Pick Me Up! Special October 2019

Published by TI Media Limited Pick Me Up! Special Series is your monthly feast of the best real-life stories from Pick Me Up! The series comprises of nine ‘Seasonals' and four ‘Best Ofs', featuring the best of Pick Me Up! Each bumper issue is crammed with a variety pack of true stories, your favourite features, money-saving tips, laughs, health ideas, great looks, budget beauty, food ideas to put a smile on your face and 12 puzzles. A fun package to keep you truly entertained!

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october special

It often takes great strength to accept the hardships life may throw our way, but also to accept who we are. Stephanie (pg6) took years to finally accept who she was, but when she told the truth, she was punished for it in the cruellest of ways. Now, she’s speaking out and is proud of the woman she’s become. We really admire Benjamin (pg32). His acceptance shows no limits, and he’s using it to better the lives of children who would otherwise have had little chance of a good life. Accepting the truth can sometimes be very difficult, as we’ve seen with Nicole (pg18). When doctors delivered shocking news, she was convinced they were lying! But after just a few moments of denial, she’s now enjoying life as a proud mum. Often, it’s…

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your pick me ups

Summer sunset My family went on a boat in Ibiza to Cafe Mambo. We watched the sun set, it was so beautiful! Laura, Bath Boo! Last year I carved the best pumpkin for Halloween, and I can't wait to do it again this year. Time to get spooky! Jazz, Edinburgh Drinks up! I took my daughter out for afternoon tea and surprised her with this tea. It was a gin cocktail hidden in a Gordon's tea pot! Margaret, Bristol Chocoholic My husband and I went to Choccywoccydoodah in London on a weekend away. This hot chocolate was a chocoholic’s dream, but so sickly. We definitely didn’t need the cake! Lisa, Surrey Re-uni-on All of my pals together again now we’ve finished uni! Hollie, Portishead Seafood spectacular This was the best meal I have ever eaten! If you love seafood then you'd…

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force of change

Packing my clothes into a rucksack, I counted down the seconds on the clock. ‘Another hour to go,’ I sighed impatiently. It was April 1994 – and me and my big brother, then 12, were going to stay with our mum and stepdad Ian for the weekend. Our parents had separated two years earlier, and my brother and I lived with Dad. But we loved spending our weekends with Mum and Ian, and couldn’t wait for Friday afternoons when they’d come to pick us up. ‘What shall we do tonight, kids?’ Ian asked as we fastened our seatbelts in the car. ‘Cinema!’ we chanted in unison. ‘Please can we go?’ Ian was a scout leader, so he was naturally great with kids. He was always playing games with us and cracking funny jokes. He was the perfect stepdad,…

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i'm so sorry

As I carefully strapped my baby into his car seat, he looked back at me with a gummy grin. Colton was just six months old, but already his blue eyes sparkled with mischief. I felt so lucky… Being a mum had come so naturally, I couldn’t remember what life before Colton was like. But I didn’t want to – he was perfect in every way. Now, he was me and my fiancé Blake’s little shadow, toddling around us and always making us laugh at his latest antics. It was March 2018 and we were off to a friend’s house for dinner. By 9pm, Colton was starting to doze off in my arms. ‘Someone’s getting sleepy!’ Blake, 31, smiled. ‘Best put him down for a snooze,’ I said, excusing myself from the table. Blake and I gently placed Colton in…

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oh deer!

Speeding down the road, the world blurred. It was a soggy morning in May, so I bundled up in the passenger seat as my mate Jamie, 27, drove on. But, despite the miserable weather, I couldn't have been in a better mood. As painters and decorators, Jamie and I were meant to be doing some exterior work, but with the heavens refusing to close, our boss had sent us packing for the day. An unexpected day off! And I knew exactly how I wanted to spend my time. ‘I'll see you soon,' I said to my five-year-old daughter Connie over the phone. She lived with my ex in Lincoln, 20 miles away. Jamie was heading that way anyway, so I got a lift with him. Gazing out onto the dreary road, I felt so excited to see my…

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live wire

Rifling through her swimming costume drawer, my daughter Amelia, six, grinned. ‘I’ll take these, and these, Mummy,’ she explained. We were all packing for our much longed for summer holiday in Turkey and we couldn’t wait. Especially my husband Jamie and I – it was where we had met 18 years before. Our youngest Jessica, three, didn’t really get what all the fuss was about but she ran around playfully after Amelia as she collected toys for the journey. ‘She’ll be ripping up the kitchen sink next!’ my husband Jamie, 44, joked as he packed the car. 12 long hours later we were disembarking the plane in Turkey and ready for our holiday. The first day was bliss and we started to finally relax. ‘The weather’s just as good as when we first met,’ I said to…