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Secrets of Getting Organized

Secrets of Getting Organized 2016

Secrets of Getting Organized digs into the step-by-step process behind getting organized. It features advice from published organization experts that includes tips and techniques to help you cut clutter, create manageable filing systems, and improve your home’s efficiency room by room. Real-life examples with problem-solving solutions along with innovative storage organizational products will help get you organized—and keep you organized.

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tips + tricks from the editor

Simplifying your life sounds great. Having more time and less clutter—that sounds even better. But how do you achieve the elusive goal of getting organized and staying that way? That’s why we’re here. We supply the motivational plan so you (and your family!) can tackle your toughest spaces. Tips and products recommended by our organizational pros will help you reach your goals. Then you’ll have more time to do what you love and spend less time stressing over life’s messes. Editor FIND MORE FUN TIME Carve out more time for fun using our solutions for keeping your family on schedule (page 32). Then create a craft-and-kid space that has the storage to help everyone stay tidy (page 104). PURCHASE THE RIGHT PRODUCTS Shop smart by selecting the right organizational tool for every job. See our…

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better your life!

BOOST STORAGE SPACE Is your house bursting at the seams? Visit BHG.com/HiddenSpots to learn how to put unused space to work. Make your house feel twice as big by utilizing slim walls, taking advantage of space under the stairs, and adding storage behind closet doors. CLEANING MADE EASY Before you start your spring cleaning, visit BHG.com/CleanSchedule to find instructions for creating a custom home cleaning schedule. With a room-byroom plan, you can enjoy a clean house without the stress. MANAGE PESKY PAPERS Wondering how to keep track of all your important papers, bills, and receipts? Instead of moving papers from pile to pile on your desk or countertop, set up a smart organizing system. Find easy strategies for tracking your family’s documents at BHG.com/Papers. SMART ORGANIZING TRICKS Watch our video at BHG.com/CoolHacks to…

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get help with household chores

Are your kids’ toys scattered all over the family room floor? Is your teenager’s room so messy he can never find what he needs? Maybe your spouse leaves dirty dishes in the sink or drops dirty clothes on the closet floor? Getting organized can seem like an impossible dream— a reality only possible for some other perfect family. But with a smart game plan and a few fun strategies for tackling chores (yes, we said “fun”), your household can run more smoothly and be happier, too. Here’s how to motivate your family to help you get organized. HOLD A FAMILY MEETING Alone, you can only do so much to organize your house. Your first order of business is to show your family how much better life will be when the household is…

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label smarts

adhesive Sticky labels grab onto nonporous surfaces, which means most aren’t repositionable. 1. FREEZER LABELS stay sticky even in high humidity and low temperatures. GOOD FOR: Items headed into cold storage. 2. TEMPORARY LABELS have a light adhesive similar to sticky notes. They are easy to move or remove. GOOD FOR: Marking piles while sorting; containers whose contents change regularly. 3. NAME TAGS are generous in size and often have colorful borders. GOOD FOR: Kids’ rooms and large storage tubs. 4. CLEAR LABELS discreetly mark containers. Often sold in sheets for home printing. GOOD FOR: Solid (not transparent) containers. 5. WHITE PAPER LABELS come in dozens of shapes, sizes, and textures (address and price tag sizes are shown here). They’re versatile, cheap, and available in sheets for home printing. GOOD FOR: Just about anything. 6. TAB LABELS…

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take charge of your tech

WHETHER YOU USE A PAPER CALENDAR OR A DIGITAL ONE DOESN’T REALLY MATTER— BOTH HAVE ADVANTAGES. USE THE ONE YOU’LL STICK WITH. DON’T QUIT AFTER TWO DAYS OF TRYING A NEW CALENDAR APP. COMMIT TO TRYING IT FOR TWO WEEKS, AND THEN DECIDE IF YOU LIKE THE NEW METHOD. It’s been said that the average smartphone contains more computing power than what was available to the Apollo moon-landing mission. You’re undoubtedly carrying a potent little gadget in your pocket or purse. If it could ostensibly put people on the moon, surely it can make your household run like clockwork, no? If you’re like most people, you still need help in three key areas: managing your schedules, your paperwork, and your digital fi les. Here’s how to use your phone and other devices to…

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two ways to declutter

Looks can be deceiving. This desk, left, may look neat and tidy, but it makes frequently used items difficult to access. PROBLEM On the wall, a single-week calendar (5) isn’t as useful as a monthly calendar, which is currently buried under notebooks on the desktop. Magnetic containers (6) of oft-used supplies are hard to open. PROBLEM A decorative container of tape and a clothespin-style holder (7) take up too much desktop space. The catchall tray and pencil cup (8) are full of excess supplies and items that don’t belong here. PROBLEM Archive boxes (9) of mementos and photos are rarely needed but take up prime real estate. A closed file box (10) restricts access to frequently used documents. METHOD #1 ABCD Professional organizer Lorie Marrero introduced us to ABCD, a way of prioritizing both items…