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Ziff Davis
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4 min.
virtualize windows 8

There was a time when I disagreed with the idea that the core of Microsoft’s next major operating system, Windows 8, would be a hypervisor, or virtualized machine monitor. Now, however, I see the beauty of this approach, especially for consumers. An operating system that runs everything as a virtualized machine could be one of the most significant and beneficial steps Microsoft has ever taken in the continuing development of the Windows platform. And there is evidence that this is the exact direction Microsoft has been headed in all along. When I met with Windows executives at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in October 2008, they told us about the newly componentized nature of the operating system. For Windows 7, this meant a peeling away of many things that had been intrinsic…

2 min.
taking google to task

If you happened to be in New York over Labor Day weekend, strolling through Times Square, you may have seen it: a 15-second, animated video that attacked Google chief executive Eric Schmidt and his company’s privacy policies. The video, which was displayed on a 540-square-foot jumbotron, was part of Consumer Watchdog’s “Don’t Track Me” campaign, which is pushing Congress to pass legislation that would create a list of consumers who do not want Internet companies tracking their online activities–much like the “do not call” list bans unsolicited telemarketing calls. “We’re satirizing Schmidt in the most highly trafficked public square in the nation to make the public aware of how out of touch Schmidt and Google are when it comes to our privacy rights,” said Jamie Court, president of Consumer Watchdog, in a…

1 min.
best of our blogs

GEARLOG One Tiny Drive Unlike the buzzing bloodsuckers that ruin a perfect summer evening, the Lacie MosKeyto flash drive makes life simpler and portable. Thankfully, the MosKeyto won’t make you bleed or scratch. Because the ultra-small USB key is tiny, I bet I will lose it within the hour, or step on it by mistake. Measuring 0.8 inches wide, it extends a mere 0.2 inches when plugged into the USB port. At 0.4 ounces, it’s light, too, weighing not even half an ounce. Plug the drive into a USB port and just leave it there. You no longer have to worry about accidentally dislodging it when you put the laptop in your case, or knocking against it when walking by your desk. Lacie sells the 4GB drive for $17.99 and the 8GB for $27.99.…

2 min.
a new approach to storage

If you thought recent advances in PC hard drives were something, it’s possible you haven’t seen anything yet. Toshiba announced it has made a breakthrough in bit-patterned media, which could make even the spacious 2TB and 3TB at the top of today’s storage food chain look minuscule. Today’s drives store data contiguously on hundreds of magnetic grains (or bits) spread across the surface of a disk. Because there’s little break between the north pole of one bit and the south pole of another, this leads to unreliability and the possibility that bits will “flip” when the head passes over them. Bit-patterned media, on the other hand, divides the recording surface (the magnetic layer) into many uniform sections (or servo patterns), each of which contains only a few of those magnetic grains. Each…

2 min.
kindle keeps its crown

Amazon Kindle (3G + Wi-Fi) $189 direct 4.0/5.0 CONS No support for ePub format. In the gadget business, there’s a tendency to add new features, functionality, and options with each new version, but you shouldn’t expect a drastic revamp from Amazon with its latest Kindle e-book reader. Although the new Kindle adds Wi-Fi, more capacity, a leaner form factor, and a sharper screen, the functionality is largely the same. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, given its new low price along with its massive library of e-books and dead-simple book buying, the Kindle is best dedicated e-book reader you can buy. Perhaps the most dramatic change in the 8.7-ounce Kindle is the size: it’s a lot smaller, at 7.5 by 4.8 by 0.3 inches (HWD), but maintains its 6-inch e-ink screen. You…

2 min.
high-speed typing machine

Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint) $349.99 list 4.0/5.0 CONS No voice dialing over Bluetooth. A few buttons can be unresponsive. You have to pay for 4G even if you can’t use it. Do you need the click of a physical keyboard’s button to feel like you’re actually writing something on your phone? Don’t be ashamed if you do. The Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint is the carrier’s second 4G phone, and it’s the first with a physical QWERTY keyboard. It’s a powerful, high-end Android smartphone that is a great choice for Sprint customers. The Epic 4G is a surprisingly thin slider phone at 4.9 by 3.5 by 0.5 inches (HWD) and 5.4 ounces. Yes, it’s a lot thicker than the HTC EVO 4G, but the screen slides to the side to reveal a rather large and…