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Secrets of Getting Organized

Secrets of Getting Organized Early Spring 2019

Secrets of Getting Organized digs into the step-by-step process behind getting organized. It features advice from published organization experts that includes tips and techniques to help you cut clutter, create manageable filing systems, and improve your home’s efficiency room by room. Real-life examples with problem-solving solutions along with innovative storage organizational products will help get you organized—and keep you organized.

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getting organized makes you happy!

space-saving storage create more storage without sacrificing stylepretty and practical solutions stylish products for an organized home Better Homes & Gardens A. Modern Farmhouse Clothes Wardrobe, $59.00B. Modern Farmhouse 3-Tier Shoe Rack, $29.73 each. Two racks shown.C. Solid Wood Suit Hangers, 5 Pack, $3.97D. Charleston 4-Shelf Hanging Organizer with Clothing Bar, $13.88E. Charleston 24-Pocket Over the Door Shoe Organizer, $11.87F. Charleston 4-Bag Laundry Sorter, $28.88G. Wide Top Ironing Board, $39.86H. Pointillized Ogee Reversible Ironing Board Pad and Cover, $10.38 Adjustable and fits most size ironing boards Selections and prices may vary by store and online.…

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editor’s letter

“TRYING NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES IS FUN—AND ONE MAY BECOME YOUR NEW BEST THING—BUT TRIED-AND-TRUE IS OK, TOO.” This advice from professional organizer Kathy Jenkins came to mind several times while assembling this issue of Secrets of Getting Organized™. Although Kathy and I were debating how many meal-planning apps and food-delivery services to feature in “Pantry Power-Up” (page 42), the sentiment applies to any project. First, what’s the goal? (In the case of our pantry story, to get dinner on the table fast.) And second, what do you need to reach the goal? While the latest technology may thrill, you can streamline dinnertime with the help of old standbys like a paper shopping list and a binder of easy recipes that your family enjoys. You’ll find new products aplenty in this issue,…

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clutter cleanse kid zones

BEDROOM • CLOSETS • ENTRY This edition of our three-day Clutter Cleanse is all about kiddos and their stuff. Because every corner in a home with kids can feel cluttered, this cleanse directs laser focus on three specific spaces—kid bedrooms, kid clothing closets, and entries. You can apply the techniques to clutter anywhere and everywhere in your home, but making changes in these three areas will reap big rewards and benefits for your entire family. Here are some great tips for cleansing the clutter from your home’s kid zones. LEAD THE CHARGE. If you’re reading this and wanting to declutter the kid stuff around your home, you’re probably the best person to initiate a cleanse. Recruit help from your partner and children, but realize that successful decluttering requires an adult—along with establishing systems…

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1 kid’s room

TACKLING THE TOYS A whopping 62 percent of readers in a 2018 Parents® magazine survey revealed that their kids have 50 or more toys. No wonder toys are the top cause of kid clutter. Use our plan to take control once and for all. 1. PULL IT TOGETHER. Enlist the kiddos and gather all toys into one spot. Sort toys into piles so you know how many cars, miniature ponies, or building blocks you own. While you’re at it, establish one official location for storing toys at the end of each day. 2. ELIMINATE THE JUNK. Plastic party favors, knickknacks from the doctor’s office—this is the stuff you can throw out immediately and without hesitation. 3. PICK EASY BATTLES FIRST. Recycle or pitch toys that are worn out. Donate toys your kids have outgrown. 4. HUNT FOR FAVES. Give…

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2 clothes closet

END OUTFIT OVERLOAD Getting your kids ready for the day is less of a chore when they’re working from a tidy closet. Try this wardrobe-taming routine. And yes, it works for adult clothing closets, too. 1. PULL EVERYTHING OUT. Sort garments into categories. Vacuum the inside of the closet while it’s empty. It will never be this easy! 2. IDENTIFY WHAT YOU LOVE AND WEAR MOST OFTEN. Return these items to the closet, placing them on shelves and rods that are easiest for your child to access. 3. DIG INTO OFFSEASON CLOTHES. You’re less likely to feel attached to clothes you aren’t currently wearing. Organize into piles to keep, toss, and donate. Put keepers into lidded bins you store in the closet or in underbed containers. Create an inventory/label with a large adhesive sticker, noting sizes, quantities,…

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3 entryway

TAKE CHARGE OF ALL THAT GEAR Stop kid-related messes at the door with this streamlining approach. 1. BOX IT. Have each family member drop personal stuff in a cardboard box for one week. Assess the items in the box, asking where and how each item is best stored. 2. HANG YOUR ESSENTIALS. Designate a hook for every jacket and backpack (or other personal bag), taking care to hang hooks at heights kids can reach. Designate one for keys. 3. SET YOUR SHOE AGENDA. Stop fighting it: Shoes are a fact of life. Decide on the number of shoes each family member may keep in the entry area and enforce your policy with a nightly purge. Add open shelves, cubbies, or shallow bins to accommodate shoes. 4. LOOK DEEPER. Just because you use something every day doesn’t mean it automatically…