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May 2020

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the future’s still bright

Editor Poring over Series X’s insane tech specs has made Team OXM all kinds of giddy with mad excitement. Chris is now dreaming of a new GTA game, once again set in ’80s Vice City so he get his ray traced groove on in 4K at 60fps. Horrible times out there in the world, but at least us gamers can social-distance and still enjoy our Xboxes. Communicating via our headsets, and still being able to enjoy games together, has never been so valuable. Here at OXM we’re doing our level best to keep things as normal as possible, and we’re hell-bent on bringing you more great stuff to read about your beloved Xbox over the coming weeks and months. If you don’t want to brave the shops, or can’t get out, you…

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the oxm team

Adam Bryant Staff writer Adam is hoping to harness Series X’s sheer power to rip open a hole in space-time so he can finally visit the far future and live out his Mass Effect fantasies. Warren Brown Group art director After staring at the Series X for hours when putting our cover feature together, Woz started worshipping it like those monkeys from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Drew Sleep Production editor Drew learned what a ‘teraflop’ is this month and kept slipping it into conversations… which explains why everyone is now social-distancing away from him. Dave Meikleham Games editor The thought of Series X potentially handling 8K has brought our games editor to tears… mainly because it means his beloved 4K TV is soon to be obsolete.…

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You can’t move for Xbox Series X this month! Microsoft’s Redmond boffins finally gave us some proper hard-and-fast facts about just what their next-gen wonder console is capable of. We put together our super-meaty Series X cover feature (see p42), and then we got a load more info that we couldn’t squeeze in. So this month’s Insider kicks off with more stop-press tidbits on Xbox Series X graphics, load-times and more (p8). Just when you thought we’d seen all the battle royales, there’s a new champion out there, taking the world of online multiplayer by storm. We report on just what’s got everyone so excited about Call Of Duty Warzone on page 10. While we all wait super-impatiently for Cyberpunk 2077, we received some good news from developers CD Projekt…

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delving deeper inside series x

INSIDE XBOX Just as you wait for an update on Xbox Series X, along comes all the info at once. Such are the demands of planning for print deadlines, we’d already written a bumper feature on everything you need to know about Microsoft’s astonishing new console – head over to page 42 – mere days before the firm unveiled even more tantalising next-gen details. So we’re serving them up here to ensure you have every last morsel of Series X info. The biggest news? Microsoft is making no bones about Series X’s cutting-edge dedication to delivering incredible performance. Writing on the official Xbox Wire, editor in chief Will Tuttle confirms Microsoft’s teams knew they had to build a console that could “run games in 4K at 60fps with no compromises for developers”.…

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make love not warzone

ROYALE WITH CHEESE Trust the biggest shooter series on the planet to knock its first standalone attempt at a battle royale out of the park. While Black Ops 4 technically took aim at last-player-standing matches with the okay(ish) Blackout, COD’s latest foray into a genre dominated by Fortnite and Apex Legends is both its own entity and a far fresher spin on the ‘survive at all costs’ game type. “Warzone! What is it good for? Absolutely nothi…” actually, quite a lot, as it turns out. If you’ve yet to dive into Call Of Duty: Warzone, let OXM bring you up to speed on the shooty headlines. A free-to-play companion piece to Modern Warfare, this ambitious battle royale pits 150 players against one another across a single war-torn map. Yup, one-hundred-and-flippin’-fifty. Free for all The…

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Series X appeal Microsoft recently released a raft of new info on Xbox Series X, and we couldn’t be more excited. Find out why this is the must-have console starting on p42. Size surprise After all that work on No Man’s Sky, it’s great to see Hello Games back with The Last Campfire. Its new narrative-driven title is out this June. Perks of the job Xbox has announced extra ‘Perks’ for Game Pass Ultimate members. These include new games, DLCs and more. Not so E3 peasy Just like this year’s GDC, E3 has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The future for the LA expo looks bleak. Hit and Nemesis Last issue we suggested Resi 3’s saferooms aren’t safe. They are. Turns out we were not in a safe room when Nemesis broke in. Also, the Grave Digger…