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Performance VW August 2020

If you're in to modified VWs then you need to be into Performance VW, the only publication that delivers hardcore VW junkies a guaranteed Dub hit on a monthly basis. Performance VW has been at the forefront of modified Volkswagens for over a decade now and has been instrumental in shaping the scene into the most innovative of its kind. It really is the only magazine that caters for true Dub enthusiasts. Whether you're after debuts on the world's fastest, finest and most fun VAG metal, or simply want inspiration from the quirkiest daily drivers, then there is only one place to be: PVW Magazine.

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badly dubbed

We know how much you guys enjoy seeing event coverage in the magazine, but what happens when ALL car shows are banned due to a global pandemic? Well, while some have turned to organising online ‘virtual’ car shows, we decided the best thing we could do was revisit a few of the very finest shows from back in the day, to look at the trends and see how the scene has evolved. And what better way to kick off this series than by checking out Austria’s classic Wörthersee event from back in the late ’80s. Better still, rather than write it ourselves, we’ve been fortunate enough to have scene veteran Vicky Ellison write the article for us because, amazingly, she was there to experience the show the first time around.…

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dougie fresh

The number three has, since time immemorial, been considered sacred. The druids believed it referred to “the Unknown God”, and it plays a key role in the lore and precepts of Hinduism, Judaism and Taoism. Not to mention the multiple (almost freaky) appearances in nature and the world around us. Basically, it’s pretty important, and as far as earth and civilisation goes, always has been. It’s important for Douglas Flockhart too, but for other reasons. Not just because he has something of a fetish for Mk3 Golfs, but because this particular example is appearing on our pages for the third time. No mean feat! Modifying a Mk3 properly is a bit of a dark art, and it’s all to easy to go too far and spoil the car completely. In fairness, the…

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introducing what’s new

MK8 GOLF GTi There’s always much anticipation around the launch of a new generation of Golf, but if you’re anything like us, it’s really the reveal of the GTI model that we get hot under the collar about. Well, VW just released official info about the Mk8 GTI and that’s why we’re plastered it across our Introducing page. The Golf GTI is considered an icon around the world, with great handling and a pure design DNA. Launched at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) in September 1975, it created an automotive category that hadn’t actually existed until that moment—sporty front-wheel-drive compacts, or hot hatches. With its six successors to date, it has become the world’s most successful hot hatch and more than 2.3 million units had been produced by the end of…

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all about image

Image Wheels have been producing three-piece wheels for road and race applications since all the way back in 1987, and the West Midlands firm is going just as strong as ever today. They’ve just released 17 new wheel designs for 2020, so let’s kick things off this month with six of the freshest pictured clockwise from right starting with the Billet 246, P917, Billet 202, ALP, VR5 and the Billet 250. Specs vary dependent on design with the billet wheels being the most flexible size-wise, but all can be had in any offset, in widths from 5-16” and in a choice of build configurations. PRICE: Various CONTACT: www.imagewheels.co.uk…

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motion blurred

The VW Golf Mk4 4motion obviously has good traction arising from its Haldex four wheel drive system. However, the GAZ GHA coilover suspension kit can now improve the handling and ride to match the traction. The GAZ GHA kit provides variable ride height and bump/rebound adjustability and consists of front adjustable coilover struts and rear telescopic dampers with separate springs and height adjusters. Each unit is bright plated to resist corrosion and individually tested and provided with a test printout before leaving the factory, offering peace of mind of a two year manufacturer's warranty. The kit retails at £752.24 or GAZ also produces a Gold version, featuring gas cells to prevent cavitation and a black coating, for £1216.30. PRICE: From £752.24 CONTACT: gazshocks.com…

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infinity and beyond

Infinity is a new and exciting clothing brand that is based around Mental Health Awareness and fighting to #StopTheStigma surrounding people talking out about their problems. The brand's aim is to help people realise that Mental Health is normal and that it’s okay to talk about your problems. It also donates a percentage of all profits to Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) every month. Its creator, Ben Miotti, told that after suffering with severe mental health himself, he realised that talking out about his problems really helped. “I started Infinity as I want to encourage as many people as possible to talk about difficulties they are having, in confidence - without the fear of being judged,” he told us. From T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and car decals - Infinity stocks the…