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Secrets of Getting Organized

Secrets of Getting Organized 2015

Secrets of Getting Organized digs into the step-by-step process behind getting organized. It features advice from published organization experts that includes tips and techniques to help you cut clutter, create manageable filing systems, and improve your home’s efficiency room by room. Real-life examples with problem-solving solutions along with innovative storage organizational products will help get you organized—and keep you organized.

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from the editor

STOP PILEUPS fast with our One-Hour Clutter Cures. These tips from our team of professional organizers are featured in every chapter and will help you stay tidy, one room at a time. Do you have one of those long to-do lists? Maybe it’s on your smartphone, or, if you’re old-school like me, it’s written on an extra-large sticky note. I love checking things off. I even add completed tasks I forgot to include just so I can cross them off. But with work, family, and crazy schedules, the to-dos keep coming. After working on Secrets of Getting Organized, I have learned that staying on top of my list along with all the papers that come into our lives is a big challenge for all of us. And losing papers—like bills, permission slips,…

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better your life!

Junk Drawer Solutions Has your junk drawer gotten out of control? Sorting and containing items is easier than you think. Watch BHG.com/JunkDrawer for this video's five simple steps to get your junk drawer organized—and keep it that way for the long haul. Room-by-Room Makeover Tips Don’t let the process of getting organized overwhelm you—just work to cut clutter one room at a time. Not sure where to start? You'll find lots of tips for enhancing storage and making the most of available space throughout your home at BHG.com/RoomTips. Beautiful Home $25,000 Sweepstakes Want to give your home a whole new look? Enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win $25,000 to boost your home's style and storage. Visit BHG.com/WinToday for more information. A Tidy Entryway Are you always on the go? Streamline comings and goings by transforming…

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what’s your organizing personality?

Clutter is personal. Those pesky piles that linger around your home are piles that you (or someone in your family) created. The way you feel when you stumble over shoes dumped by the back door or attempt to work at your messy desk is just as personal. Argh! Although your disorganization is personal, it is not unique. In fact, your clutter-creating habits likely fall into one of four distinct organizing personalities: Tidy, Social, Visual, or Multitasking. “When we first visit new clients’ homes, we’re paying attention to their personalities and preferences as much as their clutter,” says Deborah J. Cabral, professional organizer and founder of The DeClutter Coach. She and her team have a wealth of clutter-busting strategies they can share, but some great techniques simply don’t work for some people. Success…

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tidy trish

HELLO MY NAME IS CHARACTERISTICS Need to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Supermom—or at least other parents think so. Often have an immaculate home, along with a few dirty, little secrets. Thrive on structure, order, details, and efficiency. Manage multiple projects and deadlines well. ROADBLOCK: Perfectionism. Aim for a home that’s good, comfortable, and efficient. Getting everything in its place is achievable, but allow yourself a little dust. IDEAL ORGANIZING PLAN Listen to others’ ideas and draft your own best plan. Include bullets or check boxes so you can mark off completed items. FAST FIRST PROJECTS Go through files; make them effective and efficient by carefully sorting papers and labeling folders. Sort all pantry goods, placing oldest items in front. Establish a weekly plan for shopping and meal prep. Rotate seasonal clothing in one person’s closet, assessing whether…

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social sally

HELLO MY NAME IS CHARACTERISTICS Passionate about heirlooms, collections, and mementos. Happiest when surrounded by personal items. Sentimental and personable. Feel emotionally connected to items. Even if you’ve never used it, you truly believe you’ll need the item someday. ROADBLOCK: Indecision. Gently force yourself to make choices by classifying items as friends, acquaintances, and strangers. Give prime storage to friends and let go of strangers. IDEAL ORGANIZING PLAN Work with someone you trust to guide you through decisions until you gain confidence. Skip logical debates. FAST FIRST PROJECTS Organize photos or other memorabilia in an album or scrapbook. Rather than chronologically, display by theme, such as vacations, holidays, events, or pets. Take digital pictures of yourself with your mementos. Then give away or donate the items. Pass three items onto family members or friends. HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED Remind yourself frequently that memories are…

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visual vivian

HELLO MY NAME IS CHARACTERISTICS Imaginative and creative. Keep everything in sight because “out of sight is out of mind.” Work on many projects simultaneously but might struggle to complete them. Like surroundings that are beautiful, stimulating, and comfortable. Struggle to maintain complex systems and plans. ROADBLOCK: Change. It’s OK to be uncomfortable initially. Rather than working on acceptance, just keep moving, guided by your clear vision of the future. IDEAL ORGANIZING PLAN Skip written plans. Find finished images that speak to you, and replicate them in your own life. FAST FIRST PROJECTS Clear kitchen countertops or another flat surface in a public space. Hang a “No Clutter Zone” sign as a reminder. Reorganize one frequently used shelf, bath vanity, or nightstand. Pick something you can start and complete in one session. Identify the first thing you see when you wake up…