Pick Me Up! Special April 2019

Published by TI Media Limited Pick Me Up! Special Series is your monthly feast of the best real-life stories from Pick Me Up! The series comprises of nine ‘Seasonals' and four ‘Best Ofs', featuring the best of Pick Me Up! Each bumper issue is crammed with a variety pack of true stories, your favourite features, money-saving tips, laughs, health ideas, great looks, budget beauty, food ideas to put a smile on your face and 12 puzzles. A fun package to keep you truly entertained!

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spring special

As a parent, you’d do anything to make your children happy – but what happens if the only way to make them smile is to let them live as the opposite sex? That was the dilemma Stevi (pg18) faced when her daughter Layla asked to become a boy. For her, there was only one answer. Happiness has come in a very strange form for Rachel (pg40). Battling symptoms she couldn’t explain, she finally got answers and unexpected relief from munching on pickled onions! Charlene (pg22) also had lots of unexplained symptoms while she was pregnant, but thanks to her unborn baby alerting doctors to a deadly disease, she’s been given the chance to be a mum. All mums take on a huge amount of roles, but Helen (pg55) wants parents to train for…

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your pick me ups

That's true love Nothing says true love like the way my friend Saskia looks at a glass of gin and tonic. Leanne, Birmingham Some fashion sense I love this picture of my siblings and I taken around 1990. I don't know where our mum got those dresses from… Carey, Hailsham Almost too good to eat How amazing does this chocolate mousse look? I was celebrating my birthday, and needless to say, I finished the whole thing. Val, Taunton He's a winner for sure! Thank you to my amazing boyfriend for these beautiful flowers he sent to congratulate me on my new job. Love you! Janine, London Simple pleasures It doesn't matter how many toys we buy for our precious daughter Mila, she always has the most fun sitting in the laundry basket. Britney, Blackpool Family is everything I love this picture of me and my family…

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lost soul

Sitting in front of the TV, my little boy, Arthur, three, was glued to his favourite film – The Iron Giant. A sensitive soul, his eyes welled up when it looked like Iron Giant would be defeated, but a quick cuddle on my lap, and he was soon grinning over the happy ending. With bright blue eyes and blonde hair, Arthur was angelic. There were five years between him and his older sister, Jayme. The two of them were inseparable but mischievous and as a single mum, I had my hands full. As Arthur got older, he became obsessed with superheroes. So on his birthday and at Christmas, I’d wrap up presents and write labels saying they were from his favourite superheroes. Arthur found it magical. An energetic, confident, cheeky and sociable little boy, he was usually…

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shop horror

Stacking the last of the shelves, I glanced at the clock. It was nearly 8pm one evening in October 2017, and almost the end of my shift. I was the manager at a local newsagents, and I loved my job. I knew all of the regulars by name, and I liked seeing the same kids coming in for treats in the afternoons after school. Then there were the stay-at-home mums, the little old ladies and the workmen who popped in. The job wasn’t exciting, but my little newsagents felt like the heart of the town. That night, I’d just finished cashing up the takings and putting the money into the safe. Pulling out my phone, I text my hubby Steve, 50. Can you pick me up just after 8? Sure thing! he replied. See you soon. I’d just…

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unlikely furr-iendship

Pitbulls always gave me the willies, ever since seeing two of them fight in the street when I was 12. All sharp teeth, wild growls and foaming chops. If I saw one coming, even on a lead, I'd cross the road to avoid it. In adult life, I had a wise old English bulldog, Buster. He was a big softie, but he'd avoid my guinea pigs – Frida, six months, and Pandora, two. ‘They're only little balls of fur,' I laughed, but Buster would slope out of the room whenever I got one out to play. When he died in May 2015, aged 11, I was devastated. It took months before I was ready to give another dog a home. Me and my partner Alic, 24, went to the local shelter. But the dogs were mostly pitbulls or Chihuahuas. I…

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all smiles

As I hauled my balloon-sized bump into the dentist’s chair, I stuck to the leather like the sticky seal of an envelope. Ah, the joys of pregnancy! As if the morning sickness wasn’t enough, now, in June, I needed a molar out. Still, it struck me that it wouldn’t be long before I’d be back with this little one. Give it a year or two and I’d be bribing my little girl with lollipops for her first trip to the dentist! But, a few weeks later, I realised I couldn’t feel the baby moving. Panicking, I called my mum Hayley, 42. At Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, doctors induced me – I was 39 weeks gone. I had my mum and Auntie Lisa, 38, to hold my hand. And after 14 long, painful hours, Isla-Rose was born, weighing 6lb 5.5oz. I…