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pen e-p7 heralds return of the olympus brand

OM Digital Solutions has announced the Olympus PEN E-P7 – the first new Olympus camera of the new era, under new ownership – and it’s a familiar-looking travel camera with upgraded specs. Almost exactly a year ago, the Olympus Corporation announced it was selling its cameras division to a Japanese investment fund, which led to the creation of a subsidiary called OM Digital Solutions. It’s this company, which will continue using the Olympus brand name, that has launched the Olympus PEN E-P7, making it the first camera released under the new owners. But the E-P7 is by no means a break from the past – in fact, its spec sheet suggests it’s very much a product of its previous owners, and was probably already in the pipeline prior to the sale. The PEN…

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street smarts

Stokes Croft is a magnet for street photographers in Bristol. The comparatively tiny area encapsulates the cultural diversity, and love of art and music the city in the south-west of England is known for. Independent businesses line the streets, many adorned with towering murals and colourful displays of graffiti – including Banksy’s infamous Mild Mild West. The architecture harks back to the area’s industrial roots, and you don’t have to look far to find evidence of its ongoing efforts to defy gentrification. Colin Moody has photographed Stokes Croft for years and is an active member of the local arts community. “Every photographer has a way of seeing the universe and that’s what we’re going to explore today,” he told Cassidy as she chained up her bicycle and pulled her Nikon Z…

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technique assessment

MANUAL MODE Colin says… I shoot in Manual mode unless I’m using a point-and-shoot camera as I need to be able to rely on my settings. Street photographers have to act quickly, and although automatic functions work well most of the time, you need to ensure the camera doesn’t deliver any surprises. CAMERA SETTINGS Colin says… We started at ISO200, which was ideal as we were outside with plenty of light. I often use lower f-stops to create a shallower depth of field and pull the subject from the background. I’ll shoot above 1/125 sec to avoid lots of motion blur, or below 1/100 sec if I want to make blur a feature. STAY SINGLE Colin says… I use the Single Shot drive mode unless I have to capture something particular while on assignment. Long…

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how to: approach people

SEARCH FOR A SITTER Colin says… Identify your subject. I like people who have worked really hard on their look and stand out. I approach them by saying something nice about their outfit, explaining I’m a street photographer and asking if they’re happy for me to take their photo. The vast majority of people say yes! CHAT ABOUT THEIR DAY Colin says… When you capture a portrait most people will either smile or break the tension by doing a silly pose. These performances aren’t what I’m interested in, but I’ll politely capture a few images and then start talking to my subject about their day to distract them from having their photo taken. CAPTURE THE SHOT Colin says… During this conversation they will instinctively begin to relax and eventually drop their guard. This is the…

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how to: shoot a series

Colin says… Series of images are a great way to convey a narrative. They can appear over time as you find yourself shooting similar subjects or come together as you photograph a single moment. As we walked past City Motor Repairs Cassidy noticed Ali, busy welding. When it was safe to do so she approached and asked if she could photograph him working. I warned her not to look directly at the arc, and she set off capturing a variety of images. It was clear when reviewing the shots they would make a fine series.…