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On Target Africa

On Target Africa

September/October 2020

ON TARGET AFRICA prides itself on the in-depth firearm reviews that aim to make the reader fully informed by the time the new firearm owner walks into their gun store to make further enquiries, or better still their purchase. We endeavour to bring new products to the consumer to keep them fully informed as to what is new to market thereby retaining an impartiality. ON TARGET AFRICA is the perfect publication to cover the over 14 sports-shooting disciplines in South Africa, a diverse and growing market, from gear and equipment to coverage of the major long-range, Extreme Long Range events, and related markets such as outdoors, 4X4ing and game farms, hunting and wildlife management and conservation. ON TARGET AFRICA provides expert and professional reviews of the latest firearms and accessories. Also catering for the equally-important collectors’ market, which plays a vital role in preserving our country’s firearm heritage. Another focus for ON TARGET AFRICA is the tactical market, which is of growing importance due to the large number of security companies operating in South Africa at present. This means that a key focus of ON TARGET AFRICA is the family experience. Sports-shooting is, indeed, a family sport, and we cater for every single member, from professional to amateur, and even children, who need to acquire firearm safety and basic knowledge as soon as possible. Sports-shooters, of course, are great outdoors enthusiasts, which is why we will be focusing on the 4x4 community as well, getting stuck into the dust-and-dirt of the many hiking trails available across the country, and showcasing our extremely diverse fauna and flora. ON TARGET AFRICA is a high-quality specialist magazine, with copies distributed nationally ten months of a year through CNA, Exclusive Books, specialist book stores, shooting sports ranges, and gun stores. ON TARGET AFRICA keeps its consumers up-to-date and well-informed. It encourages smart buying decisions by delivering comprehensive and expert product and gun reviews, in addition to topical articles on the latest trends and developments in legislation, regulations and licencing. Stay Safe. On Target Africa advocates correct eye and ear protection be worn at all times on all shooting ranges and at all shooting events. This is for visitors as well.

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from the editor’s desk

Thank you for bearing with us since March as my team and our contributors have pulled together to ensure that On Target Africa continues to publish. Now that Covid-19 compliant shooting events are allowed again, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief! Indeed, we are proud to report on the first Covid-19 compliant PRS provincial shoot that took place on Saturday 29 August at the Ballistic Beast Precision SA Shooting Range in Parys. The second PRS event held on the same weekend at the LRP Atlantis range in the Western Cape match was postponed by one day due to bad weather. However, we are happy to report the event went without a hitch. It is always exciting to see rifle owners joining PRS. It is gratifying that there are already some lady…

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patriot outdoors indoor airgun shooting range and retail shop

The evening was filled with excitement, good conversation and rounds and rounds of plinking with the new Javelin Slugs. Leading the evening from the Patriot Outdoors team was General Manager Wentzel Jonker, followed by Andries Laubscher and the team of innovators and partners Gerhard Slabbert, Operations Manager, Matt Dubber and Roelf Vorster, with all three well renowned YouTubers. Airgunning community members who joined the Patriot Outdoors team in the celebrations included the likes of Nick Schoonwinkel (President of the WRABF), Hein Fromann (Current WRABF 2-gun Airgun Benchrest World Champion), and Billy Chamberlain (South African Precision Sports Shooting Federation). A few more familiar faces at the launch from the airgunning community were Johan Matthee from Vortex Optics Riflescopes, and YouTube Influencers Marno Denner (AirGunnerSA), Dewald du Toit (Gunning for Fun), Gert Vrey (Gunning…

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perfection in your hands unique alpine®

Enter Guns & Bows with the Unique Alpine® series of hunting and precision rifle platforms. The brand may be new to the South African market, but is a firm favourite with European rifle aficionados and governmental agencies. Grab your rear bag and spotting scope, and join us as we get up close and personal with two prime examples of the Unique Alpine® series. Let me start off this review with an admission: “I am a fan of German-designed weapons platforms”. They resonate with me. Their clean lines, ergonomic design and general fit and finish sets them apart from other European or North American weapon platforms. Our test duo, a JPR-1 Highlander and UPG-1, not only met my expectations, but exceeded them in all regards. The JPR-1 Highlander is ideal for long-range and…

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warrior beast brake

Simply defined as the rearward thrust generated by discharging a rifle, recoil is the result of Newton’s Third Law, which teaches that for every motion-generating action there must be an equal and opposite reaction. Also known as a rifle’s kick, recoil is one of the main reasons people are afraid of firing a weapon, and a major reason why many shooters develop a flinch. In this context, both the force of the recoil pulse and its duration are important. Reducing either helps, but find a way to reduce both, and you are golden. Ultra-competitive Back to shooting. In the ultracompetitive game of ELR shooting, the difference between taking home the silverware and better luck next time may only be due to one being able to spot an impact the other guy (and his…

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delta javelin 4.5-30×56 ffp

It is a combination of such features as: high quality ED optics, large adjustment turrets thanks to 34mm tube, 0.1MRAD click, both turrets lockable, illuminated aiming point, unique SMR-1 and SMR-2 FFP reticles, zero-stop, throw lever, metal flip-open covers, sunshader. The SMR (Scandinavian Match Reticles) reticles are made for shooters by shooters. All SMR reticles are designed to be clean and simple without any unnecessary distractions but remain functional, versatile and efficient. The SMR-1 is a holdover reticle made to fit the needs of longrange-, fieldand PRS-style shooters, however, due to the illuminated center the reticle is also ideal for low-light hunting. The reticle features options such as an open top, a floating center dot, 0.2 mil hash marks and an integrated free floating ruler with 0.1 mil hash marks for…

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train as if your life depended on it

He would keep the engine cut until it was clear whether I had made the right decision in terms of procedures and emergency landing options, or was about to write us off. I apply this method of training to this day, albeit in self-defence scenarios. Recently I was sitting in my vehicle at the fuel pumps, with a new student in the passenger seat, when I suddenly asked him what course of action he would take should the armed guard in the doorway of the convenience store suddenly start shooting. Wrong decisions His quizzical look made me realise he had never played out such scenarios in his head. This also means he would probably make the wrong decision, or no decision at all, should such an event actually occur. Like a rabbit raised…