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Petersen's Bowhunting March/New Gear Guide 2020

Petersen's Bowhunting is the source for the tactics, tools, and techniques necessary for successful bowhunting. Get practical shooting tips and useful information on archery, equipment tests, clothing, and product evaluations.

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first shot

With more than two decades of bowhunting experience under my belt, I like to tell myself I’ve been “in the game” long enough to have a little bit of perspective. Then again, maybe it just means I’m getting old! Either way, I can’t help but look at the product lineup in this 2020 Equipment Issue and marvel over the level of precision built into today’s archery gear. Think about it; not so long ago, the process of acquiring a new hunting bow went something like this: Visit the local pro shop, shoot a handful of models and pick the one you like best. After that, the bow technician would spend 30 minutes attaching the requisite accessories, help you get your sight dialed in at 20 yards and send you out the…

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maximize your scouting

One thing I have learned over the years is that big bucks don’t like pressure. Mature whitetails are so incredibly edgy that, if they’re bumped at the wrong time of year, they can vanish from your property. That’s why I rarely walk in bedding areas or scout new properties too hard. If I haven’t been able to pre-scout, I like to hunt my way into an area rather than walk it right before I plan to hunt. My favorite time to scout is during shed season. February and March are overlooked months by most bowhunters, but in my opinion, they’re the best for scouting big bucks. Summer is when everyone is out planting food plots and hanging stands, but the deer sign from the previous season is mostly gone by then.…

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ON TARGET IN THE FIELD [MATHEWS VXR] Mathews designed its new VXR to bring bowhunters the benefits of the company’s world class target bows, resulting in a pair of rigs that offer a deadly combination of stability, speed and accuracy. Available in two models with varying axle to axle lengths — the VXR 28 (pictured) and VXR 31 5 — both versions are built using Mathews’ new extended, six bridge riser that is extremely stable on target while also helping to dissipate shot noise and vibration for maximum stealth Both are also powered by Mathews’ Crosscentric Cam system, producing an IBO speed rating of up to 344 fps. The cam’s SwitchWeight Technology allows shooters to change the peak draw weight of the bow in five pound increments simply by changing modules,…

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MAKE THE PERFECT SHOT [EXCALIBUR ASSASSIN 400TD] Excalibur’s new Assassin 400TD is the latest addition to the company’s Micro crossbow platform. Featuring bolt speeds of 400 fps, the Assassin 400TD also features Excalibur’s Quick-Loc Technology takedown system, which allows the bow end of the unit to be removed from the stock and put back on in seconds with the push of a button. Better yet, you can remove the bow assembly for transport and packing into your hunting area and then replace it with absolutely no change to the bow’s accuracy! Other highlights of the Assassin 400TD include: a silent Charger crank cocker; rifle-grade Pro-Shot, two-stage trigger with anti-dry-fire mechanism; and new, High-Output Express limbs with Armor Tips. Measuring just 201/2 inches wide when cocked, the Assassin 400TD has the narrowest…

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arrows & broadheads

THREE WAYS TO WIN [CARBON EXPRESS D-STROYER] The new D-Stroyer is the latest Dual Spine Weight Forward arrow shaft from Carbon Express, and the company is giving bowhunters three models to suit every shooting style. The D-Stroyer MX Hunter is a standard-diameter shaft available in three spine sizes: 400 (8 gpi), 350 (8.9 gpi) and 300 (9.7 gpi). Other features include a Camo Buff Tough outer layer for added durability and easier target removal, Bull Dog Nock Collars for protection against hard impacts, a straightness tolerance of +/-.002-inch, a weight tolerance of +/-1 grain and 2-inch Raptor vanes. The D-Stroyer SD is a small-diameter (.203-inch inside diameter) arrow for maximum kinetic energy and increased penetration with reduced wind drift. They are available in two spines: 400 (10.25 gpi) and 350 (11.25…

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bow accessories

TRIGGER THE BEAST [T.R.U. BALL BEAST XT HYBRID] T.R.U. Ball Archery’s 2020 Beast XT Hybrid wrist-strap release is outfitted with an all-new, multi-positional trigger that allows for a forward or relaxed trigger placement in a one-piece design. A rugged trigger body looks tough and gives the bowhunter more grip The Beast XT Hybrid also features an in-line body style that is intended to align the string connection with the pull of the release for more direct pressure and less torque, resulting in better consistency and accuracy. A single travel-adjustment screw with locking screw changes the feel of the trigger and locks in your preferences. The open-hook design allows for quick, no-look loading, optimal for the bowhunter. The Beast XT Hybrid uses the same light, non collapsing trigger made popular by the…