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Issue 1925

People is the only mag for readers who like to see ALL of their favourite celebrities. It’s got jokes, puzzles, raunchy celebrity photos and big prize giveaways.

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fat, hairy pussy!

WE ALL know most Seppos are FAT FUCKS, but it turns out their cats have BIG STOMACH BONES, too. An 18.5kg tomcat named Barsik was recently DUMPED at a pound in New York, but the MEOW MACHINE was so hefty he had to be kept in the pound’s office, because he couldn’t FIT in the CAGES. Since news of Barsik broke on social media, PUSSY PUNDITS reckon he’s currently the CHUBBIEST CAT ALIVE. But when it comes to FAT FELINES, he can’t touch an Aussie tomcat named Himmy, who weighed more than 21 KEGS when he kicked the bucket in 1986. Himmy was so LARD-RIDDEN, he had to be LUGGED around in a WHEELBARROW. So come on, Barsik – if you really wanna be the best, you better start DEEP-FRYING your Whiskas!…

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rude girl

WE RECKON we’re a rude bunch of bastards at People Towers, but we can’t match the LEWD AND LUSTY Melissa Debling. The 30-year-old Pommy pin-up says it helps that she’s a blonde. “We’re WAY SAUCIER than brunettes and love to mix things up when you least expect it, especially in the BEDROOM,” she said. “When we’re out, we’re the ones who are turning all the heads. I think we can get away with a lot more because we’re CHEEKIER.” What’s the rudest photo shoot Mel had done? “I did one with Daisy Watts… we were FULLY NAKED and I remember Daisy having a GOOD OLD PLAY with my BOOBS. Oh, and there was some bondage gear there as well…” Despite her wild antics, Mel reckons she’s cool, calm and collected girlfriend material: “I have…

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full frontal

PINK CARPET THE MAIN STRIP TIMES SQUARE in New York used to be a beaut place filled with porno cinemas, sex shops and strip clubs. However, it became a sanitised, G-rated, tourist HELLHOLE in the 1990s. But some bright spark has gone back to the area’s RED-LIGHT ROOTS and opened up a PEELING EMPORIUM: The Sapphire Times Square Gentlemen’s Club. And Seppo sex siren Tori Black sorta wore clothes to the opening event. LAST YEAR’S MODEL 53 AND FANCY FREE IF YOU were alive and PULLING in the 80s and 90s, you definitely woulda cranked it to Seppo supermodel Cindy Crawford. You can now buy NUDE PRINTS of the 53-year-old MILF, shot last year by Aussie fashion photographer Russell James. Artsy.com is selling the B&W prints of Crawfo starting at the bargain price of US$5000. ONE…

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rate your state

THERE’S a Facebook page called Shit Towns Of Australia that slags off practically every POSTCODE in the land. Now, we’ll agree that it’s funny as fuck, but the page forgets ONE KEY THING when it’s taking the piss: every town and city in every state is inherently NOT SHIT because they all have BEAUTIFUL BARE-ARSED BABES in ’em! Stunnas like Perth’s Madison Love, Murray Bridge’s Bianca and the Gold Coast’s Vicki are NUDING UP every day and doing their home towns (and states) proud. In fact, we reckon that FB page should change its name to Top Towns Of Australia Full Of Hot Nekkid Babes! It might not be quite as hilarious, but it would attract a ton of new members...as long as they ran SEXY SNAPS like the ones we’ve put in…

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animal house

CZECH, PLEASE CHEERS, CHIKITA! CZECH babe Chikita (The Centrefold, Dec. 2) rocked my world, as have just about all the gals from that part of the world you’ve had in the mag. I dunno what they’re doing right in Prague, but the result is heaps of top-heavy TOP SHEILAS. Henry, ACT Some say it’s the hormones the Czech gubbamint put in their chicken, others say it’s the fluoride in the water. We reckon it’s due to all that BEAUT BEER they drink. CRAZY FUN CLEAR AS ZMUD MY brain cells have been destroyed by the demon drink, so can you help an old fella out? What was the name of that champion comic strip you ran back in the 90s? It was full of great Aussie humour. Pud, Vic Ah, mate, you’d be talking about Zmud And His Crazy…

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boobs-out kiwi confesses… ‘i’m a shy gal at heart!’

YOU may not believe that EnZed beauty Lynn is the shy and retiring type, but take a look at those TERRIFIC TAN LINES – this spunky traveller practically NEVER sunbathes in the nude. But she happily GOT NEKKID for us. Why? Keep reading… WHAT’S happening, Lynn? “I’m travelling throughout Australia, meeting lots of great people, PARTYING HARD and working on my suntan.” We couldn’t help noticing that you have tan lines. Are you the shy type? “Absolutely! I can’t quite work up the courage to sunbathe topless or TOTALLY NUDE on the beach, so the bikini stays ON.” And yet you’ve posed starkers for us in this shoot – why’s that? “Well, the money’s nice for starters, haha! Also, I read the sad news that you’re closing down soon, so I thought I should take a…