it’s easy to forget that the mainstay of whitetail forage is still woody browse, weeds and select grasses. Of these, browse is the most reliable; weeds and forage grasses are ephemeral by nature and thus aren’t always around when deer need them. The greatest factor affecting browse and weed growth is sunlight. Without it, no deer plant will grow. So in wooded locations, habitat management necessarily involves taking steps to increase sunlight reaching the forest floor. That makes timber management a huge part of overall habitat management. As is the case with livestock grazing, how you use timber management will determine the population size and health of your deer herd. There are many ways to do it, but here…

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quiet cutting

If you’re looking for a chainsaw that can cut timber in the deer woods but also is well suited to chores closer to home, take a look at the battery-powered Stihl MSA 220 C-B. Its light weight and quiet dependability are major pluses. And, when powered by the AP 300 S 36-volt battery, listed run time is up to 48 minutes: plenty long enough for completing many tasks. You can get the MSA 220 C-B with a 14- or 16-inch guide bar standard; either will accommodate a 3/8” Stihl PICCO chain. Chain speed is 78.8 fps. The oil filler cap and chain tensioner are conveniently toolless, and the rubberized grip makes for great control and comfort as you’re working. (stihl.com)…

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back to the woods

Earlier this year, many wildlife officials feared sweeping lockdown measures put into place to reduce COVID 19 would threaten their workplaces — and not just over the short term Licenses and permits for hunting whitetails are the principal revenue sources for nearly all wildlife agencies east of the Rocky Mountains. Thus, any reduction in deer hunter interest, opportunities or access was of great concern. Fortunately, despite ongoing lock-downs around North America nearly all whitetail opportunities have been salvaged And it appears hunters have responded enthusiastically. While not all the numbers have been crunched, license sales have shown hunters were eager to get back outdoors. And even with higher unemploy ment and ongoing concerns over land access, a huge number of hunters were willing to spend for the privilege. New York is a great…

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now hearthis

I’ll never forget that morning back in November 1984. Because my ears won’t let me. Some friends and I had gathered in Billings, Montana, to head out on a whitetail hunt. Winding through the countryside on the way to our hunting area, we found ourselves on a lonely gravel road through public land. A couple of guys were antsy to check their rifles after the flight, so we pulled over in an unposted area with a safe shooting backstop. Next thing I knew, one of the guys had loaded his 7mm Rem. Mag. and touched off a round — while standing just outside the open door of the vehicle in which the rest of us sat. No one had any hearing protection when that rifle went off, and afterwards, we all heard loud…