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3 min.
the top 5 trends from ces 2011

What a difference a year makes. Last year’s CES was remarkably unremarkable. I have trouble remembering a single product I saw, and everyone seemed depressed. But the mood at CES 2011 was akin to the locker-room vibe on game day: Excited, energized, and maybe a bit edgy. Mobile analyst Sascha Segan noted that virtually none of the major products unveiled at this year’s CES had pricing info. I told him that’s actually a good thing. It means vendors are showing us stuff early, taking the risk of unveiling unfinished products, marketing plans and ideas. I love that. Overall the show was, well, overwhelming, but in a good way. Alongside the finished and polished products were prototypes and experiments. Sony devoted an entire area to the future of 3D—most of it did not…

5 min.
ces 2011: best in show

From tantalizing tablets to tempting TVs, the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, last month in Las Vegas, impressed us on many fronts. Sure, there were plenty of questionable products on display, but a select few items rose from the pack. Some were breakthrough achievements, others were best-in-class among their peers, and a few served an underserved need in an innovative way. Here are the best products unveiled at CES 2011, chosen by the staff of PCMag. Motorola Xoom Tablet Amid the CES tablet frenzy, the Motorola Xoom definitely grabbed the most headlines. It’s the first Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet, which gives it an immediate advantage over all other Android tablets at the show. True, the Toshiba Tablet will eventually run Honeycomb, too, but it wasn’t doing so at the show, and it became…

1 min.
verizon iphone orders: let the madness begin

Verizon Wireless customers are mere days away from having the privilege to pre-order iPhone4s. Verizon will offer a CDMA EVDO version of the iPhone 4 starting February 10, thus signaling the end of Apple’s iPhone exclusivity deal with AT&T. Existing Verizon Wireless customers will be able to start pre-ordering the device on February 3. The 16GB version with a two-year contract will cost $199.99, while the 32GB version will cost $299.99. The device will be available at more than 2,000 Verizon stores, via Verizon’s Web site, at Apple retail stores, and via Apple’s Web site. At press time, pricing plan information was not available. The device includes 3G personal hotspot capabilities, allowing customers to connect up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Apple’s deal with Verizon is multi-year, but Apple isn’t commenting beyond that about…

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best of our blogs

APP SCOUT Dolphin Browser for Android Leaves Beta The default Android Web browser is serviceable: it offers tabbed browsing and it’s relatively fast when it comes to loading your favorite Web pages. However, the tabs are a little cumbersome to navigate, and there’s no way to quickly tell which tabs you have open without leaving the page and entering a tab list. Where the default Android browser falls down, other browsers have stepped up to replace it. Dolphin Mini, for example, has long been in beta and offered features like gesture support, tabbed browsing reminiscent of Firefox or Google Chrome, and bookmarks sync. Now, the makers of Dolphin Mini have added some new features and released the beta tag, formally releasing Dolphin Mini 1.0 to the world. Dolphin Mini is free and supports all…

2 min.
a giant step forward for intel

Given the towering number of broken promises over the years, we were naturally skeptical of Intel’s hard-sell on its new “second-generation Core” processing platform (code-named Sandy Bridge). Onboard graphics! Terrific with media! Upon testing one of Intel’s first Sandy Bridge CPUs, the Core i7-2600K, however, we were astonished to find that it mostly lived up to the hype. It’s not legendary in the 3D department, but its media processing is superb, and in many ways it surpasses similarly priced predecessors from both Intel and AMD. The Core i7-2600K won’t satisfy die-hard enthusiasts, but everyone else is likely to like this power-packed processor. With four cores and eight threads (thanks to Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology), the Core i7-2600K processor definitely occupies a position in the upper ranges of Intel’s new Sandy Bridge line.…

2 min.
a hardcore, overclocked gaming rig

The Maingear F131 Super Stock is considered a mid-range performance desktop, but it certainly will keep a hardcore gamer happy. The F131 adds the latest over-clocked Intel quad-core processor (aka Sandy Bridge) to two mid-priced performance graphics cards to give the gamer a drool-worthy desktop, without the über-gamer pricing. Performance is the reason the F131 exists, and it has a lot of power in its tower chassis. The desktop’s Core i7-2600k processor is overclocked from the 3.4-GHz stock up to a staggering 4.8 GHz. The CPU’s integrated graphics are bypassed in favor of the desktop’s dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 graphics cards. Along with the speedy 8GB of memory and SSD, the desktop produced very good benchmark numbers. Handbrake took only 1 minute 14 seconds (one second slower than the $6,499…