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Petersen's Bowhunting

Petersen's Bowhunting

November/December/Whitetail Annual 2020

Petersen's Bowhunting is the source for the tactics, tools, and techniques necessary for successful bowhunting. Get practical shooting tips and useful information on archery, equipment tests, clothing, and product evaluations.

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2 min.
what a long, strange year it has been

FINALLY! As I write this column, it’s early September, and I am organizing my whitetail gear and preparing to drive from Pennsylvania to western Kentucky for the deer-season opener. To say I am a bit anxious for the trip would be an understatement. In fact, I’m downright giddy. I don’t have to tell any of you what a horror show 2020 has been. After six looooong months of lockdowns, shutdowns, quarantines, protests, riots and nonstop political posturing amidst the most bizarre Presidential campaign in U.S. history, it is — at long last — time to climb into a treestand and hunt. Sure, I’d love to take a big, velvet Bluegrass buck. But then again, I find it hard to believe even a slow week in the whitetail woods wouldn’t beat the living…

3 min.
november memories

NOVEMBER IS A very special time for passionate deer hunters, as it opens a long-awaited window of opportunity to tag big, old bucks that are normally just about impossible to kill. I have a friend named Bentley. Once, when we were kids, I told Bentley about another student who was bullying me at school. This fella was much bigger than I was, and he was sour at the world. It seemed he was intent on bringing other people down with him. When I told Bentley he had been pushing me around, Bentley said something I’ll never forget. “Cody, God didn’t make all men equal, but he made equalizers,” Bentley said. “You need to figure that out for yourself.” I think I got the gist of it. Bentley was, and is, a skinny little…

7 min.
tracking dogs: a bowhunter’s best friend

DOMESTIC DOGS have enriched human lives in many ways for thousands of years. Researchers at Emory University employed MRI technology to scan the “reward center” of dogs' brains while presenting various odors. It wasn’t the smell of other dogs or even food that made their reward centers do backflips; it was human odor! It turns out, this “man’s best friend” deal is a two-way street. The scientists concluded that domestic dogs prioritize their relationship with humans more than anything else. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could leverage this to our advantage as bowhunters? Let’s face it; there’s nothing worse than shooting a deer (or other game) and not being able to find it. Things don’t always go according to plan, and whether it is a marginal shot or a perfect shot…

4 min.
mastering difficult shots, part 4

IN THE LAST column, we began the discussion on shooting well in the wind. We covered estimating and compensating for wind drift. Now, we will discuss the other components of shooting well in the wind: choosing and setting up your equipment to better handle the wind and developing “wind-resistant” shooting form and timing. Wind-Friendly Gear To shoot well in the wind, you must reduce the surface area of your bow to minimize wind drag. Reducing wind drag will minimize the distance your bow moves when buffeted by the wind. I prefer to use a relatively short axle-to-axle bow with a removable quiver and a small sight, set close to the bow. If I use a stabilizer, I use a very low-profile model such as the AAE Hot Rodz series. If it’s windy, and…

4 min.
motivations for using crossbows

AS STATES CONTINUE to liberalize crossbow regulations, more folks are picking them up and taking them afield during deer season. This year will be no exception as several states, including Maine, are offering new crossbow-hunting opportunities. The majority of folks taking advantage of them are firearms hunters looking to increase their time afield or just to try something new, but they’re not the only ones. There are other motivations for picking up a crossbow this fall, ranging from the obvious to some you may not have considered. Recruit & Retain Let’s pick the low-hanging fruit first: recruitment and retention. Crossbows are a great way to introduce youngsters to archery hunting. With so many distractions such as smart-phones and social media, it’s increasingly difficult to attract young hunters, and it’s important their early experiences…

1 min.
the specs

Manufacturer: TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, 330-628-9245; tenpointcrossbows.com Model: Vengent S440 Safety Features: Dry Fire Inhibitor, auto trigger safety, safety wings Riser: Compact, machined aluminum, black anodized Cam System: RX-6, Dual, Spiral Groove String: BCY X99, 31.5625 inches Cables (x4): BCY X99, 12.75 inches Limbs: Dual Flex, Split, Gordon Composites Draw Weight: 250 pounds Power Stroke: 14 inches Grip: Pistol style Stock/Forearm: TEC-X Stock, glass-filled polypropylene Finish: Veil Alpine Camo or Graphite Gray Advertised Speed: Up to 440 fps with a 370-grain bolt Minimum Advertised Price: $1,999.99 (camo); $1,899.99 (Graphite) Comments: Balanced, fast, easy to control and safe.…