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Petersen's Hunting

August 2021

Each issue of Petersen's Hunting Magazine has instructional and entertaining articles for the true hunting enthusiast! Get in-depth coverage of various hunting disciplines, information on the seasonal Hunting Hot Spots, equipment reviews, and much more!

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a wolf warwin

THE U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California recently granted motions brought by Safari Club International (SCI) and the National Rifle Association (NRA) to intervene in lawsuits challenging the removal of gray wolves from the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA) lists. The lawsuits, filed by three anti-hunting organizations, are trying to overturn the 2020 decision by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to remove gray wolves from ESA listing in the Lower 48 states. The delisting of gray wolves, in response to sustainable population recovery, lifts management from federal control and gives it directly to the affected states. This delisting has beneficial implications not only for hunters, but also for farmers and communities living with ever-increasing wolf populations. These lawsuits, which challenge the delisting using baseless claims and emotions,…

7 min.
crossbow shoot out

EXCALIBUR » TWIN STRIKE EXCALIBUR Crossbow’s 2021 flagship crossbow features a design principle never before seen in a crossbow. Two rails, two triggers, and the ability to shoot two arrows without the need to cock the crossbow again. The Twin Strike gives crossbow hunters an advantage in the field they’ve never had: a follow-up shot. Any experienced hunter can appreciate the advantage of a second shot. Excalibur’s Charger EXT Crank comes included with the package. The crank is completely silent and requires just 14 pounds of effort to cock the crossbow. It’s also removable once the crossbow is cocked or you can hunt with it attached. I was able to cock the crossbow without the crank, but it requires a lot of strength and isn’t recommended. Both strings can be decocked using…

3 min.
getting dropped

WHENEVER YOU hunt away from home in a strange, unfamiliar area, you’re at a serious disadvantage. It helps if you hunt with someone who knows the country, you’ve scouted the area extensively, or you hire an outfitter. This is especially true with elk because they typically inhabit sprawling mountain country and hang out in herds. You could walk for miles and never hike within a half-mile of an elk. But what if you could hire someone who will transport you and your buddies and gear on horseback into good elk country for a price far less than what you’d pay an outfitter? Included in the package is a tent camp that’s set up with cots, cooking-heating stove, lanterns, utensils, food (optional), and all the other equipment you’d need to live comfortably…

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old soles

Four continents. No, make that five. (New Zealand is considered a continent, right?) Countless hunts—for both big game and birds. Innumerable miles covered. In snow, rain, heat, and gloom of dawn and dusk. For nearly a decade these Danner Pronghorns were my go-to boots for all but the most extreme mountain hunts. They’ve been covered in mud and blood (both animal and my own), with just a quick rinse and rough scrub before being called back into duty. I may have slathered them with mink oil a time or two, but that’s about all the care they’ve gotten in their lifetime. No one ever said working for me was easy. Last season, I finally had to retire them when I noticed the footboxes had stretched so much no amount of pulling…

2 min.
give ’em gear

I’m guessing you have the same “gear locker” I do: totes in a dark corner of the mudroom, or stuffed on shelves in that unfinished bedroom, or piled in the industrial end of the basement near the water heater. It’s where all your excess hunting equipment ends up. And remains. If you’re like me, there’s sun-faded camo in patterns that haven’t been manufactured since the second George Bush was president, a few old backpacks, and tired boots and jackets. If you’re also like me, you’re holding on to it because it might be useful again someday—like it was in its prime a couple of decades ago. Or you might peddle it at a garage sale or online for spending money. But you and I know exactly what its highest purpose is: a gift…

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picking the right outfitter

Searching for an outfitter that boasts “can’t-miss” success rates and huge trophies is a slippery slope. One that can lead you to being fooled by con artists that results in horror stories you definitely want to avoid. The bottom line is finding an outfitter who does business with honesty and integrity. So how do you pick a great outfitter? Here’s what I suggest. EXPERIENCE MATTERS An outfitter might claim 20 years of experience, but if the guide assigned to you is new or inexperienced, you may not be getting the cream of the crop. Experienced guides have tricks up their sleeves that less experienced guys haven’t figured out yet. TALK TO THE OUTFITTER’S CLIENTS Don’t accept a few cherry-picked references that say the right thing at the right time. Insist on a list of…